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Confederate P120 Fighter Motorcycle

  Built with Aircraft-Grade Aluminum As Confederate Motorcycles says “On some level every man is a rebel”  And this is the piece of machinery that will tell the world that you are a REBEL.  The Confederate P120 Fighter Motorcycle is a very limited release dream machine. Its powered by a 160 HP engine, and constructed using aircraft-grade aluminum. The … Continue reading

Dahon Bullhead Folding Bike

Foldable Lightning Speed This Bullhead folding bike from Dahon is sure to get you anywhere you need to be at lightning speeds. It is perfect for any type of terrain from the great outdoors to Manhattan sidewalks to the cobblestone streets of London. This bike is equipped with puncture resistant tires, a broad range of … Continue reading

ICON FJ Series

This is Timeless Utility The  lineup of ICON vehicles are described by its creator, Jonathan Ward, as “a vehicle without peers for a journey without boundaries. Classic styling, modern performance, and timeless utility,” and we see why, The ICON FJ Series has an amazing showcase of 4×4 vehicles. They come in four different body styles the … Continue reading

Inner City Bikes

Inner City Bikes This minimal bike redesign is by JRUITER + studio, and we are completely in love. Inner City Bikes are the ultimate in urban cycling, they are compact, amazing looking and amazingly efficient.  Inner City Bikes are known for quick easy turns, being able to put down massive rear-wheel power, and being able to quickly get off … Continue reading

Globe Roll SE Fixie Bike

Go on a Ride-About It’s time to find your man hood by exploring the great beyond, fixie style. Do it with speed and style on the sleek Globe Roll SE Single Speed Fixie Bicycle. With a light weight Reynolds 520 Cr-Mo frame and 700c Deep V Rims this fixie bike is meticulously crafted to give you hours of … Continue reading

Driggs 3 Men’s Three Speed Bicycle

Driggs 3 Men’s Three Speed Bicycle If you’ve ever been to Brooklyn in the past decade, you’ve noticed the amount of bicycles. It’s kind of hard not to. So Brooklyn Cruiser knows a thing or two about bicycles. The Driggs 3 Men’s Three Speed Bicycle is stunning. We love the vintage styling, meld with modern … Continue reading

TRON x Les Ateliers Ruby Limited Edition Helmet

TRON Helmet This has to be one of the freshest helmet design that we have seen in along time. Les Ateliers Ruby made this limited edition helmet exclusively for the release of the movie TRON. We really have to give it up to both the TRON franchise and Les Ateliers Ruby for this collaboration. They … Continue reading

Royal Enfield Complete British Cafe Racer Kit

Cafe Racer Kit This very unique racer kit comes with all the essentials to build your brand new vintage Royal Enfield British Cafe Racer Complete Kit. You will receive all direct bolt-on parts and all fiberglass parts come in red, but can painted to achieve whatever look you are going for. Anyone who is interested … Continue reading


CLUB BLACK #02 WRENCHMONKEES Custom motorcycle design shop WRENCHMONKEES have created a masterpiece from this Harley Davidson Sportster. They call it the Club Black #02. It’s finished in a gorgeous black paint, with a racing number painted on the rear of the seat. You will instantly become a badass riding one of these bikes down … Continue reading

Hamann BMW X5 Flash EVO M

BMW X5 Flash EVO M This is the best reincarnation of a BMW X5 that we have ever seen. The tuning champs at Hamann who are based in Germany have taken the BMW X5 and have created a super beast called the the Flash EVO M. Not only does the Flash EVO M look outstanding … Continue reading

Wiesmann GT MF4

Wiesmann GT MF4 The Germans certainly know about sports cars. They are obsessed with powerful, incredibly handling machines. Wiesmann is no different. They do however give a nod to the English with there styling. The Wiesmann GT MF4 is stunning to look at, and impressively powered by a 4.0 liter, 420 HP, V8 BMW engine … Continue reading

Renard Grand Tourer GT Motorcycle

  Renard Grand Tourer GT Plain and simple, this motorcycle is sexy. However this bike is not just all looks. It has a chassis made out of Carbon Fiber and Kevlar, with a 1151 cc engine and twin semifloating disc brakes, you’ll have substance with your style. The Renard Grand Tourer GT Motorcycle also has … Continue reading

Porsche 918 Spyder

Porsche 918 Spyder You are looking at the most expensive Porsche ever. It’s the Porsche 918 Spyder. Right now it’s only a concept but we don’t think that it will be long until this engineering  work of art makes it onto the streets. This super car is actually a hybrid.  Yeah, who knew that one could look this amazing, looks like … Continue reading

Porsche 911 Sport Classic

911 Sport Classic What do you get when you put the greatest pieces from the Porsche heritage into one machine? You get the Porsche 911 Sport Classic. This limited edition of 250 cars features some very iconic elements from Porsche. with its double-dome roof, lower fascia and lip, and a fixed ducktail rear spoiler. It’s … Continue reading

the RICHBABA Sole Bicycle Co

There is something about Sole bikes. They make high quality, affordable fixie bikes that just look amazing. One of our favorite fixies is the RICHBABA, it’s made from high tensile steel in a phenomenal black and white color scheme. This bike is a real looker, from it’s BMX handle bars to its deep dish rims. If you are … Continue reading

Harley Davidson Forty Eight

  This bike has some serious looks. The Harley Davidson Forty Eight is a chopped down custom version of a 1200 Harley Sportster. You get the classic fatties in the front and rear. You get that bad boy look with the low ride, 1200 Evolution V-Twin Engine and underslung mirrors. If you are looking to … Continue reading

Bentley Continental Supersports

Bentley Continental Supersports Looking for a 200 MPH + ride? Will 204 MPH work for you? How does a V12, 621 BHP, 6.0 Liter beast of an engine work for you? Well imagine wrapping all of that pure asphalt shredding raw power around something as luxurious as a Bentley Continental.  What you have now is … Continue reading

Marino State Bicycle Co

In the words of Queen: “Get on your bikes and ride!”. State Bicycle Co.’s customizable Marino fixed gear bike is the perfect way to ride in style. Choose your frame size, your handlebar type and a color for the tires and pedals, make your bike unique to you. Just imagine yourself riding this baby in … Continue reading

Audi Auto Union Type C Pedal Car

Audi Auto Union Type C Pedal Car This Audi Auto Union Type C 1:2 Scale Pedal Car will appease any man’s appetite for a new toy. Not only is it limited edition and all hand-made, but there were over 900 pieces manufactured in order to put together this level of luxury. This Audi pedal car … Continue reading

Minion Bicycle Tipping Its Hat to The Past

Minion Bicycle The Minion Bicycle is certainly stunning to look at, with its flat black finish and retro inspired lines it will certainly turn heads. It is designed with of high quality features including a saddle and handlebars by Brooks and polycarbonate pedals. You should also have a very comfortable ride. The Minion Bicycle uses … Continue reading

Confederate Motorcycles C3 X 132 HELLCAT

C3 X132 HELLCAT Confederate Motorcycles have a motto, it’s simply Tough, Lean, Fast and True. We can’t argue with that kind of philosophy. You can really tell that the people behind these Motorcycles have really dedicated themselves to creating the best possible motorcycles. As you can see, the C3 X 132 Hellcat is a work … Continue reading


THE DROVERS DOG DEUS AUSTRALIA We love custom motorcycles, especially bringing back to life an old cafe-racer. That’s what the guys at Deus Customs, in Australia did with this Drovers Dog motorcycle. It’s built from a 500cc Yamaha SR400, and it looks amazing. This bike is stripped down to it’s bare essentials, and if surfing is part of … Continue reading


JAMIS BICYCLES Sonik Powerful and race-ready, the Sonik by Jamis Bicycles is the bike you need for speed. Made for the velodrome, the Sonik has a double-butted aero aluminum tubeset and a tall-but-manageable 81-inch gear and deep-drop handlebar. Sleek design and high-end functionality you need to win the race. The real-world racer you’ve been dreaming of for $1200.

2014 Lotus Elite

2014 Lotus Elite This Lotus Elite is pretty hot. It’s a V8 5.0 Liter 612 horse powered beauty. You’ll be doing 0-60 in about 3.5 seconds, with a top speed of 196 MPH. The Elite is also pretty roomy compared to your typical Lotus. It looks like they are going head on with the sport … Continue reading

Ferrari 599 GTO

Ferrari 599 GTO Quiet simply, this is the Ferrari that your kids will be dreaming about. This gorgeously designed Ferrari 599 GTO is powered by a 6.0 liter V12, 660 HP engine. Rocketing you to 60 MPHs in just over 3 seconds. Ferrari is only making 599 of these super cars.  It’s highly unlikely that you will be … Continue reading

Join or Die Skateboard Deck

Join or Die Skateboard Deck New York City skateboard company 5Boro is delivering skateboard decks unique to the big apple. The Join or Die Skateboard Deck, inspired by Frenchman Guillaume Dulout, features an iconic, old-school design with the five boroughs literally on deck. This board is ready to roll down the avenues whenever you are. … Continue reading

Dahon los XL Folding Bicycle

Dahon los XL The los XL bike from Dahon is an ultimate urban bicycle. It is perfect for weekend getaways, as it folds in half to conserve space, but has 8 speeds, puncture resistant tires, and hydraulic disc brakes. To make everything complete, this bike was constructed with a Dahon Valo light and the BioLogic … Continue reading

Mini Cooper Savile Row

Mini Cooper Savile Row Mini Cooper, the iconic British auto manufacturer is celebrating another British icon –  Savile Row, known for it’s impecable tailors.  These gorgeous vehicles are all black with distinct chrome accents.  We really hope to see something like this limited edition Mini hit the U.S. market, however for this round Mini Cooper has only released them for Japan. Only 100 … Continue reading

Linus Bikes Gaston 5

A Bike That’s Dressed as Well As You This Gaston 5 bicycle from Linus Bikes really lets you ride in style. With matching old English style brown leather seat and handle bar tape, classy stone gray frame and wheels, and 5 speed gears with down tube shifter, this bike will be your most functional accessory. … Continue reading

Pink Penny Complete Skateboard

Real Men Ride Pink Ride in style with this re-issue of the 1970’s plastic injection molded Complete Skateboard by Penny. This 22 1/2″ compact board comes fully assembled, easy to ride and eye catching in an electrifying pink with customizable color wheels. Who said men can’t wear pink? Shock your friends with color and ticks … Continue reading

Fatigue Skateboard Deck

Fatigue is Sick! This is a pretty dope customizable deck. Fatigue skateboards by Mcbess allow you to pick the size and shape of your deck based on your style, all made on hard-rock maple and custom printed with Artsprojekt deck art. The black and white design will look awesome even after scratches and bumps, and … Continue reading

SE Bikes Draft Fixed Gear

SE Bikes Draft SE Bikes is known for creating some of the freshest Fixed Grear BMX and Freestyle Bikes around. Not to mention they are always teaming up with other brands releasing Limited Edition bikes. Well this one right here, the Draft is ALL SE Bikes. It comes in sizes ranging from 43cm to 61cm, … Continue reading

Ural Patrol T 2WD Sidecar Motorcycle

Ural Patrol T This Russian made sidecar motorcycle is pretty interesting, it’s 2WD. The Ural Patrol T was specifically made to handle the frozen Russian winters. This motorcycle makes use of it’s sidecar by adding a drive shaft to it making it the worlds only 2WD all terrain motorcycle. The classic styling might not be … Continue reading

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

Sesto Elemento How amazing looking is this new Lamborghini? If you are going to buy a Lamborghini, this one is not a bad choice. It’s simply gorgeous, you are probably looking at the closest thing to a fighter jet that doesn’t fly . This Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is a V10, All Wheel Drive, Carbon Fiber beauty. … Continue reading

Limited Edition Montante Maserati 8CTF Bicycle

Maserati Bicycle Italian bicycle builder Montante and the legendary Italian automaker Maserati join forces to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Maserati 8CTF winning the Indy 500. This release is limited to only 200 bicycles, in commemoration to how many laps driver Wilbur Shaw completed in the 1940 Indy 500. The Montante Maserati 8CTF Bicycle … Continue reading

Limited Release Puma Bikes x Trainerspotter Funk

Limited Puma Bike Trainerspotter and Puma have gotten together to create this one of a kind fixed gear bike. We understand that Miami Vice was the inspiration for this bike, so you’ll notice plenty of pastel colors. The body is a pastel grey, with it’s rims being mint and pink. We really like the color … Continue reading

Limited Edition “Tribute” Vespa

“Tribute” Vespa This stunning Vespa is inspired by the 1960’s mahogany speedboats. The mahogany finish by Digital Veneer really looks amazing, as does the beautiful handstiched leather with it’s teal accents. Each Limited Edition Tribute Vespa comes with a numbered silver plaque. Incoming Search Terms:vespa

MAKR Studio Goods Skateboards

MAKR Skateboards Here we have a gorgeous custom black painted skateboard deck. Each deck comes with leather risers that have been individually numbered. This deck is somewhat longer than your typical deck, but as MAKR Studio Goods puts it “lots of fun”. Incoming Search Terms:skateboards

Koenigsegg CCX

Koenigsegg CCX Here is a super car that you won’t see everyday, but not because it lacks in performance, looks or street cred. The Koenigsegg CCX has plenty of all that to go around. Being able to do 0 – 60 in about 3 seconds and a top speed of over 245 mph you are … Continue reading

Mac Motorcycles Spud

Mac Motorcycles: Spud Mac Motorcycles have a simple tag line “Rediscover the Joy of owning a Motorcycle”. It’s a simple line that reflects the brilliant simplicity that they want to convey into the motorcycles that they build. The Spud is a gorgeous example of a light weight motorcycle. It’s powered by a 500cc Buell Blast … Continue reading

DC x PK Ripper Fixed Gear Bike

DC x PK Ripper This stunning fixed gear bicycle is a combined effort of DC Shoes and SE Bikes. The contrasting colors of neon orange and white make this a unique looking ride for the ever fashion conscious fixie crowd. This DC x PK Ripper is truly a rolling work of art that is being limited to … Continue reading

Conquest Knight XV

Conquest Knight XV Armored vehicles might just be too much for most of us. However if you need one, why not go all out for one? And the reigning king of armored vehicles is the Conquest Knight XV. We are pretty sure when we say that you will NOT find a more luxurious armored vehicle. Think of it an ultra … Continue reading

Sector 9 Carbon Decay

Sector 9 Carbon Decay Few things are as freeing as cruising down the street, and one of the most liberating ways is via a longboard. The SECTOR 9 CARBON DECAY can easily become your ride of choice. Sector 9 is known for making high quality decks. This deck is  made out of 2 plys of … Continue reading