Sigma 50mm F1.4 Lens

Ask just about any photographer what lens is there favorite to shoot with. Most likely they will say a 50mm Prime Lens. These fixed point lens are a favorite of portrait photographers because of the shallow depth of field that they can produce, in other words they can blur the background while keeping the subject in focus. Which makes a photo really stand out. Sigma produces one of the most sought after 50mm lenses on the market for DSLRs. Being able to open up to an F1.4 makes this lens extremely fast, you’ll also be able to get a huge amount of light. Limiting your uses of unflattering head-on flash.

Save up those pennies, if you want to take amazing portraits. You’ll need one of these for your Nikon or Cannon.

Vintage Omega Stainless-Steel Speedmaster 125

Omega watches are legendary for quality and style. Here’s your chance to own a timepiece with a bit of history. It’s a 1970′s Vintage Omega Stainless-Steel Speedmaster 125. This wristwatch just looks great, we love the black dial with stainless steel. We see glimpses of a 1970′s supercar, in it’s dials and chronograph. As you would … Continue reading

Hallertau Luxe Kolsch Beer

Hallertau Luxe Kolsch If you ever make it out to Auckland, NZ. Be sure to visit Hallertau, it’s a place for both Foodies and Beer Lovers alike. Hallertau opend in 2005 by “Beer Genius” Stephen Plowman. The first beer that Hallertau has produced is the Lux Kolsch Beer. This beer is noted for it’s drinkability and crisp … Continue reading

Bridge & Burn x OMFGCO Work Apron

Bridge & Burn x OMFGCO Work Apron Workwear… It’s manly. Even if we only wear it as an alternative to a BBQ apron. This Bridge & Burn x OMFGCO Work Apron happens to be one of the manliest work aprons that we’ve seen. We love its minimalist style, khaki color and that it’s made from 100% … Continue reading

Wemoto Cube Better Check Yoself T-Shirt

Wemoto Cube T-Shirt This T-Shirt by WEMOTO is dope. It depicts Ice Cube with his famous line “Better Check Yoself, Before You Wreck Yoself”. It’s a shirt, with a great saying. It may be kind of hard to find this particular shirt. WEMOTO is based out in Europe & and we could only find it … Continue reading

Apple Magic Trackpad

We completely love our multi-touch trackpads on our MacBooks, the productivity that it adds is priceless. So when we heard that Apple was releasing the Magic Trackpad, it puts a big smile on our faces. Like Apple says “Why should notebooks have all the fun?” This Magic Trackpad will look great with your new iMac. … Continue reading

Onitsuka Tiger Lay-Up 72s SEVENTYFIVE

Looking for an exclusive beautifully clean white high top sneaker? Well the Lay-Up 72s designed by Onitsuka Tiger & Amsterdam sneaker boutique SEVENTYFIVE. These classic white high tops have tasteful blue accents. We hope that you get a chance to pick these limited edition kicks.

GOAT: Greatest of All Time

Muhammad Ali is undisputedly known as the greatest sportsmen of all time. He not only achieve legendary sport status, but he was also an ambassador to the world. GOAT: Greatest Of All Time is a limited edition tribute to Muhammad Ali is being released for the 5oth anniversary of his first fight. This gorgeous hardcover book contains tons of photos, many of which … Continue reading

The Tao of Badass

The Tao of Badass Holy crap… this Tao of Badass video is absolutely HILARIOUS. Josh Pellicer just finished shooting a video that you’ll probably notice is a bit… “unconventional.” But that’s a GOOD thing. New, powerful lessons often look a little weird at first… And this one is no different! That’s because he’s revealing a few Jedi-style techniques that are going to … Continue reading

Western Digital My Book Live

Now you can link all your gadgets together through the Western Digital My Book Live with Home Network Storage Device. Share music, pictures, documents and more between your computers and wireless devices as well as backup important information all in one convenient place. It works with a Mac or PC so that you never have … Continue reading

Diemme Marostica Mid Ciment Suede

No more ugly hiking boots, no more slippery hikes while wearing your sneakers. The answer to all your fashionable hiker problems is here: the Diemme Marostica Mid sneaker-hiking boot hybrid. Made with Premium Suede Uppers and a Vulcanized Rubber Sole these shoes are comfortable for the mountain and sleek enough for the street. Get yours … Continue reading

Monster Matryoshka Nesting Dolls

Nesting Dolls With a Twist These Monster Matryoshka dolls by Matryoshka Madness are sure to be one hell of a conversation piece. These come with a set of six dolls, each with a different scary faces. At $16, we think these are just too good to pass up. Especially since you don’t have to travel … Continue reading

Porsche 918 Spyder

Porsche 918 Spyder You are looking at the most expensive Porsche ever. It’s the Porsche 918 Spyder. Right now it’s only a concept but we don’t think that it will be long until this engineering  work of art makes it onto the streets. This super car is actually a hybrid.  Yeah, who knew that one could look this amazing, looks like … Continue reading

Baxter of California Water Pomade

Baxter of California Water Pomade Even guys with short hair need some sort of styling product. The best way to go at it is with a light water based hold. Baxter of California makes a great water based pomade. It’s combination of wax and oils condition your hair, leaving it soft and with some shine. … Continue reading

Lagunitas IPA Maximus

Lagunitas IPA Maximus We love hoppy IPA’s, and this one is one of the hoppiest that we’ve ever had.  IPA Maximus by Lagunitas has such an amazing hoppy aroma that some have described as being fruity… it’s pretty amazing.  You’ll also that this powerful IPA has a strong, that is slightly reddish in color. We recommend this excellent … Continue reading

Muro Double Coat Hook

Muro Double Coat Hook Blomus is know for creating functional home accessories that lean towards an industrial elegance. They continue this trend with the Muro Double Coat Hook. It is a beautifully designed hook made from stainless steel with a matt finish. This hook is a very simple way to personalize your living space. It is an … Continue reading


We are really excited about this collaboration of Adidas and Japanese retailer United Arrows. Together they refashioned the classic Rod Laver Adidas into a modern classic. It’s a perfect meld of old and new. You’ll love the simple beige accents and straw midsole, and the cork footbed just adds to the great little details of this … Continue reading

Nets Hello Brooklyn T-Shirt

Nets Hello Brooklyn T-Shirt The Nets have had the most successful reboot of an NBA team… Ever. We’ve seen Nets gear far and wide. This team is stacked up for success, from the back office to the hardwood court. Being  big fans of the Brooklyn Nets, we’ve been proud of all the great gear that … Continue reading

Eat Like a Man: The Only Cookbook a Man Will Ever Need

This Eat Like a Man: The Only Cookbook a Man Will Ever Need is for men who truly love food. It is filled with 75 recipes that are specific to men who love to cook, eat, and read about good manly food. It is filled with many different famous chef contributors and the perfect food … Continue reading

Copernicus Brew it Yourself Root Beer Kit

This Brew it Yourself Kit from Copernicus gives you the chance to brew your own brew-root beer that is. This kit comes with everything that you could possibly need to make your life long dream of brewing your own root beer a reality. It is made complete will all natural ingredients, so you don’t have … Continue reading

French Drafting Table

Feed Your Creative Needs Liza Sherman Antiques offers this French Drafting Table that will not only take you on a journey back in time, but feed your need to release your creative juices. This drafting table was made in France and has a pivoting wood top with metal base to ensure that you will always … Continue reading


Carabiners have always made for a great keychain.  The only problem is that most keychain carabiners look awful, are tiny and that won’t cut it with you. Professional and industrial carabiners are too bulky and they often have a screw locking mechanism, that makes it difficult to quickly latch and unlatch them from your belt loop.  Head Porter … Continue reading


We really aren’t fans of jewelry for men. However, we’ve always liked nautical bracelets. And this one stands head and shoulders above the crowd. It’s the MIANSAI LEATHER AND METAL HOOK WRAP BRACELET in red. The red leather makes a bold statement, without any douchebag pretentiousness. It will add that little bit of extra to your outfit. … Continue reading

Brooklyn Tailors Standard Suit

Never has a hand made to order suit been so affordable and so elegant at the same time. Brooklyn Tailors, makers of the “Standard Suit” take pride in there work. And it shows in the craftsmanship. They make every suit one at a time. Using traditional methods and the highest quality of materials available. We … Continue reading

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses

These New Wayfarer Sunglasses from Ray-Ban are the epitome of cool. They have a very classic shape and style that is very iconic in the sunglasses industry. These frames come in many different color options, which allows you to express your individuality. Plus, these frames were worn by all the classic rockers in the music … Continue reading

Polaroid Instant Digital Camera

Pretty sweet, that’s what you’ll say about this Polaroid Instant Digital Camera. You would be completely wrong in calling this digital camera a toy, with 10mp, recording videos in HD and a color printer. Polaroid packs quite a punch, into such a portable unit. You’ll easily be able to snap, print and share. Let’s not forget … Continue reading

Sebago Dockside For David Z

We really like that David Z and Sebago have teamed up in offering an exclusive Dockside. Sebago has been making these hand stitches deck shoes for 40 years now. They are made out of a single piece of leather. The full grain leather used has been tumbled  to create a smooth finish.  You’ll look great wearing these deck … Continue reading

Nike Blazer High Vintage ND

Nike Blazer High Vintage ND Remember the day that you go your first pair of Nike high top sneakers? Well, you now have the chance to re-live that moment all over again. The Nike Blazer High Vintage ND sneaker comes in either black or gray and radiates that all over vintage feel and style. Nike … Continue reading

The Art and Colour of General Motors

The Art and Colour of General Motors This brilliant photo book documents the greatness of General Motors, showcases the exceptional photography of  Michael Furman.  The Art and Colour of General Motors was released on the 100th anniversary of General Motors. The Art and Colour of General Motors deserves to be in the collection of anyone who is … Continue reading

Max Bill Wristwatch

Max Bill Wristwatch The Junghans by Max Bill is a simple styled wristwatch with a very elegant uniqueness. This watch sports a stylish stainless steel case and a durable calfskin buckle strap. You’ll have a solid sized watch, with a case diameter of 38mm. The watch has an additional date display with a white base. … Continue reading

Dottling Bel-Air Safe

Dottling Bel-Air Safe The German firm Dottling has been noted in creating the most luxurious safes around. The Dottling Bel-Air Safe is one of to their most well known models. These saves are hand built and customizes for each purchaser.  At first look the Bel-Air looks like a beautiful piece of luggage from a different era. The story changes once … Continue reading

Aluminum Food Storage Box

Aluminum Food Storage Box Don’t get caught brown bagging your lunch, this Aluminum Food Storage Box from Canoe are chic and durable to keep your food fresh and leak-free. With a flip closure and a taste-neutral interior coating, these boxes are perfect for storing leftovers, having a picnic or bringing a lunch to work without the … Continue reading

Burberry Round Chrono Watch

Burberry Round Chrono Watch Stainless steel and leather, two very simple materials. However when in the skillful hands of a Swiss Watchmaker and the elegance of Burberry, you get a synergistic combination of a simplistic, yet refined timepiece. The Burberry Round Chrono Watch features a gorgeous shade of chocolate brown leather, accented with stunning stainless steel. This is the type of watch that … Continue reading

ZAGG iPhone invisibleShield

ZAGG iPhone invisibleShield When it comes to ultimate scratch protection for your personal electronic devices, the ZAGG iPhone invisibleShield is the only way to go. ZAGG has just released a new invisibleShield for the Apple iPhone. It offers military grade protection, against scratches. It’s also pretty handy at in reducing those annoying fingerprints and smudges. Zagg … Continue reading

Elkskin Geier Gloves

Elkskin Geier Gloves Woodworkers, Metalworkers and the kind know a thing or two about heavy duty work gloves. For one, Elkskin leather gloves are the toughest heavy duty gloves around. And Elkskin Geier Gloves are what the pros wear. The thing is, these gloves are not only tough as nails. They look incredible! Elkskin Geier Gloves … Continue reading

Anthony Logistics Pre Shave Oil

Anthony Logistics Pre Shave Oil Every man knows that in order to  master the art of shaving, you need to lubricate your beard before you shave. However most men are disastrous when it comes to this step. Using Anthony Logistics Pre Shave Oil before you shave will soften your beard, resulting in an extremely close shave, minimizing razor burns … Continue reading


FADER BOLTEN WASH OXFORD SHOES Ever been in this situation where you wanted to one up your best friend by saying, “well my shoes are hand made”? Now you can. These N.D.C. Fader Bolten Wash Oxfords from SSENSE are hand made in Spain, 100% leather, and have quality written all over them. They have a … Continue reading


COME IN, GO AWAY DOORMAT I’m sure that you have been in many situations where your guests just won’t leave,  you’re trying to be polite about having to wake up early, and they just aren’t getting the hint. This Come In, go Away Doormat from Uncommon Goods has supplied you with an answer to your … Continue reading

Jon Knox Cody Vinyl Toy

Jon Knox Cody Vinyl Toy Looking for that little something special to add to your collection of vinyl toys? Well indie designer Jon Knox has got one for you. The Jon Knox Cody Vinyl Toy. Standing 8 inches tall, he was cast from a Jon Knox sculpting. Cody has interchangeable magnet eyes, so you can change … Continue reading


EDC Kit Every day carry or EDC for short. This little keychain kit has the essential tools that would normally be replaced by large heavy tools. Not ideal for every situation, but in a jam you’ll be happy that you had this little EDC Kit around. You’ll impress the heck out of your friends, in a … Continue reading

Footwear Care Kit

Footwear Care Kit You finally went out and got yourself some grown man shoes. Hopefully, a brown pair of leather Oxfords. You can’t treat them like your other pair of shoes. You need a Footwear Care Kit. This Footwear Care Kit was put together by the fine lads at Oask Street Bootmakers. And if they say that you need … Continue reading

kidrobot Futurama Mini Figures

kidrobot Futurama Mini Figures We bet that you are happy to see new episodes of Futurama. The people at kidrobot are also happy to have Futurama back. They teamed up with Matt Groening and David X. Cohen on a new line of kidrobot Futurama Mini Figures. This collection of kidrobot Futurama Mini Figures carries all of … Continue reading

Pro-Ject Debut III Turntable In Red

Pro-Ject Debut III Turntable You haven’t heard music unntil… You’ve heard it on vinyl. A great excuse to snatch up all those old records in your parents basement or at the flea market, the Sumiko Pro-Ject debut III Turn Table plays music the way it should sound, while looking chic too. With a unique red … Continue reading

Leica M8.2 Digital Camera Rangefinder

The name Leica has been synonymous with the word photography since it’s inception. Leica Rangefinder cameras have been used by photojournalist and professional photographers all over the world. When you hold the Leica M8.2 Digital Camera Rangefinder, it feels like you are holding a mini tank. This camera is so tough that it is the … Continue reading

The Glenrothes Alba Reserve Single Malt Scotch

Glenrothes Alba Reserve Alba Reserve  gets it’s name from Quercus Alba. The Latin name for White (or American) oak. Alba also happens to be the Gaelic word for Scotland. The Glenrothes Alba Reserve Single Malt Scotch is also a Kosher Scotch. This elegant Scotch was crafted using matured ex-Bourbon casks. Creating an expectational mellow Scotch.  … Continue reading

Tom Ford for Men Cleansing Bar

TOM FORD…On a Rope This TOM FORD cleansing bar will not only get you clean, but leave you scented as well. And lets face it, soap on a rope comes in handy. At $18, how could you resist?

Keybird Split Ring Key Blank

Split Ring Key When you first see the Keybird Split Ring Key Blank, what comes to mind is “Why didn’t I think of that”. The reason being is that this combination of a key and key ring is brilliantly minimal. Engineers agree that the best solutions to most problems is normally the simplest, and this … Continue reading

Porsche 911 Sport Classic

911 Sport Classic What do you get when you put the greatest pieces from the Porsche heritage into one machine? You get the Porsche 911 Sport Classic. This limited edition of 250 cars features some very iconic elements from Porsche. with its double-dome roof, lower fascia and lip, and a fixed ducktail rear spoiler. It’s … Continue reading

Cross-Terrain UV Skin Protector SPF 50

Since 1851 Kiehl’s has been making outstanding products, and one of our favorites is the Cross-Terrain UV Skin Protector SPF 50.  It offers UVA & UVB protection at a SPF 50. You will be able to take advantage of it’s protection year round.  Since it is water, sweat and wind resistant. Believe us they tested … Continue reading

Wash for Men Body Wash

Wash for Men Body Wash Body wash, sadly, most guys don’t think about it. They think that that’s something that their girlfriends use. And if they do use body wash, it’s probably filled with toxic, harsh smelling chemicals. It’s time to upgrade your showering routine. Forget that bar of soap, or overly harsh teenage boy body wash … Continue reading


Pack light no matter where you go with The North Face Flyweight Rucksack made with ultra lightweight nylon ripstop fabric. With multiple pockets, three great vibrant colors and Airmesh shoulder straps, this back pack will look great and feel great no matter what you hold and where you take it. Get light for a light … Continue reading

PAUL SMITH Mini on Location Card Holder and Keyring Set

This exclusive Mini on Location Card Holder and Key Ring Set from Paul Smith is the quirkiest set that you ever did see. It is constructed out of leather and adorned with their “Mini on Location” print. This will give your accessories a much more contemporary look. We think that you can’t beat this two … Continue reading

Incase Macbook Nylon Backpack

Carry your Macbook without compromising on style. This Incase Backpack is made especially for your Macbook. It looks great, but this nylon bag is also rugged enough for most weather conditions. It features a reinforced compartment for your Macbook that is lined in a faux-fur, adding to the sexiness of this bag. You also get … Continue reading

Aperion INTIMUS 6T Hybrid HD

You have always wanted to experience your music and movies at the highest sound quality possible, now you CAN. The Aperion INTIMUS 6T Hybrid HD Home Theater  System outdoes the competition. The 6T towers create an impeccable bass, true to life mids, crisp high tones. The center channel speaker has an unbelievable vocal quality. You’ll … Continue reading

the RICHBABA Sole Bicycle Co

There is something about Sole bikes. They make high quality, affordable fixie bikes that just look amazing. One of our favorite fixies is the RICHBABA, it’s made from high tensile steel in a phenomenal black and white color scheme. This bike is a real looker, from it’s BMX handle bars to its deep dish rims. If you are … Continue reading

HP Envy 14

At first look the HP ENVY 14 looks very similar to a MacBook. With it’s beautiful metal finish. It certainly going to turn heads, however it also packs a punch. The newest in the Envy line for HP is the 14 series. It features an Intel Core i3-370M Dual Core processor, 4GB DDR3 System Memory, … Continue reading

Harley Davidson Forty Eight

  This bike has some serious looks. The Harley Davidson Forty Eight is a chopped down custom version of a 1200 Harley Sportster. You get the classic fatties in the front and rear. You get that bad boy look with the low ride, 1200 Evolution V-Twin Engine and underslung mirrors. If you are looking to … Continue reading

Hap Money Clip

If you are like the average manboy, the chances are good that you are carrying an overstuffed warped wallet. Do yourself a favor and ditch the bulk. The Hap Money Clip is all you need. Being minimal, you’ll be able to carry the bare essentials. That includes your ID, banking cards, and the like. We … Continue reading

Pulse News Reader

Pulse News Reader Pulse News Reader is the most elegant RSS Reader that we’ve seen. It’s available for your Android, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad by the great people at Alphonso Labs. Pulse News Reader is not just about looks, the developers have really put some time an effort into this app. There goal is … Continue reading

YAMAZAKI Single Malt 18-Year Old Whisky

Whisk(e)y drinkers near and far are known for the loyalty that they possess. That being said one should sample this excellent crafted YAMAZAKI Single Malt 18-Year Old Whisky when given the chance. The people at Yamazaki take their craft seriously. This 18- Year Single Malt is aged in three different casks of oak: American, Spanish, … Continue reading

Rite in the Rain Tactical Notebook

If you do any kind of note writing in the outdoors, you know how difficult it can be. The weather can wreck havoc on your notebook. You won’t have the problem with the Rite in the Rain Tactical Notebook. They are made specifically for writing in all weather conditions, and we mean all weather conditions. From … Continue reading

Orlebar Brown Best In Class Swim Shorts

Do you feel like you have an extra special connection with your little furry pal? They don’t call them “Man’s Best Fiend” for nothing! Now, with these Bulldog Shorts from ORLEBAR BROWN, you can wear an homage to your best friend- right on your pants! These come in a tailored fit and are quick drying … Continue reading

Nike Toki Obsidian & Summit White

The Nike Toki Sneaker is skater inspired and has become a regular in Nike’s catalog every year. They are constructed of canvas with rubber soles for total comfort. This is a really great twist on a classic that you will most certainly want to be a part of your closet. At about 60 Bones, making … Continue reading

American Sofa

You’re Gonna Want This Couch This American Sofa will not only match everything in your bachelor pad, but enhance it as well. This couch is constructed of leather, stained oak, and brass, so it is sure to last a long time due to its durability and high quality. It’s the perfect size to fit in … Continue reading

Bentley Continental Supersports

Bentley Continental Supersports Looking for a 200 MPH + ride? Will 204 MPH work for you? How does a V12, 621 BHP, 6.0 Liter beast of an engine work for you? Well imagine wrapping all of that pure asphalt shredding raw power around something as luxurious as a Bentley Continental.  What you have now is … Continue reading

Byer of Maine Pangean Lounger Camp Chair

Byer of Maine Pangean Lounger Camp Chair Regardless of the time of year. At one point or another, you’ll need to be doing some outdoor lounging. Be it a winter bonfire, summer at the beach or at night stargazing. Do it in comfort. The Byer of Maine Pangean Lounger Camp Chair is a perfect choice. Portable, … Continue reading

Timex Classic Camper Watch

Timex Classic Camper Watch Timex being such a classic All – American brand knows how to make incredible, timeless pieces that look good in the boardroom or if you are ruffing it. The Timex Classic Camper Watch is a perfect example. It has a medium-sized round, black resin case that will be able to take … Continue reading

Fire Sense Notebook Charcoal Grill

We are men, and men like fire and red meat! Well, not too much red meat. We have to watch our cholesterol. But when we do have red meat, we like it over an open flame.  The Fire Sense Notebook Charcoal Grill makes for a perfect portable or limited space grilling companion. You’ll get year … Continue reading

FridgePad Magnetic Refrigerator Mount for iPad

FridgePad Magnetic Refrigerator Mount for iPad Perfect for so many uses, especially when cooking. Every man reaches a point in life when he needs to cook something impressive. No problem, just pull out your MacBook or iPad for a quick recipe. Just one problem. It’s in the way. You can’t seem to do anything without … Continue reading

Hackett London Selvedge Nautical Shirt

Sailing, Sailing! This Selvedge Nautical Shirt by Hackett London will prepare you for any boating adventure. It is 100% cotton and woven in Italy, which is testament to the overall quality of this shirt and looks good with pretty much anything that you pair it with. This shirt costs about 110 Euros and is sure … Continue reading

Eames Molded Plywood Dining Chair

Eames Plywood  Chair Timeless means the quality of being eternal, ageless, or not affected by time. That’s certainly what we have here when we talk about the Eames Molded Plywood Dining Chair. This work of art was designed in 1946 by Charles and Ray Eames, two masters of design.  The chair is molded out of … Continue reading

Akai MPD32 MPC Pad Controller

Looking to make some sick beats? Akai has got you covered. The MPD32 is truly a professional pad controller, touring musicians and DJs worldwide, rave about the quality and response that Akai is known for. The Akai MPD32 MPC Pad Controller is also at home in the home studio setup, especially producers and beat makers. … Continue reading


V-Neck Pullover Classic pieces can go a long way in a man’s wardrobe, especially something like this. This John Varvatos V-Neck Pullover will become one of your favorite, fast. It comes in a grey color and is constructed from a cotton and silk combo that can easily lead it to be dressed up with a … Continue reading

Full Bleed: New York City Skateboard Photography

Full Bleed While walking down New York City streets, the life of skateboarders probably jump right out at you. Watching them perfect their art is truly an experience within itself. The book Full Bleed: New York Skateboard Photography by Alex Corporoan, Andre Razo, and Ivory Serra enables you to take that experience home with you … Continue reading

The Truck Food Cookbook

What a great idea. For the last few years, we’ve been having a food revolution in America. And the food truck has been leading the way. The idea that gourmet, interesting, visually stunning and incredibly tasty food doesn’t have to come from a 5 star restaurant, nor cost you an arm and a leg has been … Continue reading

Marino State Bicycle Co

In the words of Queen: “Get on your bikes and ride!”. State Bicycle Co.’s customizable Marino fixed gear bike is the perfect way to ride in style. Choose your frame size, your handlebar type and a color for the tires and pedals, make your bike unique to you. Just imagine yourself riding this baby in … Continue reading

Surface to Air SAILOR V1 Boat Shoes

We’re On Board With These Boat Shoes Set sail with these gray suede high top, lace up Sailor V1 boat shoes from Surface to Air. With gorgeous suede and unique white laces, these boat shoes are comfortable and stylish, whether your walking the city streets or sailing the high seas. Get your sea legs for … Continue reading


Pretty sweet and made in the USA. We have the Ugmonk MOUNTAINS t-shirt. Being 100% supersoft ringspung cotton, it’s sure to become one of your goto graphic t-shirts. We love the geometric moutain graphics, in red, white and blue. At $24 bones, we have a winner here. 

Dyson Air Multiplier

Dyson Air Multiplier Every once in awhile a company comes along and completely changes the game. Dyson is one of those special companies. Lucky for us and just in time for summer they have two new Dyson Air Multiplier fans. A tower and a pedestal fan. What makes these fans amazing is that they are … Continue reading

Mini Cree Led Flashlight

Mini Cree Led Flashlight This little flashlight packs a mean punch. That’s no understatement, it’s powerful enough that it can use to blind and disorient. The Mini Cree Led Flashlight has an adjustable zoom beam, made to be the ultimate mini flashlight. We love that it uses cheap AA batteries, and because it’s waterproof. You’ll take … Continue reading

Brooks B17 Saddle

Brooks B17 Saddle For over a century cyclist near and far have raved about Brooks Saddles, and the Brooks B17 Saddle is the Flagship model for Brooks. This bicycle saddle is perfect for everything from long distance trekking to a quick ride to the grocery store.  The Standard models feature black steel rails, the B17 … Continue reading

KRINK 8-Litre Applicator

“Creative Tools for Creative Thinkers” Krink, the art supply line that is the fastest growing in the world has its headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, and ships their infamous supplies worldwide. The company was developed by a man who describes himself as “terrible art student, a semi-successful vandal, and an entrepreneur who learned everything the … Continue reading

Tantotian 440 Stainless Steel Tanto Blade Folding Knife

Tantotian 440 Stainless Steel Tanto Blade Folding Knife Whether for work or recreation, you’ll find a time when you’ll be in need of a knife. This Tantotian 440 Stainless Steel Tanto Blade Folding Knife is the workhorse that you’ll need. It’s an impressive blade, with an elegant design in brushed metal. Probably the best sub $10 … Continue reading

Audi Auto Union Type C Pedal Car

Audi Auto Union Type C Pedal Car This Audi Auto Union Type C 1:2 Scale Pedal Car will appease any man’s appetite for a new toy. Not only is it limited edition and all hand-made, but there were over 900 pieces manufactured in order to put together this level of luxury. This Audi pedal car … Continue reading

Levis Mid Wash Denim Sherpa Jacket

Levis Mid Wash Denim Sherpa Jacket A Denim Sherpa Jacket is great for when you want that slim look but need some extra insulation. This Levis Mid Wash Denim Sherpa Jacket has a faux shearling lining with two classic front chest pockets and adjustable cuffs. You’ll also appreciate the fully lined inner pocket. So get … Continue reading

Classy Simplicity for the Simply Classic Man

Georg Jensen Koppel Automatic Chronograph Be proud to pull up your sleeves with this beautifully crafted automatic chronograph wristwatch by KOPPEL. Its white face and black calfskin band are stunning without being gaudy, while the stainless steel frame gives a classic feel without blending in. The numbers are replaced with small dots, a unique touch … Continue reading

Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook

Haters gonna hate! People seem to get angry when you mention a Chromebook. They’ll give you a rundown on why you should avoid one. Well I’ve been using a Chromebook since they were released. In my opinion, they rock. When it comes to battery life, 10 second boot up, size, security and complete google integration, … Continue reading

Baxter of California Mens Grooming Set

Baxter of California Mens Grooming Set You know that it’s time to plan a vacation whenever stores start to carry travel kits. This Mens Grooming Set from Baxter of California includes everything that you could possibly need to take with you on your travels in hotel sized EDA bars-which makes packing that much easier on … Continue reading

Sea Pants: Seafoam

She Sell Sea Shells… These Seafoam Sea Pants from Baron Wells are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. They are styled like surfer board shorts, but are very form fitting which offers a modern twist. They are made out of sueded polyester for an ultra soft feel and are made complete with many pockets … Continue reading


The Coolest Shades Around… TOM FORD has become an iconic designer of our time-especially when it comes to his infamous sunglasses. These TOM FORD CHARLES TF35 Sunglasses are no different from the rest. These glasses have your typical aviator style, but are detailed in ways that go way beyond average. They are framed in gold, … Continue reading

Chalkboard Skull in Pine Green

Talk about unique. It’s a human skull made from molded plastic, then sandblasted and finished in pine green chalkboard paint. Pretty sweet! Every man cave needs a little interesting decorative piece, and this one keeps the manly factor pretty high. $46, that’s a bargain. Pick up a sweet piece of functional art.

Feed Your Inner Double Agent

PAPER WEAPON ARSENAL MODELS Martin Postler’s Paper Weapon Arsenal Models gives you a chance to show off your inner soldier and put together life-sized accurate models of different military weapons. These models were a part of Postlerferfuson’s Death Machine series which took place in London in 2008. The core theme of the exhibit was to … Continue reading

Creative Live! Cam Socialize Full HD 1080 Web Camera

Creative 1080 Web Cam In our opinion Creative Labs has always made some of the best consumer PC accessories on the market. So it comes to no surprise to us that they are releasing a Full HD Web Cam. It’s official name is the Creative Live! Cam Socialize Full HD 1080 Web Camera. Having a … Continue reading

Roll Call! Wu Style

ROCKSMITH X WU TANG Roll Call Have you met the Wu Tang Clan? Rocksmith x Wu Tang Roll Call T-Shirt in Black will allow you to be formally introduced to all the members. Because as you know Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nothing to Fuck with. We think that $30 is a cheap price to pay for … Continue reading

Woodman’s Pal Classic Knife

This classic woodsman knife is all you need for any garden project, wood-chopping, and plant-whacking needs. The Woodman’s Pal Classic Knife has a handmade hardwood ash handle and a special high carbon manganese steel blade so it’s easy to use and stays sharp and flexible even in winter months, you’ll be proud of the MADE IN … Continue reading

Timex Weekender Red Nylon Strap Watch

Timex Weekender Red Nylon Strap Watch Without a doubt, our favorite casual watch. The Timex Weekender, upgraded, with a red strap. This Timex Weekender Red Nylon Strap Watch has a design that is timeless. We love how simple the watch face is, with easy to read numbers and a red nylon strap. That tells the world … Continue reading


Class it up with this Cherchbi Herringbone Linen and Cotton-Blend iPad Sleeve. You’ll be able to carry your iPad or a stack of documents in style. Its fine linen and cotton-blend herringbone fabric is lined with rich leather. This case also happens to be waterproof (just don’t go dunking it in a tub). The fabric is … Continue reading

Laphroaig Quarter Cask Scotch Whisky

The Rarest of Events Laphroaig Quarter Cask Whisky has a very rare and old way of maturing their bourbon that started in Islay 200 years ago. This company still upholds those same standards and values today. The influence that oak has on this process results in sweetness upon its first collision with your taste buds … Continue reading

The Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide

The Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide LEGO geeks rejoice! This is The Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide. If you are looking to efficiently build some awesome sets, using LEGO. This is the book for you. Use your creative skills to build bridges, buildings, towers etc. Grab yourself a bucket load of LEGOs, and a copy of this book. … Continue reading

Color Bar Mighty Wallet

Never Run Out of Color Again Your wallet may not hold much cash, but it should hold its ink. This Color Bar Mighty Wallet is made with Tyvek®, a tear resistant, water resistant, recyclable material with a cool color bar design like a printer ink test. Hold your credit cards, cash and receipts in a … Continue reading

Screw it, then do it!

Set of Screwdrivers with Hammer Who said being a handy man had to be hard? This  set of screwdrivers and hammer from Manufactum go beyond the expectation of a tool kit and border design genius. Four lightweight screwdrivers fit neatly inside the tempered chrome steel and brass hammer, screwing in for easy storage and travel … Continue reading


Rhodia LARGE WEB NOTEBOOK IN ORANGE The classic “As a Man Thinketh”, boils down to “A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts.” Knowing this, it would be smart to jot down notes, goals and ideas. Do it in style, with this handsome Rhodia LARGE WEB NOTEBOOK … Continue reading

Kiss Me, My Shoes Are Irish

Verginia Eco & Earth Dublin Shoe End clothing has just answered all your prayers about finding the perfect casual shoe for weekend relaxation purposes. The Verginia Eco & Earth Dublin Shoe is modeled after the natural movement and shape of the foot, which provides guaranteed comfort. They are also an eco friendly shoe being made … Continue reading

Normann Copenhagen Swivel Cognac Glasses

Swivel Cognac Glasses The Holiday Season is practically almost here, so it’s time to class up things a little. Forget about the Henny & Coke. These cognac glasses are an experience. These stunning glasses are also functional, being that they are already angled. Allowing you to pour the perfect amount of cognac. This glass is … Continue reading

So High, So Fly

Adidas Decade Hi Shoes Adidas’s Decade Hi Shoes have been around since 1985 and have not only made an impact on the sports field, but have also made their mark on the fashion scene as well. This version is a mix between the classic look that we know and love from Adidas as well as … Continue reading

Aid In Style

BEST MADE ALL-PURPOSE FIRST AID KIT This kit is a life saver and looks good too. This All Purpose First Aid Kit by Best Made is not only OSHA certified, fully equipped with all your first aid needs, and compact enough for any space, it’s design is cool enough to display. With gloves, bandages, splints … Continue reading

The Zine App For Artists

Nieves iPhone App Nieves, an independent publishing hose that is based in Zurich, Switzerland that focuses on publishing artists book as well as Zines has put together an App for for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This application was developed by Russell Quinn, dreipol, and Nieves and gives you constant access to new issues every … Continue reading

Get Fresh, Stay Fresh

C.O. Bigelow Mentha Body Vitamin Body Wash Nothing like a cold shower and the invigorating scent of mint to wake you up and keep you going all day long. C.O. Bigelow’s Mentha Body Vitamin Bodywash is crisp, refreshing and cleansing, and as all Bigelow Chemist products, is not tested on animals and comes in chic … Continue reading

Selvedge Johnson Mid Shoe

Check it out, The Hundreds are at it again. This limited release of 600 chukkas is pretty sweet. The Selvedge Johnson Mid Shoe is made using selvedge denim, with red stitching. We just love the little attention to details, from the waxed laces matching the leather Hundreds tag, to it’s full grain leather toe and unique … Continue reading

Brixton Klein Jacket

Brixton Klein This lightweight polyester winter jacket by Brixton is called Klein. It’s pretty fresh looking, with an updated 70s styling that has a tailored look and feel. We are really feeling the deep cargo outside pockets and that Brixton has added side pockets, so that you can easily slide your hands in for some … Continue reading

We’ll Drink to That

Cheers Mother Fucker Flask Carry the fun with you when your drinking with this hilarious hand engraved stainless steel flask from In God We Trust. With a hand carved message reading “Cheers Mother Fucker”, no two flasks are the same. Carry this as your drinking buddy and you’ll surely start a few conversations and have … Continue reading

Opening Ceremony M10 Derby Shoes

If you are looking for some pretty swanky suede Oxfords, we may have just what you are looking for. Opening Ceremony makes the M10 Derby Shoes. You gotta love the little details, from the cord ties to the stitched leather soles. Being that these Oxfords are suede. You’ll be able to rock them pretty much year … Continue reading

Saw Like a Japanese Carpenter

Robert Larson Folding Japanese Carpenter Saw Japan has always managed to be a hotbed of design and culture. Japanese designers are famous in automotive, pop culture, culinary arts, fashion and basically just about everything under the sun. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that this functional folding saw was designed in Japan. It is the … Continue reading


LEATHER-CASED HIP FLASK We never get tired of boozy containers. Especially one as elegant as this Paul Smith LEATHER-CASED HIP FLASK. Made from pewter in England, it features a handsome and sleek leather case. Perfect for ball-games, weekends vistas and pre-gaming in suits. At $425, it’s a heavy investment. But one that you’ll be proud pour … Continue reading

Radii Footwear MOON WALKER Sneakers

Radii MOON WALKER Radii footwear is a somewhat newer company that is known for designing sneakers that push the envelope in the sense of modern design. The Radii Moon Walker is a perfect example of this. These are a ultra high top sneakers that most everyone can appreciate. Right now we are really feeling the … Continue reading

Caran D’ache Metal Mech Pencil

If we said that  this is a great looking mechanical pencil, it would be an understatement. Made from brass, with a rhodium finish. The Caran D’ache Metal Mech Pencil is perfect for artist and drafters alike. You’ll notice that it has a good solid weight. And it is unquestionably stunning. You’ll want to display it on … Continue reading

Orvis Heritage Field Coat

Orvis Heritage Field Coat The classic field coat, with a touch of modern tailoring. For generations Orivs has been known far and wide by sportsmen. Now it’s time to introduce a new generation. This Orvis Heritage Field Coat is made from waxed cotton, perfect for repelling rain. You’ll love the little details, from corduroy, deep pockets, reinforced elbows … Continue reading

Avant Garde DESTROY YOUR TV White T-Shirt

Avant Garde Indie T-Shirt designer Avant Garde has recently updated it’s collection of T-Shirts for this season. We are always down to support the newest and freshest indie designers on the block and Avant Garde has some great looks. One of our favorite shirts is the DESTROY YOUR TV in white. Check out Avant Garde’s … Continue reading

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

Nudie Mag Flat Black Sunglasses We just love that name “Nudie Mag” so as soon as we saw that The Fresh Crap Webstore’s was selling these infamous “Nudie Mag” sunglasses we had to jump on them. These come in the standard classic fit along with a flat back frame and green reflective lenses that will … Continue reading

Suck UK Clockwork Pencil Sharpener

Suck UK Clockwork Pencil Sharpener Creative types use pencils pretty often. From taking notes, to sketching, and designing. So to keep those pencil points nice, and sharp, pick up a Suck UK Clockwork Pencil Sharpener. It’s a great looking windup key pencil sharpener, made from nickel plated steel. With aesthetics that perfectly fit into a design, work … Continue reading

These Will Make You Look Smarter … Maybe

KSUBI Segin Glasses The KSUBI Segin Glasses are truly a pair of glasses with a purpose. The frames are an antiques gold color and the frames are rounded and accompanied by a stylish nose bridge. The SSENSE logo is displayed on the black earpiece tips. The glasses come in the special designer case as well … Continue reading

Si. Oui. Yes.

You Me Oui This t-shirt by Mark Owens will have everyone stopping you on the street to read the writing on your chest-not necessarily a bad thing. The You Me Oui t-shirt can be found at SIXPACK FRANCE along with a bunch of other attention grabbers. This shirt costs 25 Euros, and we think that … Continue reading


BLACK DOG BITE PRINT SWEATSHIRT Celebrate man’s best friend with this awesome sweatshirt. Featuring a beautiful BLACK DOG BITE PRINT, on a black long sleeved crewneck sweatshirt. Being 100% cotton it will feel soft right from day one. So if you are a dog lover or know one, scoop this sweatshirt up. At around $45, it’s any … Continue reading

Uniform Wares 200 Series Calendar Wristwatch

Uniform Wares This is a gorgeous minimally crafted wristwatch. It is manufactured by Uniform Wares and is known as the 200 Series Calendar Wristwatch. Uniform Wares incorporates some very high quality materials such as aircraft grade stainless steel, Italian calf leather and Swiss timing. We really enjoy this current trend towards uncomplicated design, and commend … Continue reading

Gyrator K2 Snowboard

K2 Gyrator Are you looking for a new snowboard that’s perfect for riding in powder and freeboarding. Well you should look into the 2010 – 2011 K2 Gyrator Snowboard. Riders love it’s carving ability, how well balanced it rides and for being lightweight. So this board is made for riders that are looking for deep … Continue reading

A Hatchet Crafted for a Samurai

Japanese Hatchet & Best Made Canvas Tool Roll There’s no doubt that the Japanese know their knives, so we trust them with this beautifully crafted Hatchet and Canvas Tool Roll from Best Made. Perfect for the garden or the wood shop this hatchet has an extra thick blade and a great wood handle you won’t … Continue reading

Bumble and Bumble SumoTech Hair Styling Product

Bumble and Bumble SumoTech SumoTech is one of the most loved hair styling products from the legendary Bumble and Bumble. It is an incredible sculpting product, that easily shapes and textures your hair. Users also love the smell of this Bumble and Bumble styling product. You won’t feel like you are wearing an overpowering teenager … Continue reading

Tateossian x Swarovski King Skull Cuff Links

King Skull Cuff Links We have to say that these cuff links are pretty bad ass. Not only are they a skull, but it’s the king of skulls. These Tateossian x Swarovski King Skull Cuff Links are made from polished sterling silver, with some help from Swarovski on the skulls eyes and crown. We think … Continue reading

Banjo Ukulele Banjolele

Banjo Ukulele Banjolele Whenever the mood strikes you to strum the strings of a banjo, this one is the perfect option. It is custom made, so you have the option of changing specific details such as wood and size to make your banjo playing the most pleasurable experience for yourself. Banjo ukulele Banjolele has an … Continue reading

Excuse me, do you have the temperature?

Citizen Digi Temp Watch What’s better then knowing the time when someone asks? Knowing the time, date, and temperature at a single glance and looking awesome while doing it! The Citizen Digi Temp Watch‘s retro style face tells you everything you need to know in both analog and digital, and even includes an alarm, stop watch … Continue reading

Cop These People In Caramel Super Sunglasses

People In Caramel These People in Caramel sunglass have that classic wayfarer shape in a great caramel colored frame that will suit all those looking for a different color choice. Fitted with blue navy Zeiss lenses from the house of SUPER, those in the know are sure to stand out in the crowd. With 100% … Continue reading

A Travel Alarm Inspired by Japanese Railways Station Clocks

Railway Station Alarm Clock MUJI’s Railroad Station Alarm Clock was designed after the traditional railway clocks used in Japan’s railway stations when they were first being constructed (don’t worry, you won’t have to be concerned about it whistling to wake you up). It is made from a plastic frame and has large easy to read … Continue reading

SOLIS Birds Eye Tweed

THE SOLIS Birds Eye Tweed from Keep add the perfect details to any outfit. They are Japanese made and come with a custom cup sole for added comfort. These chukka shoes come in a dark brown tweed pattern and bare the Keep logo on the back in a green tag. These shoes cost $75 and … Continue reading

Gun Table Lamp

Tony Montana had it all, except this treasure. The new Gun Tabel Lamp from FLOS is tough enough for a gangster and chic enough for a design geek. Made with die cast aluminum with a chrome finish or 18k gold plating and a black or white plasticized paper shade with an internal gold silk screened … Continue reading

Awkward Family Photos

Don’t you just love laughing at other people’s horrible misfortune? How about a whole family of misfortune all photographed together, or a whole bunch of hilariously unfortunate family photos all in one book? Mike Bender and Doug Chernack bring you Awkward Family Photos, a big book filled with the bad hair, bad fashion, bad props … Continue reading

Beefroll Penny Loafer

Beefroll Penny Loafer Never judge a book by it’s cover but always judge a man by his shoes. The Beefroll Penny Loafers from Oak Street Bootmakers make a lasting first impression, with hand stitched Horween® Chromexcel® leather in a classic brown. The wax stitch moccasin design ensures comfort while a stacked leather heel exudes the … Continue reading

Carl Hansen Shell Chair

Get your groove back with Carl Hansen’s three legged Shell Chair, a 60′s revival piece that’s perfect for any pad. The original Hans Wagner design can be made with a choice of Ash, Oak, Walnut or Beech wood and paired with various colors of leather, fabric or even cowhide cushions. Throw on some bell bottom … Continue reading

Newcastle DraughtKeg

Mini kegs tend to be impractical little gimmicks, but Newcastle’s is a little more sophisticated. For starters, it’s Newcastle, which is better than most beers. It holds about 10 pints and has mini tap that keeps beer fresh for up to 30 days. It’s as fun as any mini keg, but it also happens to … Continue reading


The perfect getaway bag is here. TK Garment Supply’s Big Tote Bag is the simple, sturdy bag that everyone needs for any type of adventure. It’s leather handles are easy to grab and head to the office and a un-hookable strap make it easy when running over to the gym. This tote’s five pockets are … Continue reading

Porsche Design Standard Chef’s Knife

Porsche Design Chef’s Knife Porsche Design has been responsible for reinventing everything from the pen to a sports boat. There attention to design and detail has been remarkable, and we are happy that they have been working on a series of kitchen knives. This Porsche Design Standard Chef’s Knife is a work of art that … Continue reading

Victorinox Swiss Army Slim Flight USB Flash Drive

We all know of those gag Swiss Army Knives. The ones with an inconceivable amount of useless blades and attachments. Well this, Victorinox Swiss Army Slim Flight will appeal to the nerd in all of us. This particular Swiss Army Knife, is actually pretty handy, it is a USB flash drive. It’s also pretty good looking, and … Continue reading

LOYALTY & BLOOD Skull Sweatshirt

LOYALTY & BLOOD Skull Sweatshirt Brooklyn, New York based brand, Loyalty and Blood, love ink, metal, and of course skulls. They have introduced a collection of their own designs as well as hand silk screen printed clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Everything that they create is inspired by the madness that occurs on New York City … Continue reading

Nixon Trooper 3 Button Headphones

Nixon Trooper What we have hear is an update to the already dope Nixon Trooper Headphones. In this new reincarnation, Nixon adds an iPhone compatible 3 button controller. The Nixon Trooper 3 Button Headphones don’t just look great they are also noted for it’s comfortable padded headband and custom molded silicone ear cushions. You will … Continue reading

Clever Repurposed IRON RAKE HOOK

IRON RAKE HOOK So the best way to maximize your living space is using shelves and hooks. This one right here is called the Iron Rake Hook and happens to be very clever, as you see it’s a rake.This hook is made from iron and it has a height of 4.5 inches and it is … Continue reading

Pignose 7-100 Portable Amplifier

Get Loud, Anywhere The Legendary Portable Pignose 7-100 amplifier is perfect for any traveling musician, student learning an instrument, or on the road rock star. The pignose is considered the ultimate portable bluse guitar amp… and being that it’s battery powered, lightweight and completely portable, the Pignose can be used on the street or in … Continue reading

Timberland Men’s Classic-2 Eyed Boat Shoe

Timberland Men’s Classic-2 Eyed Boat Shoe From boots to boat shoes! The classic brand you know and love is delivering a counterpart to their iconic boot. The Timberland Men’s Classic 2 Eyed Boat Shoe are slip resistant, hand sewn, and made from the durable leather Timberland is known for. Get your boating on Timberland style for … Continue reading

Plantronics BackBeat Go

Plantronics BackBeat Go If we just had one word to describe this pair of wireless earbuds it would be – incredible. The stereo quality was impressive, we even tested it with low quality mp3s. Everything just sounded so much better with the Plantronic BackBeat Go. Battery life was more than adequate, and it only took about … Continue reading

Nomskulls Cupcake Molds

Nomskulls Cupcake Mold We all love cupcakes. But throwing a change up shouldn’t limit us to only Halloween. These Nomskull cupcake molds do the trick just fine. They are a tab bit larger than your standard cupcake molds. But that’s not a bad thing. At under $10 gets you a Nomskulls Cupcake Mold, it’s a buy.

Rockwell x Patta Crewneck “Half Steppin” Re-issue

Rockwell x Patta Crewneck Here is a re-issue of a black crewneck sweatshirt from Rockwell x Patta. It’s the “Ain’t No Half Steppin”, this crewneck is made from a heavy weight fleece. The logo design reminds us of the “Do The Right Thing” logo. All in all we have to say that this black crewneck … Continue reading

Taylor Supply City Rider Motorcycle Jacket

Taylor Supply City Rider Motorcycle Jacket Not only will this motorcycle jacket make you look cool, but it will keep you dry as well. Riding your motorcycle will introduce you to many unfavorable weather conditions, and the flexible weatherproof fabric that this is constructed from will protect you against those lovely circumstances that prevent you … Continue reading

R13 Trucker Slim Fit Denim Jacket

R13 Trucker Slim Fit Denim Jacket You definitely don’t need to be a trucker to pull off this look. The vintage look of the R13 Slim Fit Denim Jacket suits anyone’s style. With the structure of a jacket and the look of a western shirt, this piece works over a nice button down or just a … Continue reading

I Park Like an Idiot Bumper Stickers

I Park Like an Idiot Bumper Stickers So, you have been circling the parking lot, just trying to find somewhere to park. You finally see a spot up ahead, only to find that the idiot next to you has parked so badly, that you can’t even try to pull into the one spot left. Thanks … Continue reading

Visvim Laminaria 20L Mustard Backpack

Visvim Laminaria This backpack is pure freshness. It’s kind of a hybrid of a classic 80′s backpack built with today’s cutting edge technology. This Visvim Laminaria 20L Mustard Backpack is made from nylon and Elk leather, making it waterproof and extremely durable. You’ll be impressed by how comfortable this backpack is, it features tons of … Continue reading

Your Dad’s Shirt, Revisited

Beams Plus 50s Work Shirt Every workin’ man needs his workin’ shirt. This Beams+ 50′s Work Shirt is based of the classic workman’s shirt from the 1950′s, but made with a single wash chambray of blended linen yarn from Japan, making the denim-esque texture and deep color pop. The uniquely stitched breast pockets bring this … Continue reading

Doubt: Unconventional Wisdom

Doubt: Unconventional Wisdom Here is a little gem that you might have missed. It’s a book called Doubt: Unconventional Wisdom from the World’s Greatest Shit Disturber. It delivers insights and advice by means of entertaining stories from the character on the cover, Doubt. You’ll find that this book is not just about stories; the writer … Continue reading

The Hill-Side Selvedge Chino Left-Hand Tie

Selvedge Chino Tie This tie is pretty dope. It’s made in the U.S.A. by The Hill-Side and it’s called the Selvedge Chino Left-Hand Tie. Just look at it, it’s pure sexiness in a skinny tie. We love the texture of the Selvedge Chino, and the color is awesome. We can see this pairing perfectly with … Continue reading

Stanley Classic Lunchbox Cooler and Bottle Combo

Stanley Lunchbox Stanley  did an amazing job here.  This Stanley Classic Lunchbox Cooler and Bottle Combo looks fantastic and functional. Its bottle locks right into the handle, making it hard to lose. Furthermore, the cooler is divided into two compartments, perfect for keeping lunch organized. Finally, the bottle features a double stainless steel cup, heavy duty … Continue reading

Nike Men’s Air Max 90 Running Shoe

Nike Men’s Air Max 90 Running Shoe The Nike Air Max 90, a sneaker built with technology years back. It was kind of like the future, of the past. The thing is, this sneaker still looks relevant. It’s one of those classic kicks, that if it had happened to be designed today, no one would … Continue reading

O’Malley Round Sunglasses

O’Malley Round Sunglasses These minimally, understated sunglasses look fantastic. They are the O’Malley Round Sunglasses, inspired by the rounded frames that the former owner of the L.A. Dodgers would wear. Made from orange matte acetate with blue polycarbonite lenses, the look like they cost a whole lot more that they actually do. At about $15, pick … Continue reading

The MODERN Hard Case

The MODERN Hard Case Pro photographers are notoriously conscious when it comes to protecting their photography equipment. For the most part, photography cases do an amazing job at organizing and protecting all of that pricy equipment. From camera bodies, lenses, speedlights and the like. But one thing on the list that’s missing is style, a lot of … Continue reading

The Internet iPhone Case

The Internet iPhone Case Aren’t you tired of those boring cookie cutter iPhone cases? Picture this, you just got your amazingly beautiful iPhone. Now you don’t want to ruin it, so you buy a case for it. The problem being is that now your ugly case is covering up your hot new iPhone. Well your … Continue reading

5 Panel Hat

City Hunter Flower 5 Panel Hat There’s no doubt that 5 panel hats are cool. Right now we are into this Flower Panel 5 Panel Hat from City Hunter. The vintage flower pattern looks amazing, and as all 5 panel hats, you will get that sleek minimal look. At about $20, it’s a must buy. … Continue reading

Minion Bicycle Tipping Its Hat to The Past

Minion Bicycle The Minion Bicycle is certainly stunning to look at, with its flat black finish and retro inspired lines it will certainly turn heads. It is designed with of high quality features including a saddle and handlebars by Brooks and polycarbonate pedals. You should also have a very comfortable ride. The Minion Bicycle uses … Continue reading

Candied Violets

Candied Violets As Gourmet as it gets. Candied Violets are as rare as Unicorns in your standard American kitchen. These candied violets are imported from France and have been used to sweeten and decorate some of the most decadent of French pastries. Use these Candied Violets to decorate and garnish your foods. Expert tip, try some … Continue reading

Konstruktor SLR Camera Kit

Konstruktor SLR Camera Kit As photography fans, we geek out over new equipment. Especially fun photography projects. This build-it-yourself 35mm SLR is right up our alley. It’s the Konstruktor, and it looks amazing. Just put it together, and pop in some 35mm film. At around $35 it’s a must buy for all photography lovers.

J.L. Lawson Co. Respect Bottle Opener

J.L. Lawson Co. Respect Bottle Opener Limited to 212, this amazing looking minimal bottle opener will stand out amongst your standard fare bottle openers. J.L. Lawson Co. calls this bottle opener “respect”, and that name is fitting. Crafted from hand rolled steel, with a paracord hang. The black patina finish just looks amazing, from the moment you … Continue reading

You Might Be a Zombie

You Might Be a Zombie You Might Be A Zombie and Other Bad News from the writers of is more than just an eye catching tag line for this book. You’ll find some shocking but utterly true facts. For example a Zombie breakout is possible, 50% of humans are infected with a parasite that … Continue reading

Rules for My Unborn Son

Rules for My Unborn Son ‘Rules for My Unborn Son’ is a collection of anecdotes that are both humorous and traditional in nature. With cultured fatherly advises for boys, this book contains practical suggestions and “definite” hangover cures. Inside you’ll find quotations that are sure to become famous words of wisdom. You will find that … Continue reading

Confederate Motorcycles C3 X 132 HELLCAT

C3 X132 HELLCAT Confederate Motorcycles have a motto, it’s simply Tough, Lean, Fast and True. We can’t argue with that kind of philosophy. You can really tell that the people behind these Motorcycles have really dedicated themselves to creating the best possible motorcycles. As you can see, the C3 X 132 Hellcat is a work … Continue reading

Vans OTW Woessner

Vans OTW Woessner Vans continues to evolve with its latest release; the Off The Wall Woessner. We think that the charcoal grey wool pair is the way to go. The styling is outstanding, and with its black piping and white sole Vans has truly shown that simplicity can also be very elegant. This pair of … Continue reading

Vox amPlug Classic Rock Guitar Headphone Amp

Vox Headphone Amp This is the perfect accessory and a great gift idea for all guitar players. The Vox amPlug Classic Rock Guitar Headphone Amp plugs right into your guitar, then all you have to do is just plug in a pair of headphones into your Vox amPlug. Once you do that you will be … Continue reading

MINT Furniture Screw Stool

MINT Furniture Screw Stool Latvian furniture design firm MINT creates simple functional pieces for your home. MINT calls it light living, the idea to have simplistic furniture that is logical and easily fits with your decor. We think that the MINT Furniture Screw Stool holds all of those virtues, not only is it beautifully designed … Continue reading

Timberland Tackhead Winter 8-Inch Boot

Timberland Tackhead Winter 8-Inch Boot These boots look amazing. In the last few years Timberland has really re-invented themselves and this Tackhead Winter 8-Inch Boot is a testament to what this great footwear manufacturer can create. We love the worn styling, it’s such a stunning look. Since it’s a Timberland you know that quality is … Continue reading

Dr. Martens Pendleton Boot

Dr. Martens Pendleton Boot Dr. Martens and Pendleton. What’s not to love. Boots from this collection look amazing. We love the air cushion soles that Mr. Martens made famous and Pendleton adds that iconic Pendleton pattern. Dr. Martens and Pendleton have also teamed up to make Oxfords, pick up a pair. Just $200.

44 Caliber Pistol Ring

44 Caliber Pistol Ring We keep the man jewelry to a minimum. However,  this ring is pretty badass. It’s a 44 Caliber Pistol Ring, and it just looks amazing. It’s made from black sterling silver. This ring was carved, cast and finished to be an exact replica of a 44 caliber chamber. Crafted in NYC, $140 … Continue reading


DQM CREWNECK Check out this dope sweatshirt by DQM. It’s the “Eat Here” Crewneck Sweatshirt in black. We are big fans of Crewnecks. We think that all men should have a few, and this one is fire. We love and support all the great NYC brands and DQM is always on top of their game. … Continue reading

KARVT MacBook Skin

KARVT MacBook Skin The first time that we saw a MacBook with a KARVT Skin, we could not stop looking at it. It really is stunning. KARVT uses real wood that not only adds pop to your MacBook, but more importantly it adds security. As you know MacBooks laptops are not cheap, so anything that … Continue reading

Gerber Pocket Knife

Gerber Pocket Knife At times you need a pocket knife, but you don’t want to bother with big bulky knives or a cheap box cutter that’s going to break when you most need it. Gerber has you covered, this Gerber pocket knife takes standard replacement utility blades. So it will always be sharp. Made from stainless … Continue reading

Red Wing Tan Suede Round Toe Work Boot

Red Wing Work Boot Red Wing Boots have legendary status among boot lovers. The American company is known for it’s relentless attention to details and unquestionable quality and timeless styling. These Red Wing Tan Suede Round Toe Work Boots continue this tradition. This classic work boot is rugged and undeniably attractive. They will look great … Continue reading

Where The Wild Things Are T-Shirt

Where The Wild Things Are T-Shirt Who’s not a fan of “Where The Wild Things Are”? Well we certainly are. The story, is so much more than  a childern’s tale, and that’s why so many adults still remember this story so fondly. It lets us run wild with our imaginations. If you are a fan, … Continue reading


ZOMBIES Zombies never hangout by themselves. So these plastic toy Zombies come in a pack of 100. Perfect for spicing up your bland cubicle or creating post-apocalyptic scenes around the office. You can also just use them as game pieces. We dig the almost Thriller Zombie pose. Just $10 for a bag of 100 Zombies.

Sonic Youth T-shirt

Sonic Youth T-shirt You gotta love the band Sonic Youth. Pioneers in music ranging from “No Wave”, “Punk” and 90′s “Alternative”, they have influenced musicians and fans for decades. This T-shirt features the critically acclaimed Sonic Youth album cover to “Goo”.  Keep it simple, just rock it with a pair of dark denim, and a pair … Continue reading

Life (Audible Audio Edition) Read by Johnny Depp

Life by Keith Richards Keith Richards is a Rock living legend, he has lived the life that is unimaginable for the average person to understand. His autobiography “Life” became one of the most anticipated books. Keith depicts his early life obsessing over Chuck Berry, his rise to fame with the Rolling Stones, fallouts, love affairs, … Continue reading

BossMate HandyMate Work Bench

BossMate Work Bench Workbench? Who needs a work bench?! Well, I bet time will come when you need a workbench. BossMate has you covered, this workbench is portable, compact, strong and looks great. But what about those times that you don’t need it as a workbench. Luck for you, it doubles as a sitting bench. … Continue reading

Incase MacBook Protective Sleeve Deluxe

MacBook Incase Sleeve Incase seems to have the golden touch, just about everything that they make is pretty impressive. Here we have the MacBook Protective Sleeve Deluxe. These protective sleeves are really nice, you’ll notice the quality build immediately. It features a faux-leather casing that is form fitting, offering complete protection to your MacBook. We … Continue reading

Tempo Clock Designed by Naoto Fukasawa

Tempo Clock Designed by Naoto Fukasawa What comes to mind, when you think of Wall Clocks? Pretty much, boring. Well what do you get when Naoto Fukasawa, famed Japanese Industrial Designer? You get a minimal, functional piece of art. The Tempo Clock Designed by Naoto Fukasawa is such a winner. The design is simple, the … Continue reading


BERNHARD WILLHELM X CAMPER TOGETHER HIKING SHOE Crafted in Spain, this wildly different combination of a hi-top and hiking shoe is sure to standout. The Bernhard Willhelm x Camper Together Hiking Shoe is made from suede, nylon mesh, and reenforced rubber, coming all together to make an incredibly amazing shoe. We especially like this particular colorway … Continue reading


PAUL SMITH BURNISHED LEATHER CARD HOLDER Rich, aged leather and a slim style that won’t feel heavy in your pocket. We introduce you to the Paul Smith Burnished Leather Card Holder. Featuring embossed details, a receipt sleeve and 4 card slots. At $160, this Spanish-made, hand burnished beauty can be yours.

Moog Filatron iPhone App

Moog iPhone App This app is pretty amazing, especially for lovers of the legendary analog Moog synthesizers and the growing list of serious mobile app musicians. The Moog Filatron App is a digital recording and effects-processing app. You can pull from several sound sources and apply real-time effects, you” be able to apply some great … Continue reading

BOOM Urchin Bluetooth Speaker

BOOM Urchin Bluetooth Speaker The 4th is coming up, and that means hitting the beach, lake, park and backyard. All that equals to partying, and partying means music. BOOM has the music covered,with its Urchin Bluetooth Speaker. This little Bluetooth speaker is built to take spills, knocks, and bumps. All while looking great, and sounding … Continue reading

Korres Saffron, Amber, Agarwood, Cardamom Fragrance

Korres Fragrances In search of a timeless, unique fragrance? We have just what you need. Korres Saffron, Amber, Agarwood, Cardamom Fragrance. The name may be somewhat hard to remember. However we are sure that masculine scent will be unforgettable. Korres features Saffron from Kozani in northern Greece which is known near and far as the world’s finest … Continue reading

YMC Blue Chambray Work Shirt

YMC Blue Chambray Work Shirt The blue chambray shirt is the classic American Work Shirt. YMC has an updated Blue Chambray Work Shirt that builds of the legacy of this blue collar classic. We love the idea of having a pen pocket and a back button on the collar. If you are looking for a … Continue reading

Soundfreaq SFQ-01R Sound Platform Bluetooth Audio System

Soundfreaq Bluetooth Audio System We’ve all seen great looking and sounding iOS docks. Which completely suck, if you own a different MP3 player, mobile phone, or tablet. Well, listen up, because this Soundfreaq SFQ-01R Sound Platform Bluetooth Audio System is for you. Not only does this system look amazing, especially this red and black model, but it sounds great. … Continue reading

Oliver Spencer Olis Jean Grey Cord

Grey Cords It’s fall, that means that it’s the time of year to start rocking your Corduroy. This pair of Oliver Spencer Oils Jean Grey Cord is just what you need. They are a 5 pocket straight fitting jean styled made in the UK. Oliver Spencer known as “Oli” is a self made man, the … Continue reading

SONOS Wireless Speaker

SONOS Wireless Speaker SONOS has been the leader in HIFI wireless speakers for years now. SONOS Wireless Speakers are compact, designed beautifully and just sound amazing. Since you pair them with your WIFI you can stream online radio streaming services like like Pandora at the highest quality.  Since all Bluetooth speakers have to compress audio, … Continue reading


UNDFTD X NEW BALANCE 574 Undefeated and New Balance have teamed up to create this Limited Edition Sonic 574. Inspired by a retro 80s sweatshirt, this sneaker has a great looking fleece outer shell. We love how the Varsity Red, White and Blue “N” stands out against the heather grey fleece. So if you are … Continue reading


DQM CHIMAYO CAMP CAP Five panel caps? Hell’s yeah, bring them on. We’ve always been a fan. Not to mention DQM, this particular DQM Chimayo Camp Cap is pretty dope. We especially love this black and royal colorware. Drop the $42 for this cap. It’s Made in the USA, and available in a bunch of colors.

Tucci Nylon and Leather Luggage Bag

Tucci Luggage Bag Gone are the days of traveling with hard, bulky bags. They would add stress to your travel plans, and took up too much space. So light weight travel bags became superior. Here we have a great bag by Tucci. It’s made beautifully from durable Nylon and the finest Tuscan Leather, and has a … Continue reading

Kodiak Cakes Frontier Flapjack & Waffle Mix

Kodiak Cakes It’s autumn and to us the perfect cool weather breakfast is a tall stack of flapjacks. Lucky for everyone we can buy some pretty amazing pancake mix from Kodiak Cakes. This mix is made with 100% whole grains and all natural ingredients with no sugar or added fat. All you have to do … Continue reading


LUIS MORAIS  EBONY AND BLACK GOLD SKULL BRACELET This Luis Morais Ebony and Black Gold Skull Bracelet is made from black ebony beads and adorned with one skull shaped bead in the middle. This is a very simple accessory that will compliment almost any look. It’s also very masculine, so you don’t have to worry … Continue reading

Gentlemen of Bacongo

Gentlemen of Bacongo Learn about the “Sapeurs” in this style-injected book about a society of gentlemen in the Congo. Beauty, harmony, elegance, and  honor rule in the society of Sapeurs and their codes are taken very seriously. Step inside the world of the Gentlemen of Bacongo and enter one of the most exclusive clubs in … Continue reading

Moleskin Celebrates The 30th Anniverasry of Pac-Man With Notebook

Moleskin Pac-Man Moleskin is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man with a special limited edition collection. We are particularly feeling the Moleskine Pac-Man Large Plain Notebook. It’s a 5 x 8.25 notebook in yellow. We love that 80′s arcade video game screen of Pac-Man featuring 30 lives. Inside you’ll find some of the history behind … Continue reading

Tobacco Wet Shave Soap

Tobacco Shave Soap We all know that in order to get a perfect shave you need to lubricate. However how many of us really take the time to do this. Most of us just go straight to the shaving cream and hope that we wont need stitches after our speed shaving session. This Tobacco Wet … Continue reading

Working Class Foodies Cookbook

Working Class Foodies Cookbook We’ve been fans of the video series Working Class Foodies for a few years now. So we knew that this cookbook was going to be good. The Working Class Foodies Cookbook is filled with 100 seasonal and organic recipes. Best of all, these recipes will cost you under $8. Ditch the … Continue reading

Incase Alloy Backpack

Incase Alloy Backpack We’ve always been huge fans of Incase. From iPhone Cases, to every type of backpack that you can image. They are always manufactured with the highest of standards, and Incase always makes utility and style a focal point. The Incase Alloy Backpack is no different, it looks amazing. Best of all, you’ll know … Continue reading

Bvlgari AQVA Pour Homme

Bvlgari AQVA This is truly an aquatic scent. Bvlgari has uses posidionia in AQVA Pour Homme.  A plant found deep in the ocean. The scent is clean and refreshing. It’s really a perfect everyday cologne. You can easily wear it to the office as you can to a night out. It also seems to go … Continue reading

Minimal Pendant Light

Minimal Pendant Light One fast surefire way to change the mood of a room is with lighting. You don’t want to go nuts with it, so this Minimal Pendant Light is perfect. This pendant light looks great in a living room, kitchen, dinning room or office. Since you can adjust the length of this pendant … Continue reading

Wood & Faulk Short Key Strap

Wood & Faulk Short Key Strap As a guy, carrying your keys is often an afterthought. Sometimes even a chore. The best thing to do is to keep it simple. Forget about Keychains with sand from Florida, or the sort.  Wood & Faulk have your back here, it’s a short key strap. You’ll keep your … Continue reading

Torch Large Wood Flashlight

The Modern Man’s Torch No need to hide this flashlight in your tool drawer, the Beech wood Torch Large Flashlight by Jonas Damon shines bright in function and deign. Powered by 5 AA batteries the LED light bulb will keep shining, and with its eco-friendly wooden deign, this flashlight will not only last you much … Continue reading

Big Case Swiss Railway Watch

Big Case Swiss Railway Watch Modeled after an icon, the Big Case Swiss Railway Watch mimics the style of Hans Hilfiker’s famous clock design. The Swiss engineer created the timepiece in the 1940′s, donning the clock with it’s signature red second hand. This watch is a nod to the famous design that keeps everything moving … Continue reading

Horsehide Leather Jacket Engineered Garments X Golden Bear

Horsehide Leather Jacket Engineered Garments X Golden Bear When it comes to leather jackets, make sure that you pick a timeless style. You don’t want to go with something that will be out of style by the time you leave the store. That’s why you can’t go wrong with this brown horsehide leather jacket. It’s … Continue reading

Russell Cheddar Pocket Wallet

Russell Cheddar Pocket Wallet Cheddar Pocket the Australian firm, is taking on the mission to re-claim the lost art of mens accessories. We think that they are doing a great job with the Russell. Its a slim pocket wallet with 2 card slots on each side. You’ll use the middle pocket to store your money. Like all other … Continue reading

AUVIO Bluetooth Speaker

AUVIO Bluetooth Speaker Looking to surprise dad with something that he’ll actually like this Fathers Day? You know that he already likes music, but his favorite band stopped making new music years ago. Plus, how many greatest hits albums can you actually buy him? Get him a Bluetooth wireless speaker instead. This AUVIO PBT1000 looks and sounds … Continue reading

Jack Spade Waxwear Soft Duffle Bag

Waxwear Duffle Bag Summer weekend get-aways are a great way to let loose of some steam. This Jack Spade Waxwear Soft Duffle will carry all of your necessities in style. This duffle bag is specially treated with paraffin to create a protective layer that is stronger than your typical canvas. The leather handels really add a … Continue reading

Fred Perry Gingham Check Tie

Gingham Check Tie Need to add a little extra “pop” to a boring outfit? This Gingham Check Tie from Fred Perry has got you covered. This tie is constructed from classic cotton gingham fabric in a navy and white combination, but the style and cut of the tie sets it apart from the rest. This … Continue reading

I Need Some Fucking Groceries Bag

I need some fucking groceries bag This 100% cotton canvas bag is everything that an environmentally conscious man needs to head to the local grocery store. This bag is durable and large enough to carry all the food that your stomach can handle. Machine washable? Check. Extra long handles? Check. Crude phrase written on the side … Continue reading

iHome iP4 iPod Dock

iHome iP4 iPod Dock Wow this boombox is pretty dope! iHome has pretty much hit a homerun with the iP4 Portable FM Stereo Boombox for iPhone/iPod. Damn… that was a mouthful. But seriously this iPod dock looks amazing, just look at the rubberized construction and elegant minimal industrial design. We love it… and I’m sure … Continue reading

Ninja Knife Magnets

Ninja Knife Magnets A true ninja knows all about the art of illusion. Ninja Knife Magnets will have your friends thinking you’ve been practicing your knife throwing skills. And judging by how dead on you stuck that note to the fridge, we’re guessing they won’t think twice about messing with your food! For just $16, … Continue reading

How to Stay Alive in the Woods

How to Stay Alive in the Woods Being in a city is great… but sometimes you need to pay mother nature a visit. Central Park doesn’t really cut it, but us city folk aren’t going to turn into Bear Grylls over night. We need some quick to the point wilderness survival tactics. That’s why How to … Continue reading

Garmsville 3 Double D Belt

Garmsville 3 Double D Belt Why change your shoes to match your belt when you can change your belt to match your mood? The Garmsville 3 Double D Belt comes with three interchangeable D belt buckles in red, yellow or blue so you can change your look with one easy switch of a buckle. The cotton … Continue reading

The Starboard Silk Tie

The Starboard Silk Tie Knit ties have become the trend, but silk neck ties are the future. The most luxurious knit tie around, The Starboard Silk Tie appeals to a refined man who’s up on the latest styles. For our casual friends, we recommend pairing with khakis. For those a bit more dark and debonair, we … Continue reading

Filson Rugged Twill Log Carrier

Filson Log Carrier Chopping wood is just one of those few things that all men consider a manly act. So you can’t just settle for a wimpy log carrier. Luckily the people at Filson have a very rugged outdoors collection. This log carrier is made from a heavy duty, rugged twill. With leather handels that … Continue reading

Smith + Butler Vintage Toy Tin Motorcycle

Tin Is In These tiny vintage tin motorcycles from Smith & Butler are a blast from the past. Beautiful colors, precise details and functioning wheels make these little vehicles more then toys, they’re collectibles. Put them on a mantle or bookshelf to add some retro flair to any home. Perfect for a collector or hobbiest … Continue reading

Crosley CR40 Mini-Turntable

Crosley CR40 Mini-Turntable (Red) Crosley CR40 Mini-Turntable is the perfect way to release your inner DJ-in your own apartment. This table plays 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records and has a set of full range speakers. It is the same design, sound, and functionality of the much larger Crosley Turntables, but in a much … Continue reading

Plumen Light Bulb

Plumen Light Bulb Why hide your light? The new PLUMEN 001 designer light bulb is not only energy efficient but a great way to turn a boring lamp or overhead light into a glowing art piece. This bulb can fit into any standard screw of bayonet fitting and shines a soft white light, lasting up … Continue reading

Red Wing Footwear

Perfect: Red Wing Moc Toe Boots Red Wing Boots are a classic! You just can’t mess this up. We love the 6 inch Moc Toe, you’ll love how great these boots will feel. Especially after you’ve broke them in. They are skillfully crafted and tough as nails. You also can’t ignore the Goodyear welt soles, … Continue reading

Adidas Busenitz Pro

Adidas Busenitz Pro Styles come and go, but these Adidas Busenitz Pro sneakers are here to stay. We really dig this all white with contrast stitching and white gum sole colorway. Since they are part of the Adidas skating line, these sneakers are sure to outlast your standard pair. At around $80, what’s not to love. … Continue reading

Coca-Cola Coke Can Glass

Coca-Cola Coke Can Glass Okay, so we’ve all seen those classic coke glasses. But have you even seen these Coca-Cola Coke Can Glasses? I bet not. Even if you are not a cola drinker, you won’t be able to deny the pure coolness of these glasses. These great looking glasses feature the coke signature script embossed across … Continue reading

Elbow Dining Side Chair

Elbow Dining Side Chair Sick and tired of those flat box chairs that you got a while back? Get an instant timeless update with this Hans Wegner Style Elbow Dining Side Chair. Perfect for the dining room, kitchen, living room even in a bedroom. This Hans Wegner Style Elbow Dining Side Chair has all of those mid-century styling that … Continue reading

Toshiba Canvio for Mac

Toshiba Canvio for Mac Here is an extraordinary little external hard drive for your Mac. It’s the Toshiba Canvio for Mac. You’ll find it available in 500GB, 750GB, or 1TB. It comes with a special backup utility made specifically for you to use with your Mac. One of the features that we love is it’s … Continue reading


THE DROVERS DOG DEUS AUSTRALIA We love custom motorcycles, especially bringing back to life an old cafe-racer. That’s what the guys at Deus Customs, in Australia did with this Drovers Dog motorcycle. It’s built from a 500cc Yamaha SR400, and it looks amazing. This bike is stripped down to it’s bare essentials, and if surfing is part of … Continue reading

Shawl Collar Sweaters Are The Way To Go

This gray Eight Mile sweater from Cash Crop has a great shawl collar to protect your neck from cold. It has the classic single button on the shawl collar, and 2 front pockets that come in handy. This sweater also has tonal patches on its elbows of both and we like the fact that the … Continue reading

Casio Solar Sports Watch

Casio Solar Sports Watch Everyone has own a Casio watch. They  are cool as can be, look fantastic and for the most part, affordable. We all probably have a goto special occasion formal watch (or at least have one in mind). But you’ll look like a douche or at best out of place wearing a … Continue reading


AKG K271MKII These Circumaural Headphones deliver hi-fi stereo quality at a professional level. They feature self-adjusting head bands to insure that the headphone sit comfortably on your head, they feature patented Varimotion speakers that consistently deliver an experience of high sound quality. These headphone have a high noise shrinking feature that create a clear and … Continue reading

RACER F1 by Playsam

For Kids of All Ages The Racer F1 by Playsam will bring out your inner child for sure. It is a wooden race car with a high-luster exterior and a unique body design. It is painted in black and red, and appropriate for ages 3 and up, it’s a great example of modern Scandinavian toy design. At … Continue reading

Marshall Audio Headphones

Marshall Audio Headphones Marshall is point-blank a legendary name in the music business. In the last few years Marshall has been releasing audio equipment for the music listener… And all of it has been amazing. Just looking at these Marshall Audio Headphones you get a sense that it’s going to sound amazing. You would be right. … Continue reading

Mount Gay 1703 Old Cask Selection Rum

Mount Gay 1703 Old Cask Selection Rum Just from one look you can tell that this is a very special limited release rum. It’s a blend of finest Mount Gay Rums, ranging from ten to thirty years of age that have been aged in caskets that had once been used for bourbon. It’s taste has … Continue reading

Roeland Otten ABC Chairs

ABC Chairs Dutch designer Roeland Otten has created some unique looking chairs, 26 of them to be precise. His ABC Chairs look amazing and would be a great design element for anyone looking to add seating in their homes or office with a unique twist. Right now he’s manufacturing these chairs himself, so if you … Continue reading

Vintage Regiment Jacket

Vintage Regiment Jacket Military wear has always been popular. Not only are they functional, but they look great. This Vintage Regiment Jacket by Surplus Raw has all the right details. It’s lightweight and can even be worn when the temperature drops, since it has a detachable faux fur lining. The Vintage Regiment Jacket comes in three … Continue reading

Get Clean and Go for The Gold

Sport Soap Set These soaps are true winners. The Sport Soap Set not only keeps you clean with three natural, fragrance-free bar soaps but they also look great in the package, with vintage fitness diagrams and each bar etched with the word “Bronze”,  “Silver” or “Gold”. Made with organic oatmeal, olive oil, cocoa butter, shea … Continue reading

Best Made: Seamless & Steadfast Enamel Steel Cups

Ballin’ Enamel Steel Cups These steel cups look phenomenal… but what else would you expect from Best Made? These Best Made Seamless & Steadfast Enamel Steel Cups are made at a 100 year old factory in Poland. Using WW II era machinery… you can’t overlook the craftsmanship that went into the design of these steel … Continue reading

PhoneKerchief Cell Phone Signal Blocking Handkerchief

PhoneKerchief Now this is pretty interesting. It’s a handkerchief made out of silver fibers, that actually blocks your cell phone from receiving a signal. You are suppose to use it while on a dinner date, so that your date can see the embroidered “My Phone Is Off For You”. In our opinion, if your date … Continue reading

Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Boot

Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Boot Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Boot will help you do just that. This boot was originally inspired by the boots worn by British officers during World War II. This very appealing boot is made from leather and soft suede with a crepe sole. It comes in a wide array of colors, … Continue reading

Wentworth Pewter Flask

Wentworth Pewter Flask All flasks are not created equal. The Wentworth Pewter Flask proves that fact with its handcrafted quality and 3 seals of authenticity. Pewter is the original flask material of choice and sets this flask apart from its stainless steel counterparts. Wentworth pewter products have been manufactured since 1949 so you know they’re … Continue reading

Hixsept Chose Shorts

Choose These Chose Shorts These HIXSEPT Chose shorts may just be the only dressy shorts that you need to purchase. They are made of a very comfortable chambray fabric and in a light blue color that almost resembles your favorite denim. These shorts come complete with pockets, a belt lining, and an overall chino fit. … Continue reading


Your Money is Out of This World This Astronomy Billfold wallet from Hlaska is truly a wallet from another planet. It is made from full grain Italian leather that is 100% vegetable dyed with an Italian cotton lining. It is then made complete with lase cut stars on the front and back which made up … Continue reading


StacheBook Ostrich skin iPad cover?!? Well that got our attention. It’s the StacheBook by Stache & Hyde. Yes, you stash and hide your iPad in it. This iPad cover looks great, and it’s concealed inside, to what most would think is a hardcover book. Right now the StacheBook is available in four different flavors, our favorite is … Continue reading

The Biography of Roald Dahl

The Biography of Roald Dahl Roald Dahl has played an extraordinary role in children’s books and movies for many past generations, and many more to come. The master behind classics such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Witches, and James and the Giant Peach has had a life that can truly match the intensity … Continue reading

Opteka SteadyVid

Opteka SteadyVid Professional high end video is easy to come by, thanks to the video shooting capabilities of the modern DSLR camera. Since they cameras are so small and light weight, it’s really easy to get not so perfect jerky videos. Your solution is the Opteka SteadyVid. You’ll be able to shoot smooth video with … Continue reading

Baxter of California Daily Protein Shampoo

Baxter of California Daily Protein Shampoo Guys, that over-perfumed shampoo you’re using is not a good look. The Baxter of California Daily Protein Shampoo gently removes dirt and oils with an enriched protein formula that aids in hair strength and body. Graduate your shampoo style from cologne to clean. The protein clean your hair needs for … Continue reading

Grizzly Bear Bottle Opener

Grizzly Bear Bottle Opener Keeping losing that bottle opener? Just grab yourself a wall mount Grizzly Bear Bottle Opener. Made from cast iron, this bottle opener won’t get lost, and will look great on the wall of your man cave. Right at about $10, go ahead and buy two Grizzly Bear Bottle Openers.


THE DJ STAND One of the sweetest DJ stands that we’ve seen. The DJ Stand holds two turntables, mixer and has room for your laptop setup, it’s all housed a stunning minimally designed DJ Stand. This DJ Stand won’t improve your mixing skills, but guarantees that you will look good behind the ones and twos. At … Continue reading

Nike Bruin Vintage Sneaker

Nike Bruin Vintage Sneaker Iconic kicks are what we have here. Has has been cool from the start, and these Bruin Vintage Sneakers fit right in line with that. Made from premium suede leather, so they will be sure to last. We especially love this particular colorware. If you are in need of a great … Continue reading

Arkän Minimalist Wallet

Arkän Minimalist Wallet We’ve always been fans of leather accessories, and indie brands. So when we saw the Arkän Minimalist Wallet from VonVantage it got our attention right away. This handmade, from Italian leather wallet is just damn sexy. The contrast stitching adds the perfect amount of low-key luxury. Being minimalist, this wallet is a just … Continue reading


Start Monkeying Around You’re never too old to play with toys, especially when the toy’s chic design easily passes as a quirky tabletop accessory. Hanno The Gorilla designed by David Weeks and named after the Greek navigator who discovered the beast 2,500 years ago, is made from sustainably harvested new growth beech wood and can … Continue reading

The Hungover Cookbook

The Hungover Cookbook This is not just a cookbook – it’s a hangover CURE. The Hungover Cookbook lets you know what kind of hangover you have and how you can get started on the path to recovery. Accompanying these recipes are mind games, graphic jokes, insights into hangover science, and more. Do you like this post? … Continue reading

Wash With Joe Body Wash

Wash With Joe Body Wash Not your average body wash! Wash With Joe Body Wash keeps you clean with a blend of coffee and mint that’s refreshing and invigorating. While coffee works as a deodorizer, the peppermint essential oils leave you feeling fresh and cool. An all natural wash for the average joe. So fresh … Continue reading

The Houses of Greenwich Village

The Houses of Greenwich Village Author Kevin D. Murphy and photographer Paul Rocheleau have put together an outstanding book entitled, The Houses of Greenwich Village that delves into the history and architecture of one of the most renowned Manhattan neighborhoods. This book takes you on a journey through eighteen houses and two gardens-both quite remarkable. … Continue reading


Modern Storage This Erling Torvits for Klim Moblefabrik Rosewood Sideboard or a modern twist on classic storage. This piece can easily stand along, though it is created as part of a set. It has many modern details such as the metal legs and hand carved handles. The depth is also smaller than most pieces, which … Continue reading

Travelon Laundry Soap Sheets

Travelon Laundry Soap Sheets It can be such a hassle to have to lug all of your laundry washing gear to the laundry mat, especially when you have neglected this tasks for weeks. These  Laundry Soap Sheet by Travelon have answered all of your problems! They are biodegradable, dissolve in water, and come in a … Continue reading

Vitra DKR Chair

Vitra DKR Chair It’s hard to believe that this chair was designed in 1951. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this Vitra DKR Chair will become the element that you have been looking for to add style to your décor. Not only does it come in many different colors, but the intricate modern … Continue reading


JAMIS BICYCLES Sonik Powerful and race-ready, the Sonik by Jamis Bicycles is the bike you need for speed. Made for the velodrome, the Sonik has a double-butted aero aluminum tubeset and a tall-but-manageable 81-inch gear and deep-drop handlebar. Sleek design and high-end functionality you need to win the race. The real-world racer you’ve been dreaming of for $1200.

Ringleader Belt

Ringleader Belt In order to avoid any occurrences that were mentioned in this one hit wonder, we introduce you to the Ringleader Belt by Nau. This is an upgraded version from your more traditional D-ring belts. Since the brand, Nau, is very environmentally conscious, the belt buckle is made from recycled aluminum and the belt … Continue reading

The Samurai Trilogy

The Samurai Trilogy Generally considered a masterpiece in storytelling and cinematography. The Samurai Trilogy, directed by Hiroshi Inagaki has influenced countless filmmakers. Most notably George Lucas and American Westerns. This special Criterion Collection set includes, high definition digital restorations of all three films. Interviews with historian William Scott Wilson, and a special edition booklet. A must … Continue reading

Uncle Bill’s Sliver Gripper

Uncle Bill’s Sliver Gripper “Tweezers designed by an industrial machinist from Hartford, not a cosmetician from Long Island.” Well, I’m sold! If splinters are you arch nemesis, then Uncle Bill’s Sliver Gripper is your new best friend. Made in Hartford, CT, these tweezers are a handy tool you can store in your toolbox, glove compartment, … Continue reading

Elizabeth Street Shaving Cream

Elizabeth Street Shaving Cream This moisturizing shave has a blend of herbs and spices that not only smell amazing, but contribute to a close and comfortable shave. The Elizabeth Street Shaving Cream includes the essence of basil, rosemary, verbena, cinnamon, fir, patchouli and more. Use with or without a brush for an invigorating shave every … Continue reading

TRIG iPad Case

Trig iPad Case SwitchEasy makers of the Trig iPad Case has done an incredible job. This stunning case serves two proposes. It protects your iPad, also well as offering you a viewing stand. The case has reinforced panels, creating a touch protective enclosure. On the inside you will find an ultra soft  lining, allowing for easy sliding. SitchEasy … Continue reading

Wacom Bamboo Stylus for iPad

Wacom Bamboo Stylus for iPad Have you seen all of new drawing iPad apps? Most of their demo videos feature an awesome stylus. It’s the Wacom Bamboo Stylus for iPad. Now, many people are going to say, “well, the great thing about the iPad… is the touch interface”. True, but with so many new apps … Continue reading

Native Union SWITCH Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Native Union SWITCH Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Looking for a Bluetooth wireless speaker? Well Native Union has what you are looking for. It’s the SWITCH, but it’s so much more than a great sounding, stylish, minimally designed Bluetooth speaker. With noise reduction technology, you can also use it to make conference calls with your phone. It also works with … Continue reading

Timberland Earthkeeper Moccasin Toe Boot

Timberland Earthkeeper Moccasin Toe Boot Authentic, waterproof boots since 1973, Timberland brings the ultimate boot game. Featuring a recycled GreenRubber sole, anti-fatigue footbed, and recycled mesh lining. The Earthkeeper Moccasin Toe Boot is eco-friendly, extremely comfortable, and totally trendy. Timbs for the modern man at $190.  

Capalina Helmet

Capalina Helmet The capalina helmet has truly covered all the bases by including everything that you could possibly want from a ski or snowboarding helmet. Not only does it include all of the standard specifics of helmetwear, but some unusual details as well. It includes a custom air system that carries the perfect amount of … Continue reading

Agelio Batle Graphite Pencil Antler

Graphite Pencil Antler San Francisco based artist Agelio Batle creates an amazing piece of art that also doubles as a pencil. This Graphite Pencil is in the shape of an Antler, and is designed to not smudge on your hands. This Antler is handcrafted from 100% solid graphite. Without a doubt it is completely unique, … Continue reading

Typography Sketchbooks

Typography Sketchbooks All design nerds, have a favorite font, color or design element. So this book should be considered “Design Porn”.  Typography Sketchbooks is a similar to looking at a graffiti book, when graffiti writers would obsess over the top writers sketch books. The difference here, is that we are looking at the design sketch books of … Continue reading

Riviera Club Varsity Jacket

Riviera Club Varsity Jacket We completely love this minimal interpretation of a varsity jacket. Riviera Club completely hit a home run with it’s Varsity Jacket. This navy color combination is classic, and just works. You’ll easily be able to rock this jacket with a pair of jeans or switch it up your weekend khakis. At … Continue reading

Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones Don’t water down your favorite Whiskey by dropping in some ice cubes. Just pop in a few of these bad boys. They are Whiskey Stones that you have in the freezer. They’ll keep your favorite spirit cool without any of the dilution that comes from using ice. Just be sure to clean them out … Continue reading

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

Oh Suki Suki Now A face as smooth as silk is now at arm’s reach. Suki Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser is the grooming man’s answer to even and polished looking skin. This award-winning cleanser will unclog pores, exfoliate dead skin cells, and smooth away dryness for flawless skin every time. Pick it up at Urban Cargo, you’ll … Continue reading

Things Come Apart

Things Come Apart If you are a fan of design and photography. Then, Things Come Apart is the book  for you. Photographer Todd McLellan beautifuly layouts the innards of mechanical and electronic objects. From a grand piano, to an iPad. The photos are hypnotic, you’ll also find essays about reverse engineering and tear downs. Things Come Apart … Continue reading

Topo Light Daypack

Topo Light Daypack Riding your bike, commuting to work, taking a brisk hike – you need a light weight backpack that works for you. The Topo Light Daypack is a small, water-resistant pack for every day use. Featuring an inner organizer and laptop sleeve as well as leather lash tabs and heavy duty plastic hardware. For $79, … Continue reading

Kicktionary iPhone App

Kicktionary iPhone App Any Sneakerhead who has an iPhone needs to immediately download the Kicktionary app. This app has everything to feed your sneaker OCD. Moreover, you also get regular updates about newest sneaker drops. You’ll be drainign you iPhone battery drooling over the massive collection of photos of these collection worthy sneakers, you’ll also … Continue reading

Manage Your Day-to-Day

Manage Your Day-to-Day Just because you are busy, doesn’t mean that you are being productive. Manage Your Day-to-Day is the book that you need to focus all of your wasted energy, and create productive habits. Manage Your Day-to-Day has contributions from 20 leading creative minds, and was put together by the 99U team at Behance. Behance is … Continue reading

Lab Series Skincare for Men

Skincare for Men Every guy deals with this issue at some point, but don’t worry; Lab Series Skincare is here to help. This brand works specifically to resolve men’s skincare issues, so you don’t have to steal your girlfriend’s moisturizer anymore. Lab Series Instant Moisture Gel is to be applied to your skin on a … Continue reading

Y-3 Sporty Jacket

Y-3 Sporty Jacket The Y-3 Sporty Jacket will surely protect you from whatever weather conditions you are planning on enduring. It is lightweight and smooth, and comes complete with a hood and mesh lining. It is offered in two standout colors, bright blue and jet back. One is sure to strike your fancy. At $425, … Continue reading

Best Made Standard Tee

You can be sure that if it’s Best Made… It’s the best. So when we saw first saw the Best Made Standard Tee. We automatically knew this would become your favorite go-to T-shirt. Made from a classic heather gray Raglan cut, you’ll easily stand out from the gaudy sea of graphic tees. At $38, this tee … Continue reading

Heritage Pocket Phone Case

Heritage Pocket Phone Case The signature combination of wool and leather is what makes these products one of a kind. The Heritage Pocket Phone Case by Hard Graft features a premium blend, wool case with a high quality, vegetable-tanned leather pocket. Store your phone, cards, and cash in one convenient, hand-crafted case. Tech-accessories, meet your … Continue reading

AXE Hold + Touch Hair Styling Product

AXE Hold + Touch Kicking Arse and taking names… well maybe it’s getting numbers. Whatever you’ll be doing, you’ll know that your hair will be looking amazing and girls won’t be able to resist running their fingers through your hair. AXE has been using a gentle scent for their hair products… we love it. It’s not overpowering at all, … Continue reading

Blue Microphones Spark Digital

Blue Microphones Spark Digital Blue Microphones, in one word… IMPRESSIVE. When we tested out the Blue Microphones Spark Digital Apple iPad or USB powered mic. We immediately  knew that it was going to be something special. From its build quality, design aesthetics, and zero-latency monitoring this mic just kept impressing. You’ll quickly be able to record vocals … Continue reading

WakeMate App

  WakeMate App The Wakemate is a combination a wristband and an app that runs on just about any mobile platform from iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and even Black Berry. This duo aids in waking you up at your optimal time, feeling fully charged up for the day. WakeMate uses a unique tracking system … Continue reading

Limited Edition Hasselblad H4D Ferrari Camera

Hasselblad H4D Ferrari The H4D Ferrari Limited Edition is finished in Ferrari’s unique color “rosso fuoco”, and bears the legendary Racing Shield. The camera, which comes with an 80mm lens, is presented in an exclusively designed and engineered box with a glass top equally labeled with the distinctive Ferrari Racing Shield. Dual layers, one for … Continue reading

Charlotte van der Waals World Time Clock

Charlotte van der Waals World Time Clock Sometimes the most ingenious designs are the most simplest. This is completely true with this World Clock designed by Charlotte van der Waals. The clock is etched with the names of major cities in various timezones. All you have to do is set the correct time to the … Continue reading

Sandro Santantonio ABC Lamp

Sandro Santantonio ABC Lamp Here is a dazzling lamp designed by Italian designer Sandro Santantonio, called the ABC Lamp. It’s shade is made from Pyrex Glass, and is covered in letters that have been sandblasted into the diffuser. The lamp has been designed especially for Prandina, and as all of Prandina lighting fixtures it is … Continue reading

Mario Leather Derby Shoes

Mario Leather Derby Shoes Classic. Textured. Lightweight. The Mario Leather Derby Shoes work as a casual shoe with jeans or as a dress shoe with tailored trousers. Light tan leather and cream laces make this shoe a must have for summer. Also available in black and blue. A derby shoe for everyday wear at $355.

Coming Back Stronger: Unleashing the Hidden Power of Adversity

Coming Back Stronger Coming Back Stronger: Unleashing the Hidden Power of Adversity is the ultimate comeback story of both Drew Brees and the city of New Orleans. Drew Brees was left without a team from a potentially career ending shoulder injury. The city of New Orleans had suffered epic destruction. Damaging 80% of the city, and leaving The … Continue reading

2014 Lotus Elite

2014 Lotus Elite This Lotus Elite is pretty hot. It’s a V8 5.0 Liter 612 horse powered beauty. You’ll be doing 0-60 in about 3.5 seconds, with a top speed of 196 MPH. The Elite is also pretty roomy compared to your typical Lotus. It looks like they are going head on with the sport … Continue reading

Pure Badger Shaving Brush

Shaving Starts Here Give your face what it deserves – the utmost in softness. Luxury shaving is in true form here with the New York Shaving Company’s Pure Badger Shaving Brush. Handmade using old-world techniques, this brush uses pure badger hair for the best in softness and water-retention. Start your shave off right, pick one … Continue reading

Raised by Wolves T-Shirt

Raised by Wolves T-Shirt Made in the USA and custom printed in Canada. Raised by Wolves have one sweet looking 100% cotton T-Shirt. Featuring some pretty rad ink illustrations by Arran Gregory of the Jungle Book. We are really digging what Raised by Wolves are pumping out, and so should you. Stray from the norm with this … Continue reading

incase Terra Collection Campus Pack

incase Terra Collection Campus Pack You can’t sleep on incase. They are consistently dropping some of the best designed products, be it an iPhone cases, backpack, or computer sleeves. Here we have a great example of aesthetic design and functionality.  It’s the incase Terra Collection Campus Pack. This denim backpack is designed for easy packing, with lightweight frame in mind. … Continue reading

Jack Spade Wallet

Jack Spade Wallet If you think about it, wallets are an essential wardrobe item for every man. So why not go big, with one of our favorite Jack Spade Wallets. Made from rich full-grain cowhide leather, with that little extra in the looks department without being juvenile. At $85, Jack Spade makes classic wallet, with some … Continue reading

Folding Wayfarer

Compact Ray-Bans Classic, iconic, and foldable? Yes, the originals have been modified! The Folding Wayfarer has all the details of the original with folding capabilities to slide them into any small space. For the iconic man on the go. Ray-Bans to go for $150.

Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Fry Pan

Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Fry Pan The Modern Renaissance Man must know how to cook. At the very least be able to whip together one impressive go-to meal.  As everything else in life, you need the right tool for the job. So in cooking is you only have one pan, you need to make it count. The Cuisinart MultiClad … Continue reading

Bunny Rabbit Mask

Bunny Rabbit Mask Trying to launch your music career? Just rock one of these… A Bunny Rabbit Mask. You don’t need to wait for Halloween to don a mask. These Bunny Rabbit Mask are hand-made, and look pretty sweet. Get a few to keep on hand. Since you’ll probably get mobbed at your next DJing gig. About … Continue reading

Leica V-Lux 20 Digital Compact

LEICA V-LUX 20 This compact digital camera from Leica features 12.1 megapixels, 12x optical zoom, built in GPS for geo-tagging, and shoots 720 HD video. It’s lens has a focal range of 25-300mm. Meaning that you can shoot in just about any situation, from a wide angle scenic view to a tight distant shot at … Continue reading

LOFI Raglan Stadium Jacket

LOFI Raglan Stadium Jacket If you love an old school feel with a modern edge, than this jacket is what you’ve been searching for. The LOFI Raglan Stadium Jacket brings back memories of your high school days with its vintage look, but gives you all the grown up style of an urban man. From the … Continue reading

Timberland Abington Hiker Boots

Your Tims Never Looked This Good These modern day Timberland boots are definitely a twist of the classic boots. This new design was created as homage to this well known company’s start when they were first known as the Abington Shoe Company in the 1950s. They are made of leather and the classic Timberland oil-resistant … Continue reading

Japanese Soul Cooking

Japanese Soul Cooking We all have our comfort food favorites. Now it’s time to expand that list, with Japanese Soul Cooking. Filled with time tested Japanese recipes, photography, and travel locations. Japanese Soul Cooking will become your go to book for ramen, soba, tempura and all things delicious Japanese. Up your game at your next dinner party. Japanese Soul … Continue reading

Urban Cargo Monthly Subscription

Urban Cargo Monthly Subscription Most guys don’t have a clue about body care and grooming products, and forget about asking friends for recommendations. So what is a guy suppose to do? Spend hundreds of dollars testing out products? Waste your day at a beauty counter? Well… no. Urban Cargo is your solution, and it’s a brilliant idea. For just … Continue reading

Deluxe ‘Rollercoaster’ Varsity Jacket

Jockin My Style Deluxe has done it’s thing by dropping the ‘Rollercoaster’ Varsity Jacket. It will make you feel like you are back in high school again (Ya know? When everything was easy). The body of the jacket is made from wool, while the sleeves are made from leather. It also features a ribbed hem, … Continue reading

Brazilian Horsehair Shoe Brush

Maybe The Cowboys Had It Right? Ever wonder why your expensive boots and shoes lose their overall luster so quickly? Oak Street Bootmakers have all the answers. With just a little time brushing your shoes or boots a couple times a week with their Brazilian Horsehair Shoe Brush, your beloved footwear will be brought back … Continue reading

Night Vision Digital Camera

Night Vision Digital Camera Often times I don’t even feel like bringing my camera out at night. It’s just so hard to get a good picture sometimes! The Night Vision Digital Camera has completely changed my mind. How fun would it be to snap shots of your friends in the dark and get awesome infrared … Continue reading

Sony NEX VG10

Sony NEX VG10 This is a big step up for videographers everywhere. The Sony NEX VG10 allows you to use the amazing lenses from Sony, this really is a big deal. You can now use the correct lens for the right situation. Imagine being able to swap out your standard lens for a beautiful wide angel … Continue reading

Electronic Calculator M

This Will Actually Make You Want to Work The Electronic Calculator M by Naoto Fukasawa will make working a little bit more fun. It comes in five different colors, the numbers are easy to read, and has an elevated display section. This calculator showcases a design that is simple, but the impact is large. Your … Continue reading

The Elvis Microphone

The Elvis Microphone Want to croon like The King? The Elvis Microphone will make you feel like shaking your hips while you’re belting your favorite tune. The modern quality you need with the classic look you want, this mic is frequency response tailored for speech, vocals and instrumental music. Throw on your blue suede shoes … Continue reading

Tom Cecil Hipflask

  Is That a Flask in Your Pocket or… Every man needs a secret, and what’s a better secret then a shot of whiskey or bourbon hiding in your breast pocket. This Tom Cecil Hipflask is custom made with welded stainless steal, holding up to 50ml of your drink of choice. Hipflask’s unique design looks … Continue reading

Inverno Vet Boot

A Marriage of Italian Design and Goodyear Traction Italian made shoes are famous worldwide, and it’s no different with the Inverno Vet boots from the house of Diemme. You’ll find that they are very soft, and constructed from the highest quality of suede. Fitted with a lightweight welted Vibram Goodyear sole, these boots show excellent … Continue reading

J Shoes Boots

J Shoes Boots We‘ve been rocking J Shoes for sometime now. So when we saw these J Shoes Boots, it was a done deal. It’s a modern, subtle take on a moc-toe, rubber wedge boot. It looks fantastic, with contrasting laces and leather. It’s a 11′ ankle, just perfect for denim or khakis. A bargain at $160. … Continue reading

Ferrari 599 GTO

Ferrari 599 GTO Quiet simply, this is the Ferrari that your kids will be dreaming about. This gorgeously designed Ferrari 599 GTO is powered by a 6.0 liter V12, 660 HP engine. Rocketing you to 60 MPHs in just over 3 seconds. Ferrari is only making 599 of these super cars.  It’s highly unlikely that you will be … Continue reading

Torso: Streetwear T-Shirt Graphics Exposed

Torso: Streetwear T-Shirt Graphics Exposed If the 80′s had their head bands and the 90′s had flannel, what was the signature look of Generation Y? It has to be and still is, the graphic tee. Flip through thousands of awesome t-shirts in the awesome book, Torso: Streetwear T-shirt Graphics Exposed, compiled by Daniel Eckler, the founder … Continue reading

Join or Die Skateboard Deck

Join or Die Skateboard Deck New York City skateboard company 5Boro is delivering skateboard decks unique to the big apple. The Join or Die Skateboard Deck, inspired by Frenchman Guillaume Dulout, features an iconic, old-school design with the five boroughs literally on deck. This board is ready to roll down the avenues whenever you are. … Continue reading

Supreme Schminx Coaches Jacket

Supreme Schminx Coaches Jacket Supreme drops the Schminx Coaches Jacket. Taking you back to your high school track days. But this Supreme Schminx Coaches Jacket features original artwork by Mark Gonzales. This snap front windbreaker jacket is perfect for cool mornings and nights. Pairs perfectly with everything from denim, khakis and shorts. You’ll drop about $150 for … Continue reading


The Birth of Modern Design CRAFTS OF THE WEIMAR BAUHAUS 1919-1924: AN EARLY EXPERIMENT IN INDUSTRIAL DESIGN by Walther Scheidig and photos by Klaus Beyer is out of print, and the perfect book to add to your collection. It is 150 pages filled with color and black and white plates of the work accomplished at … Continue reading

Ramones T-shirt

Ramones T-shirt The most iconic band t-shirt design in history. The Ramones T-Shirt encompasses the sound and influential rock n’roll style of the band. Enough said right? Basically, not owning one would be foolish on your part. At $19.95, you can feel the Blitzkrieg Bop with every wear.

Daily Rituals: How Artists Work

Daily Rituals: How Artists Work We need inspirations, especially those of us who work for ourselves. Daily Rituals: How Artists Work is a collection of 161 rituals from some of the most creative minds. Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, is a peak at how some of the most influential poets, novelist, artist, scientist, mathematician and beyond work. … Continue reading

Robot Skull iPhone 4 Cover

Robot Skull iPhone 4 Cover The bad boy look you’ve been rocking doesn’t have to stop at your outfit. The Robot Skull iPhone 4 Cover is a devious little case that protects your phone from whatever tough situation it might get in. Made from an interior silicone skin and an exterior hard-shell ABS plastic, this bad … Continue reading

Get Your “Top Gun” On

Short Leather Jacket Scotch & Soda Amsterdam Couture has put together a leather jacket that is the epitome of cool. This jacket is made out of high quality leather and is a modern twist of the Classic Leather Bomber Jacket. It is ribbed at the collar, cuffs, hem, and comes in a tobacco color. This … Continue reading

Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses

Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses Want to enjoy your whiskey minus the melted ice? Not unlike their whiskey stone counterparts, the Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses keep your drink cool without watering it down. Pop these shot glasses in the freezer and enjoy a glass of your favorite whiskey whenever you’d like. Handcrafted in Vermont, the soapstone … Continue reading

Merkur FUTUR Razor

German Designed and All Chromed Out The German designed Mekur FUTUR is a heavyweight razor that has a technologically advancement over your standard razor. It uses a patented fine adjustment system for optimum results, and we can’t forget about that chrome finish. It just looks amazing. With a length of 4 ½”, this razor has … Continue reading

Authentic CA Vans

Authentic CA Vans Vans are a classic, and these are as faithful to the Vans brand as ever. The Authentic CA Vans are simple and timeless, with a low-top lace up profile, signature rubber soles, and leather laces. The banana color shown here is an eye-catching shade but still neutral enough to be worn with … Continue reading

Nixon Headphones: Master Blaster

Nixon Master Blaster The Master Blaster Headphones are the flagship headphones for Nixon. Nixon is known for it’s great product designs and quality gear. You’ll love the details in these headphones, from it’s full size volume knob, leather headband and ear cups and it’s custom molded caring case. It’s frequency response: 20-20,000 hz will be … Continue reading

DM52 Blackstone Shoe

DM52 Blackstone Shoe If you don’t have some European style mixed into your wardrobe yet, this should be your first step. The DM52 Blackstone Shoe is a classic design with a unique, textural detail to it. In four neutral colors, you can choose the look best suited to you. Made of suede and rubber and … Continue reading

MeisterSinger N° 01 Wrist Watch

MeisterSinger N° 01 Wrist Watch Living in a world where everything is so complex, the simplicity of this watch is definitely welcomed. This is the ultimate classic mens watch. Meistersinger was started in 2001 and is truly a company that is based on tradition. The watches are all designed in Germany, and then manufactured in … Continue reading

Black+Blum Heavy-Weight Tape Dispenser

Black+Blum Heavy-Weight Tape Dispenser Let’s be real, most tape dispensers are shoddy at best. Plastic, easily broken, dull blades – who wants to be messing around with a poorly constructed tape dispenser? Not you! The Black+Blum Heavy-Weight Tape Dispenser features a design that works. With an aluminum exterior and inner cast iron core, the Black+Blum Heavy-Weight … Continue reading

Audioengine A2 Premium Desktop Speakers

Audioengine A2 Premium Desktop Speakers Let’s face it, laptop speakers suck. You want to feel the bass and hear the clearest sound without having to hook up those giant subs. The Audioengine A2 Premium Desktop Speakers deliver the sound you’re looking for in a compact speaker. Perfect for you small home or office space, these speakers … Continue reading

100 Baseball Icons

100 Baseball Icons We all know that baseball is an American tradition and a favorite past time of many. This book, “100 Baseball Icons: From The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum,” brings together some of the most renowned baseball memorabilia into one book. Author Terry Heffernan was given access to the Hall of … Continue reading

Art & Graphic Design Knife Blades

A Cutting Design These Art & Graphic Design knife blades from Kaufmann Mercantile take design to a whole new level. With three types of Bayha hard carbon alloy blades, you can choose between the general purpose blade for everyday cutting, the compact blade for tight spaces or the fine tip for precision. These long lasting … Continue reading

80s Malcolm Half-Frame Sunglasses

80s Malcolm Half-Frame Sunglasses Cool and classic are the only words you ever need to describe your shades, and these are both. The 80s Malcolm Half-Frame Sunglasses are seemingly vintage and modern at the same time, with a green tint, black half-frames, and a base of modern metallic. Stylish and comfortable, the Malcolm Sunglasses are a … Continue reading

Confederate P120 Fighter Motorcycle

  Built with Aircraft-Grade Aluminum As Confederate Motorcycles says “On some level every man is a rebel”  And this is the piece of machinery that will tell the world that you are a REBEL.  The Confederate P120 Fighter Motorcycle is a very limited release dream machine. Its powered by a 160 HP engine, and constructed using aircraft-grade aluminum. The … Continue reading


OPINEL NO. 08 FOLDING KNIFE There is nothing more handy then a pocket knife and this one is not only sharp-looking but exceptionally crafted. Featuring a twist-lock mechanism and a blade that never rusts or dulls, the Opinel No. 08 Folding Knife is perfect for cutting that string off your shirt or carving a wooden statue. … Continue reading

Dahon Bullhead Folding Bike

Foldable Lightning Speed This Bullhead folding bike from Dahon is sure to get you anywhere you need to be at lightning speeds. It is perfect for any type of terrain from the great outdoors to Manhattan sidewalks to the cobblestone streets of London. This bike is equipped with puncture resistant tires, a broad range of … Continue reading

Numark Portable USB Turntable

Numark Portable USB Turntable So we all know that records offer the very best listening experience, but it’s limited. Records aren’t portable and turntables can be very expensive. Numark, one of the most respected names in DJ equipment makes this very Portable USB Turntable. Since it’s plug and play you’ll also easily be able to … Continue reading

PF Flyers Drake

PF Flyers Drake These PF Flyers Drake are pretty hot. They are set to be released this coming September. Simplicity is what is making this low-top chukka sneaker standout from the usual suspects. We love the contrasting inner lining and the rear PF badge on the back of the midsole. The black leather PF Flyers … Continue reading

Sorel Men’s 1964 Premium T CVS Snowboot

Sorel 1964 Snowboot Before you know it snow season will be upon us, and the best way to keep your feet warm and dry is to wear a quality snowboot. One of the best snowboot manufacturers around is Sorel. The Sorel 1964 Snowboot is one of our favorites, they look great and offer the protection … Continue reading

Gatiu Sweat Navy

Gatiu Sweat Navy You’re a man who wants style in every aspect – and that includes your sweats. The Gatiu Sweat Navy is the tits (did we just say that?!) in sweats. Made of molton cotton and featuring a single pocket and herringbone stitching, this sweatshirt is the dapper style you need while relaxing in … Continue reading

Moleskine Storyboard Notebook

Whenever You Need to Collect Your Thoughts You simply can’t go wrong with the Moleskine Storyboard Notebook. These are the most durable notebooks and can easily be carried around with you on a daily basis. This specific one is perfect for anyone in creative industries because each page comes complete with storyboard frames. At about … Continue reading

The Poler Rucksack

The Poler Rucksack What do they say? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it?! Well please apply that to your backpack needs immediately. The classic design of The Poler Rucksack is an oldie but a goodie. Not only is the old-school feel of this rucksack cool, but its removable side packs make it versatile. Use … Continue reading

Death Star Cookie Jar

Join The Sweet Side Even in a galaxy far, far away, there are still cookies. The exclusive Death Star Cookie Jar is the perfect addition for any Star Wars fan whether your keeping cookies or your collection of Star Wars action figures hidden from the rest of the world. Made of highly detailed ceramic, this … Continue reading

Korg nanoKEY2 USB Keyboard

Korg nanoKEY2 USB Keyboard For the musician on the go, the Korg nanoKEY2 USB Keyboard is the perfect device. With its slim-line design, 25 note velocity-sensitive keyboard, you can compose a masterpiece from your home, on the road, or in the studio. Featuring controls for Octave Shift up/down, Pitch Bend up/down, and a button for … Continue reading

Postalco A5 Pressed Cotton Notebook

For Collecting Your Thoughts… Having trouble getting it together? The Postalco A5 Pressed Cotton Notebook will help you do just that. Use the pages of this spiral cloth bound notebook to get your thoughts straight. It comes in a wide range of colors, and is made from chlorine free paper-so no chemical worries! This notebook … Continue reading

Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose

Delivering Happiness The CEO of Zappos Tony Hsieh, is an incredibly, passionate, visionary executive. In his new book Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose Tony Hsieh details how Zappos has grown into an extraordinary company by emphasizing a strong corporate culture and exceptional customer service. Zappos is doing over $1 billion in … Continue reading


When You’ve Lost Your Way… Leupold & Stevens Vintage Leupold Compass will be there to help you find it. This compass is a vintage classic and should be a part of every traveler’s collection. It is a very detailed piece with a little bit of wear and tears at the top, but you can never … Continue reading

AIAIAI: Swirl Earphones

AIAIAI: SWIRL EARPHONES These AIAIAI Swirl Earphones with built-in mic will make your music listening experience even better. They are designed to withstand everyday use through their durability and provide a tangle free listening experience. The earbuds come in different sizes to provide the best fit possible as well as reducing external noise for your … Continue reading

Japanese Hori Hori Blade

Japanese Hori Hori Blade Every man should have a utility all purpose blade around. Our pick, is this Japanese Hori Hori Blade. It is purposely manufactured with a sharp blade that’s also concaved. Perfect for scooping up embers in a fire pit. This Japanese Hori Hori Blade is perfect to keep in your toolbox, workshop … Continue reading

Noble Maple Syrup

Maple syrup, or tree honey. Whatever you call it, just the thought of it can induce mouth watering. How about handcrafted, matured in charred Tuthilltown bourbon oak barrels? Yep, it’s so good that we wouldn’t be surprised if some religious group deemed it a sin. $35 for artisan, handcrafted maple goodness. Just one taste, and it doesn’t … Continue reading

Vox Mini3 Guitar Amplifier

Vox Mini3 Guitar Amplifier Just the amp you need for your tiny city abode. Rock out and rock on with the Vox Mini3 Guitar Amp! With a ton of features, including a built-in tuner and a palate of effects, this amp will satisfy your need for that unique sound. In chic ivory this amp is … Continue reading

Last Days of the Arctic

Last Days of The Arctic Let’s be honest, you’ll probably never be able to make it to the arctic but aren’t you curious what icy adventures there are to discover there? In Last Days of the Arctic, one of Iceland’s best photojournalists, Ragnar Axelsson, has captured images of a culture and lifestyle that is on the … Continue reading

GP2X Wiz Video Game Console Emulator

For The Retro Gamer…. This Retro Gaming Emulation Juggernaut called the GP2X Wiz will take you back in time with their hand held classic. It gives you the ability to run arcade video game classics and vector games with ease. You also have the capability to play video files including MPEG4, Xvid and DIVX, use … Continue reading

Moonshine Still Kit

Moonshine Still Kit Yeah, we dig it. Call it White Lighting, Cool Water, Hooch or Moonshine. You’ll be able to make your own 1-gallon at a time with this 100% copper Moonshine Still Kit. You’ll have to assemble this kit yourself, but don’t worry it’s part of  the fun and it’ll make your Moonshine taste … Continue reading

Classic Tin Cup

Historically-Correct Swag Have you ever watched a classic civil war film and thought to yourself “I wish that I had my own classic tin cup“? Yeah, we know that you’ve said that. Because those tin cups look amazing. Well, Now you can! Jacob Bromwell creates their very own authentic classic tin cup small batches. They are … Continue reading

iPhone Alarm Dock

Sittin’ On the Dock by the Bed Your phone is your best friend, constantly by your side and always there when you need something. Why not treat it to a good looking home with the iPhone Alarm Dock. The smooth beechwood dock with faux speaker detail gives a clean look and is reminiscent of midcentury … Continue reading

Everlast Leather Jump Rope

Everlast Leather Jump Rope Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee! Get your exercise on in style with the Everlast Leather Non-Weighted Jump Rope. Featuring ball bearings in the handles and a genuine leather rope, this is the perfect way to get your daily cardio in. Work it out for around $23.

Knipex 10-Inch Pliers Wrench

You Can’t Do The Job Without The Right Tools The Knipex 10-Inch Pliers Wrench is a necessity in your tool box. The pliers wrench is perfect for gripping, holding, pressing and bending any project that you are currently working on. It is complete with a zero backlash jaw surface in order to prevent damage and … Continue reading

Zumreed Headphones

Squared Headphones, We Like! These new ZUMREED square headphones are music to our ears. With six colors to choose from, these retro style square headphones are both comfortable and stylish while delivering the crisp, clear sounds of your favorite jams. Perfect for keeping your ears warm and your toes tapping during the last days of … Continue reading

Winter Branches iPhone Case

Winter Branches iPhone Case An image that evokes the feeling of a crisp, winter day is now available on your iPhone. This gorgeous shot has been made into the Winter Branches iPhone case, a one-piece, impact resistant, hard case. Simply snap the flexible plastic case onto your iPhone for solid protection and direct access to all … Continue reading

Extra Normal Grande

Extra Normal Grande Minimalism is only an illusion here as the Extra Normal Grande watch by Klokkerent is so much more than basic. The hour hand is actually a disk with the hand silhouette removed to reveal the number beneath. For the man who sees more than meets the eye, this watch is for you. Subtlety … Continue reading

Bed Stu Rusty Canvas Bag

Bed Stu Rusty This bag looks like it’s part of a post apocalyptic survival pack. The canvas has a great worn look with leather accents at different stress points. So you know that this bag will last you for some time. This bag is also a pretty good sized, we wouldn’t use it for a … Continue reading

The Brooklyn Bakery Single Pocket Leather Wallet

Single Pocket Leather Wallet The Brooklyn Bakery is know for their handmade Williamsburg inspired products, and this Single Pocket Leather Wallet is representative of the unique brand. The caramel cream color is rich and light but also worn-looking, which adds to its vintage style and character. This handmade, leather, single pocket wallet is great for … Continue reading

Stanley Classic Flask 8oz

Stanley Classic Flask 8oz While silver flasks remain popular, we think this black Stanley Classic 8oz. Flask makes a statement. Tough stainless steel, a retro design, and a slim profile to fit into any pocket provide you with a flask you can take anywhere – out to dinner or out in the woods! The lifetime … Continue reading


A Link to The Past Wear your heart, and your team, on your sleeve. These Authentic Stadium Seat Cuff Links allow you to take your favorite team with you with cuff links made from the recycled seats of your favorite baseball team’s stadium set in sterling silver. This is such a great gift idea. The … Continue reading


We love indie brands. Especially those that support artist, and focus on putting out a quality product. So when we saw BucketFeet, it was love at first sight. We got our hands on a pair of “Bosque”, designed by Brazilian Graffiti Artist “Tick”. These kicks are dope. Designed amazingly, don’t be surprised when complete strangers ask … Continue reading

Junghans Max Bill Wall Clock

Junghans Max Bill Wall Clock Analog wall clocks just have a cool vibe to them. The Junghans Max Bill Wall Clock has that minimal time clock look to it. This wall clock really is timelessly good looking.  Built solidly with a mineral glass face and aluminum body. You should easily be able to read the … Continue reading

Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry Into the Value of Work

  Finding Soul in Shop Class A Zen and the Art of Motor Cycle Maintenance for the new age, this hardcover by Matthew B. Crawford explores the necessity and meaningfulness of making things with our hands. Shop Class and Soulcraft is an insightful look into the value of manual work and the philosophy behind doing work … Continue reading

Peter Orsig Wine Breather Carafe

Peter Orsig Wine Breather Carafe The Peter Orsig Wine Breather Carafe will give a breath of fresh air in its design and function. Designed by the Menu Norm Architects, this carafe attaches firmly onto an open bottle of wine for an easy pour without the spill. It then can be poured straight from the carafe … Continue reading

Nike Pre Montreal Racer In Blue

Nike Pre Montreal Racer In Blue Throwbacks! Doesn’t the Nike Pre Montreal Racer look like it’s straight out of the 70′s? Vintage looking kicks for the modern man, the Nike Pre Montreal Racer is inspired by a professional shoe worn by track superstar Steve Prefontaine. This sneaker boasts a suede and nylon composition, an EVA … Continue reading

Fontana Fuoco Vivo Wood-Fired Outdoor Oven

Fontana Fuoco Vivo Wood-Fired Outdoor Oven Nothing tastes better than a homemade pizza, and even better than a homemade pizza is one made in an outdoor, wood-fired oven! If you love the taste of grilled food, your mouth will be watering over the taste of wood-fired meats, lobsters, and breads. Made in Italy, the Fontana … Continue reading

How to Be an Explorer of the World

How to Be an Explorer of the World This is the type of book that we all need. It’s fun and shows everyone from the Type A and Artists amongst us how to slow down and pay attention to things. How to Be an Explorer of the World is filled with sketches, it invites you … Continue reading


Grin and Bear It Sink your teeth into this beautifully crafted Bear Staple Remover by Jac Zagoory. The silver office accesory will look awesome on any desk, just  be careful you don’t get stuck in this bear trap. A grizzly way to do your paperwork for $75.

ICON FJ Series

This is Timeless Utility The  lineup of ICON vehicles are described by its creator, Jonathan Ward, as “a vehicle without peers for a journey without boundaries. Classic styling, modern performance, and timeless utility,” and we see why, The ICON FJ Series has an amazing showcase of 4×4 vehicles. They come in four different body styles the … Continue reading

Old Hall Stainless Steel Vintage Coffee Pot

Old Hall Stainless Steel Vintage Coffee Pot With the fast paced world that we live in, caffeine has become an essential part of our lives. This Old Hall Stainless Steel Vintage Coffe Pot will provide you with the opportunity of making fresh brewed coffee and tea from the comfort of your own home-any way you like it. … Continue reading

The Dynasty Sneaker

Nike Dynasty 81 Nike has designed yet another unforgettable addition to their infamous footwear. The Nike Dynasty 81 fits into their iconic basketball collection and is perfect for shooting some hoops or laying low. This shoe is made from leather and lightweight cushioning with a rubber outsole. There is a great deal of traction in … Continue reading

Jawbone ERA Bluetooth Headset

Talk With Your Hands Now you can be hands free and all ears with the sleek and functional Jawbone ERA Bluetooth Headset in Silver Lining. This Bluetooth cell phone accessory uses wind canceling technology for clear communication on both ends, letting you talk for up 5.5 continuous talk time hours while you hands are free … Continue reading

Aurora Fire Starter

Aurora Fire Starter Have you ever found yourself on a desert island with nothing but some FedEx packages and a volleyball who is soon to become your best friend? No? Just Tom Hanks then? Ok, well since you never know, I suggest you look into this Aurora Fire Starter. One of the best all-around fire … Continue reading

Put This On: Season One DVD

Put This On: Season One DVD Looking for the answers to your fashion questions? Well, Jesse Thorn, creator and host of the Put This On video series has done exactly that. Put This On teaches you how to dress like a grown up through interesting, informative videos. Jesse believes that getting dressed is about more than … Continue reading

Space Ship Earth Cody Hudson T-Shirt

3,2,1…Blast Off! Cody Hudson’s t-shirt with the phrase “Space Ship Earth” on the front will have you reaching for the stars. The rouge color of this tee will also make you stand out in the crowed. This t-shirt will cost you 25 Euros, too bad the space ship isn’t included.

Clarks S/S 2014 Camo Desert Boot

Clarks S/S 2014 Camo Desert Boot Our love of the Clarks desert boot goes back – way back. Clarks invited us to a sneak peak of their Spring/Summer 2014 collection. The collection was great. We loved everything, from the oxfords to casual chukkas. But the standout for us was the Camo Desert Boot. They come … Continue reading

Utili-Key 6-In-1 Multi-Tool

Don’t Loose These Keys Can you open a bottle, screw a screw, or cut and apple all with one key? Now you can have a whole toolbox on your keychain with the Utility-Key from Swiss Tech. Complete with a flathead, phillips and micro-sized screwdrivers, two kinds of blades and a bottle opener, six tools fold … Continue reading

Alexander Olch Slim Checkered Tie

Alexander Olch Slim Checkered Tie A fresh, slim tie only adds to your polished style, and the cool colors of this Alexander Olch Checkered Tie are sure to add to your smart attire. Handmade in New York with cotton fabric woven in Italy, this sharp pattern will pop whether you pair it with a summery … Continue reading

MXL Large Capsule Condenser Microphone

MXL Large Capsule Condenser Microphone Bedroom musician and producers need the best equipment at the lowest cost. They need solid performance from their workhorse equipment. MXL delivers that with their large capsule condenser microphone. This microphone isn’t just a  looker, it has a solid state pre amp that will give your vocals that extra that you … Continue reading

De’Longhi kMix Coffee Maker

De’Longhi kMix Coffee Maker De’Longhi’s classic metallic look has been revamped and transformed in the kMix line, featuring bold colors and chic style. This 5-cup drip coffee maker combines the high quality of a De’Longhi product with the modern look everyone craves. Available in 8 colors and featuring a minimalistic setting style, this simple machine … Continue reading

Council Jersey Axe

The Sharpest Tool in The Shed Hey there Mr. Lumberjack, can I “axe” you a question?Are bad puns really necessary to describe this beautifully crafted Council Jersey Axe by Council Tool? The American made 36″ hickory handle and 5 1/8″ blade are enough to speak for themselves, perfect for chopping fire wood, clearing away weeds, … Continue reading

Herschel Supply Co. Cypress iPad Case

Herschel Supply Co. Cypress iPad Case It’s no secret that we dig Herschel Supply Co. So when we saw that Herschel Supply Co. released the Cypress iPad Case in Camo. We where all over it. The cover is a strong and durable polyester material, with a soft fleece interior and pockets. You’ll love that fleece interior … Continue reading


Gin-Ka, it’s that cool retro blend of London Dry Gin and 5 Times Distilled Vodka. The savvy guys will instantly recognize that as The Vesper Martini. The much loved Martini of a certain fictional British spy. But don’t limit Gin-Ka to just Martini’s. We loved it with flat seltzer water, and a lime. We also … Continue reading


Toggle Coats have been an East Coast winter staple for decades now. For good reasons, they keep you warm and guys look great in them. They are also both casual and sophisticated, so you will get a lot of wear from your coat. Dries Van Noten makes an amazing stylish Toggle Coat call the “River” … Continue reading

Make Some Room For Your Fixie

Gear Up Floor To Ceiling Oak Bike Rack This bike rack is the perfect organizational tool for ultimate biker (or if you just want to display your bike for decoration, that’s cool, too). It fits 2 standard sized bikes and made from American Red Oak that is furniture standard. Everything is included in the kit … Continue reading

Philips Original Radio Mini

Philips Original Radio Mini iPod – iPhone docks have gotten to the point where they almost seem gimmicky. With all that aside, this Philips Original Radio Mini looks amazing, and sounds even better. You can even download a special app to tweak settings, create alarms and manage your radio stations. This iPhone dock is a … Continue reading

A Clean Shave Is What You Need

DOVO Straight Razor Ivory Micarta Handle Stainless Shave like a pro with this Straight Razor from DOVO. Made with a gorgeous Ivory Micarta handle this razor gives you complete control for the closest shave without having to visit the barber. With the summer on its way why not shed that winter beard the old fashioned … Continue reading

Hess Handplane

  Surfs Up In search of the newest surf board to add to your collection? Look no further. The Hess Handplane from the Mollusk Surf Shop has all of the components that a surfer-beginner or expert, could want. This design was developed by Danny Hess after years of seeking perfection from a surf board. This … Continue reading

Marshall Micro Stack

Marshall Micro Stack Marshall amps have been the staple amplifiers of Rock Gods since -forever. They are huge, bulky and heavy. So what should the apartment dweller, Jr Rock God or hobby guitarist to do? Get a Marshall Micro Stack. But you want to rock out, don’t worry. This micro guitar amp gets loud. Marshall … Continue reading

Darkfin Swim Gloves

Darkfin Swim Gloves Okay, these gloves are amazing! In an instant you’ll be as close to becoming an Olympic Swimmer or Aquaman without the use of flippers. That’s great and all, but these Darkfin Swim Gloves are actually funcional. They aren’t just a novelty item. You’ll have amazing gripping power while enjoying all types of water sports. You can also count on the … Continue reading

Komforte Chockolates

It’s Always a Good Time for Chocolate These Komforte Chockolates is a twist on your classic chocolate flavors. These come in Ramen Noodle, French Toast, and Tortilla Lime + Salt flavors. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little adventure – even if it involves your taste buds. These chocolates will cost you about $20 … Continue reading

Inner City Bikes

Inner City Bikes This minimal bike redesign is by JRUITER + studio, and we are completely in love. Inner City Bikes are the ultimate in urban cycling, they are compact, amazing looking and amazingly efficient.  Inner City Bikes are known for quick easy turns, being able to put down massive rear-wheel power, and being able to quickly get off … Continue reading

NFL Top 100: Nfl’s Greatest Players

NFL MVPs x 100 Count down the 100 Greatest NFL Players of All Time in this 4 disc DVD set compiled by the Nation Football League. Watch playbacks and hear interviews and commentary from sports casters, players, coaches and celebrity football fans about the greatest players through history. Count down and see if your favorite is … Continue reading

Globe Roll SE Fixie Bike

Go on a Ride-About It’s time to find your man hood by exploring the great beyond, fixie style. Do it with speed and style on the sleek Globe Roll SE Single Speed Fixie Bicycle. With a light weight Reynolds 520 Cr-Mo frame and 700c Deep V Rims this fixie bike is meticulously crafted to give you hours of … Continue reading

Put Spring in Your Step with These Boots

  Oak Street Bootmakers Navy Hunt Boots Nothing says it’s puddle-stompin season like a fresh pair of rain resistant lace-up boots. These Navy Hunt Boots from Oak Street Bootmakers are all you need to welcome in the spring showers, made with Horween® Chromexcel® hand-stictched leather, cool rawhide laces and a unique chunky Vibram sole to keep … Continue reading

Just Try to Tame This Jaguar

Fender American Vintage Jaguar The Fender American Vintage Jaguar Guitar is one of those things that you want to own-even if you don’t know how to play. It just looks so cool. This guitar was first introduced in 1962 and has quickly become a classic. The Fender American Vintage ’62 Jaguar has all of the … Continue reading

Get That Richardson Look…

Vintage Tortoise Frames These vintage Tortoise frames from 413 are wearing the ultimate seal of approval-the Playboy Bunny Crest. This vintage piece of eye-wear will instantly take you back in time and transform you into the ultimate stud. They are dead-stock so you are pretty sure to be the only one rocking these frames. You’ll drop … Continue reading

Airzooka Air Gun

Airzooka Air Gun This Airzooka Air Gun in the ultimate fun gun! There is no need for batteries or electronics to get this gun to work, and it shoots balls of air up to twenty feet! The most overwhelming feature: you will never run out of ammunition, because it shoots AIR! The price of $13 … Continue reading

Step Out of the Box With Some Tokyo Plaid

Gant CG PINPOINT OXFORD CHECK Ever get bored with your typical while button down dress shirts? Go ahead, step out of the box and try something new! GANT has introduced a fantastic alternative to your typical oxford. This shirt fits like any typical oxford, is made from pinpoint oxford cotton, and bares the GANT logo … Continue reading

Fujifilm INSTAX 210

Fujifilm INSTAX 210 The Polaroid has been dead for sometime now. Leaving room for a new king of instant photography, that void was filled by the Fujifilm INSTAX 210. When it was released it made a big splash a few years ago. It’s still on top, that’s because the Fujifilm INSTAX 210 is one hell of an … Continue reading


Nixon Trooper Headphones Nixon is known for it’s amazing design and affordability. We completely love all the Nixon watches and especially the Nixon headphones. This particular pair of Nixon Trooper Headphones look and sound amazing. They are easy to store, since they will easily fold away in it’s own carrying pouch.  We also completely love the … Continue reading

Best Made Rucksack

Hooah! Whenever you purchase this military grade Rucksack and you can say “hooah” all day long. This Rucksack from Best Made is a modern day spin on the traditional canoe pack. It is constructed of waxed cotton and military grade cotton webbing, with solid brass hardware throughout the pack. This pack is guaranteed to have … Continue reading

Lands’ End Canvas

No Longer Your Dad’s Catalog Lands’ End has reinvented itself from old man order-over-the-phone khakis to a line of hip dad clothing called Lands’ End Canvas. The collection offers an array of stylish Americana summer-wear in tons of different patterns, textures and colors. From gingham poplars to washed pastel colored oxfords to striped jersey polos, … Continue reading

Key Hole Nose Sunglasses

Key Hole Nose Sunglasses These sunglasses have that vintage timeless cool factor about them. We love that Key Hole Nose styling. At throwback to 60′s cool. With polycarbonate lenses and sturdy plastic frames, they won’t weigh you down. These sunglasses are pretty lightweight and look great all year round. Wear them dressed up or at a … Continue reading

Mondaine Wall Clock

Mondaine Wall Clock The Swiss know a thing or two about modern minimalist design and they also happen to be the World Champs of timepieces. So it’s not a surprise that Mondaine hit a homerun with this wall clock. It has a vintage sports dial face, with a pretty awesome red seconds hand. Since it’s made … Continue reading

Into the Wild Spring Time

Garrett Bordo Suede Hiking Boots These Garrett Bordo suede hiking boots from Hudson are perfect for trudging the great outdoors, stomping through the spring puddles, or just looking awesome. The maroon brown color suede, cleated sole and multi-colored laces set these boots apart from the rest and will last you through the year to the … Continue reading

Whatever happened to Bert?

Ernie Tee Hmmm..who knows? Apparently Ernie has taken over, especially with howies, a UK based retailer that has just introduced us to the Ernie Tee. This t-shirt is constructed from 100% organic cotton jersey and comes in a few different color combinations. Howies, founded in 1995, have come along way they have strong beliefs in … Continue reading

The Last Stand

elago P2 Stand for iPad The elago P2 Stand is perfect for your Apple iPad or Tablet PC. It comes in silver and is made of solid aluminum, so it will blend in with whatever color scheme you have going on in your office and is the perfect organizational tool. It will arrive put together … Continue reading

Class Up Your Shoe Collection, Help Is On Its Way

D&G Leather Shoes These Dolce & Gabbana black leather shoes can be simply described as, outstanding. They make for an excellent pair of shoes at any black tie event. D&G has designed this pair with rounded toes and contrasting blue colored soles. You’ll see that the interior of the shoes are also leathered with a … Continue reading

Turn Chaos Into Vegetable-Tanned Leather

Leather Conference and Project Folding File Get your life in order with Manufactum and it’s Leather Conference and Project Folding File. Made with vegetable-tanned leather from Southern Germany (did you know this existed?), this file looks as good inside as it does out, with 20 pockets perfect for displaying index or business cards, a pen loop, … Continue reading

David Bowie Black Book

Wanna be a Rock Star for a Day? Sure you do. David Bowie Black Book by Miles and Chris Charlesworth will provide just what you are looking for. This 160 page illustrated biography will take you on a trip to experience the life of legendary glam rocker, David Bowie. He is known for his distinctive … Continue reading

Even Your Carry On Is First Class

MULBERRY FOLD UP TRAVEL BAG For the man who is always on the go. The MULBERRY’S Fold Up Travel Bag will become a fundamental in your life. This bag is lightweight, portable, and can hold a lot of your travel necessities. After you are finished traveling or have arrived at the hotel, this bag can easily … Continue reading

Can it!

Weck Canning Jar Whether it’s jam, pickles, dry goods or goodies, it’s hip to get canned. Weck Canning Jars come in various shapes and sizes and are perfect for preserving foods, transporting left overs, storing baking materials or just as display. Weck jars are made with thick glass to withstand boiling and come with an … Continue reading

Wooden Slingshot

As a kid, some of us didn’t have the opportunities to do some of the stuff that our friends were doing. Be it by over protective parents or circumstances. Here is your chance to do something that as a child, you probably would have loved. Using a wooden slingshot! These one of a kind wooden … Continue reading

Eskuche Control v2 Headphones

Eskuche Control v2 Headphones There’s something about the look of vintage and retro stereo equipment. Just look at an old photo of Marvin Gaye or The Beatles in the studio. That’s why we are big fans of Eskuche and the Control v2 Headphones. Eskuche designed these headphones to have a stunning minimal retro look, but … Continue reading

A Place to Stash Your Pad

Pad Stash Nau has introduced the Pad Stash, a great way to protect your iPad and keep it safe. This case brings together new world functionality with old world styles. It is constructed from wool felt and dyed to create the masculine Caviar Heather color that it comes in. Not only does to protect your … Continue reading

My Jordans, All Grown

Men’s Air Jordan V.2 Grown The Jordan Brand has just put together a new collection of shoes that is a casual version of their classic sneakers. This Men’s Air Jordan V.2 Grown has undertones of the Air Jordon 2 through the wax laces and minimal upper to complete this modern style. They are comfortable, clean, … Continue reading

Bun B’s Rapper Coloring and Activity Book

Bun B’s Rapper Coloring and Activity Book Bun B and or team must be reading a Seth Godin marketing book. Bun B’s Rapper Coloring and Activity Book is just aweasome. 48 pages of coloring and activieties. You’ll find your favorite rappers including Drake, Tupac, Jay-Z and of course the books namesake Bun B. Pull out your … Continue reading

The Power of Teamwork

Nike Sportswear x Steven Alan Lava Fashion label Steven Alan and Nike have teamed up to create a signature vintage take on the original Nike athletic shoe, which they have entitled Nike Sportswear x Steven Alan Lava. This shoe includes classic touches to Nike designs that were pulled right out of their archives. They are … Continue reading

Hario Water Brew Coffee Pot

Hario Water Brew Coffee Pot Cold brewing coffee isn’t dumping ice in your coffee or letting your coffee get cold. That’s where Hario comes in, cold brewing takes time. With the Hario Water Brew Coffee Pot just put your favorite coffee grinds in the filter, fill it with water and stick it in your fridge … Continue reading

Acre Back Pack Herschel Supply Co

Acre Backpack Herschel Supply Co. is known for producing some pretty dope backpacks and the Acre Backpack is no exception here. We completely love the different options available and it’s large front sleeve and side pockets. You’ll easily be able to securely fit your laptop and or tablet in this exceptionally designed backpack. Not only is the Acre Backpack beautifully … Continue reading

G. Wiseman Handmade Pocket Knife

G. Wiseman Pocket Knife This pocket knife just screams manliness, just look at it. Gene Wiseman of Oklahoma hands crafts this piece of functional art to the custom specifications of Kaufmann Mercantile. We love the subtle and elegant features, like it’s brass pins and black canvas handle.  You can be sure that this G. Wiseman Handmade Pocket Knife … Continue reading

AXE Hair “Styled in Seconds”

AXE Hair “Styled in Seconds” Without a doubt, the funniest video we’ve seen in some time. AXE Hair pokes fun at those beauty YouTube channels, it’s a must watch. They prove that it only takes a few seconds for guys to get the hair girls love with AXE Hair styling products. No matter what style a … Continue reading

Warby Parker Fillmore Eyeglasses

Warby Parker Fillmore Eyeglasses Warby Parker has put together collection after collection of classic, yet revolutionary eye-wear. Every frame comes with anti-reflective coating, polycarbonate (which makes them lighter and 100% UV protection), and high index lenses or non-prescription lenses (if you just want to look cool). The Filmore frame is a sophisticated design that works best … Continue reading

Vilano EDGE Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike

Vilano EDGE For the price, it’s going to be really hard to find a better fixed gear bike. This Vilano EDGE Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike also happens to be quite a looker, from it’s Deep-V rims all the way to it’s other white accents. Besides it’s obvious good looks, what you are really buying … Continue reading

From the Creator of The Techno Tuesday Comic Strip

Exciting Places for Boring People From the cult comic strip writer of Techno Tuesday, Andy Rementer comes “Exciting Places for Boring People” this zine is filled with his odd characters, and ideas. Andy illustrates this this work in just black and white. If you are a fan of off beat and  quirky comics then this … Continue reading

Carhartt Men’s Denim Work Shirt

Carhartt Men’s Denim Work Shirt Carhartt goes hand in hand with quality, durable workwear. It’s no surprise that more and more young guys have been adding Carhartt to their list of must buy. When it comes to a denim shirt, we really like this Carhartt Men’s Denim Work Shirt. This denim shirt is made well, and … Continue reading

Canvas Duffle Bag

Canvas Duffle Bag Canvas Duffle Bags have been around, since forever. And for good reason, they are extra strong. Canvas is lightweight and durable and folds away easily for storage. We really dig the classic styling of this Canvas Duffle Bag, it’s minimal and is perfect for a gym bag or as an alternative to … Continue reading

Swedish Firesteel Army Model

Build Fires Anywhere This Swedish Firesteel was originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defense, and now, it can be yours. This will replace carrying around lighters and matchbooks whenever you go camping (or for all your other fire starting needs). This firesteel produces a spark at 3,000 Celsius, which makes starting a fire in … Continue reading

Super Flat Top Sunglasses

Super Flat Top Sunglasses This is a modern take on your classic acetate sunglasses. We love the clean flat top line and the transparent grey really makes them a great choice for this fall. These Transparent Grey Flat Top Sunglasses by Super are a limited release and made in Italy. We are pretty impressed that … Continue reading

Driggs 3 Men’s Three Speed Bicycle

Driggs 3 Men’s Three Speed Bicycle If you’ve ever been to Brooklyn in the past decade, you’ve noticed the amount of bicycles. It’s kind of hard not to. So Brooklyn Cruiser knows a thing or two about bicycles. The Driggs 3 Men’s Three Speed Bicycle is stunning. We love the vintage styling, meld with modern … Continue reading


NIKE ROSHE RUN WVN Nike keeps pumping them out. We totally feel the Nike Roshe Run WVN. The waving makes these sneakers much more comfortable and flexible. They also help with keeping your feet cool because of the extra breathability. This combination of teal and white is one of our current favorites. Around $150, we … Continue reading

Grillhouse: Gastropub at Home

A skill that all modern Renaissance Men should have is cooking. You should have a few go to recipes under your belt. Something that is equally delicious, beautiful yet simple. Grillhouse: Gastropub at Home is for you. Filled with hearty, comfort food. Like rum and maple mashed sweet potato and Lamb shanks with red wine, lentils, … Continue reading

Skillet Bacon Jam Bacon Spread

Skillet Bacon Jam Bacon Spread With the bacon craze spreading like a wildfire, why not give it a try and jump on the bandwagon? We have seen products from bacon flavored cocktails to air fresheners become quite popular over the past year, so it’s no surprise to see new addition to that market popping up … Continue reading

Handmade Leather Journal

Keep Your Secrets Tied Away Hold your secrets, sketches, notes and plans in this beautifully crafted Handmade Leather Journal from La Paperie. With 320 pages of thick un-ruled pages, a sturdy hand stitched binding and a dark brown distressed leather cover with wrap around tie, this journal is perfect for the traveler, writer or romantic … Continue reading

Viewsonic 3DV5 3D HD Pocket Camcorder

  3DV5 3D HD Cam 3D seems to be everywhere nowadays, and it was just a matter of time that 3D made its way into a consumer handheld camcorder. The Viewsonic 3DV5 is one of these 3D HD Pocket Camcorders. This camcorder is able to shoot in 3D because it features two 5MP fixed focus … Continue reading

When life gets crazy, grab a Straight Jacket

iPad Straight Jacket For the chic, tailored, and calm side of us all comes the insanely simple “Straight Jacket” technology cases from AUTUM. Made with leather handcrafted in the United States, your Macbook Air or iPad can ride in luxurious style, protected by semi rigid padded construction and a suede interior. Sometimes it’s the simple … Continue reading

Hand Sewn High Toscano Naturale

Hand Sewn & Superclean These sneakers are truly a luxury item. They are constructed entirely  by hand, from one craftsman. These Hand Sewn High Toscano Naturale are crafted from the highest quality vegetable tanned buffalo leather. This shoe is crafted to last, with time it will mold perfectly to your foot. We completely love this sneakers clean lines and minimal look. If … Continue reading

TRON x Les Ateliers Ruby Limited Edition Helmet

TRON Helmet This has to be one of the freshest helmet design that we have seen in along time. Les Ateliers Ruby made this limited edition helmet exclusively for the release of the movie TRON. We really have to give it up to both the TRON franchise and Les Ateliers Ruby for this collaboration. They … Continue reading

Jack Spade Woolrich Plaid Credit Card Holder

Plaid Credit Card Holder We feel that it’s always best to carry only the bare essential. And on a night out on the town you don’t want to lug around your old overstuffed wallet. This Jack Spade Credit Card Holder is your perfect solution. It features field coat plaid that was selected from the woolrich … Continue reading

Converse (RED) X Robert Indiana LOVE

Converse (RED) x LOVE Pop artist Robert Indiana and Converse Red have gotten together and have created the Converse Red LOVE. Robert Indiana is famous for his LOVE sculptors found all over the world. You’ll be able to pick up these limited release Converse (RED) X Robert Indiana LOVE sneakers on August 14. Remember to … Continue reading

No.3 London Dry Gin

Forget what you know about gin. Nowadays people having been raving about bland, tasteless and vodka like gins. No.3 London Dry Gin does gin brilliantly, with a delicious juniper aroma and taste. Let’s not forget that the bottle is a looker. Just looking at it, you know that something good is coming. Luckily, it didn’t disappoint, … Continue reading


U-Socket Regular outlets were not made for the generation of iPods, iPads, and iPhones that we live in today. With all our iStuff, we need the True Power U-Socket, a standard three prong power outlet port with two USB charge ports. The USB port is easy to install and can charge any product with a … Continue reading

Metal Key Flash Drive

Metal Key Flash Drive With online drive services like Dropbox, why would you need to carry around an actual flash drive? For one you might not always have internet access, or you happen to be a spy. Well, whatever your reason this Metal Key Flash Drive is what you need. Ultra portable, it’s shaped like a … Continue reading

Personalized Wedding Party Flasks

Mustache Flasks Everyone knows that the classic groomsmen gift are flasks, and to be honest flasks are pretty sweet. However, let’s standout a little from the crowd with this set of 5 Personalized Groomsmen Wedding Party Mustache Flasks. All of your groomsmen will get a personalized flask with their first names and sweet mustache silhouette. These … Continue reading

Knuckle Duster Corkscrew

Knuckle Duster Now this is a pretty kick ass corkscrew! We love the idea of having a pair of chrome plated brass knuckles as a corkscrew. It’s like you are ready to go to war with any wine bottle in sight. In fact, this corkscrew was created as a tribute to the idea that great … Continue reading

Guide to Urban Moonshining

Guide to Urban Moonshining With the rise of artisenal cocktails it’s no surprise that people are looking for home distilling, specifically WHISKEY. The Guide to Urban Moonshining is from the guys at The Kings County Distillery (Brooklyn), they basically cover the history of American Whiskery from 1640 up to present day. Most importantly, with the Guide to … Continue reading

Royal Enfield Complete British Cafe Racer Kit

Cafe Racer Kit This very unique racer kit comes with all the essentials to build your brand new vintage Royal Enfield British Cafe Racer Complete Kit. You will receive all direct bolt-on parts and all fiberglass parts come in red, but can painted to achieve whatever look you are going for. Anyone who is interested … Continue reading

On guard on the go

English Walnut Slimlock Ever since the marathon of Bear Gryll’s show, Man vs. Wild, I won’t leave the house without a pocket knife and a piece of flint for fear of being suddenly dropped in the middle of an Amazonian jungle to fend for myself. The Case English Walnut Slimlock Folding Knife is perfect for … Continue reading

MacGyver Would Be Proud

Leatherman Skeletool Leatherman has designed the Skeletool CX to be your basic necessity workhorse. Any person who spends time in the wilderness knows how important it is to carry the right tools. It most certainly can become a life or death situation if you are not properly prepared. This Leatherman Skeletool CX is manufactured from … Continue reading

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty

Alexander McQueen: Icon It’s hard to deny how influential Alexander McQueen is to fashion. This book Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty showcases his entire career. From his early struggles to being at the top of the world. This book is a must for all lovers of design and fashion. Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty was released to coincide with the Alexander … Continue reading


CLUB BLACK #02 WRENCHMONKEES Custom motorcycle design shop WRENCHMONKEES have created a masterpiece from this Harley Davidson Sportster. They call it the Club Black #02. It’s finished in a gorgeous black paint, with a racing number painted on the rear of the seat. You will instantly become a badass riding one of these bikes down … Continue reading

Sailors Know a Thing or Two About Hooks

Sailors Hook Keychain This is a genuine sailors hook from Bedwin. It is a fully polished, sparkling keychain. That comes with an etched coin. Making for a fine combination reflecting, the authenticity of this piece. Bedwin has done a great job manufacturing this keychain, that wouldn’t be surprised if it became a piece that you … Continue reading


Bon Voyage To You We completely love this globe, from it’s vintage inspired look to it’s one of a kind uniqueness. Each Bon Voyage Globe and stand are handmade in San Francisco. So each globe and stand will be unique in it’s own way. This stunning globe should be considered a work of art, and would fit nicely in … Continue reading


Manufactured and designed in L.A., the dope hat is a pretty dope cap. With a large 3D embroidered dope front panel, this snapback grey cap will stand out. We love the colorwear of grey and black. At $52, don’t sleep on this cap. Pick one up.

ONLY NY Crewneck Sweatshirt

ONLY NY Logo Sweatshirt ONLY NY is one of those indie fashion brands that we love. They specialize in simple streetwear, made from high quality materials. Best of all it’s made in New York! We are really feeling this particular ONLY NY Logo Sweatshirt, it’s your classic heather grey crewneck. That just happens to be … Continue reading


DIY 35mm CAMERA 35mm film and cameras are fun, affordable and pretty easy to come by. So it’s was about time that someone came up with a DIY 35mm Camera. This 35 mm camera builds out like a model car set, you have your plastic pieces that you pull out and put together. You get … Continue reading

Nike Free 4.0 V2

Nike has always pushed the limits of what’s possible in the shoe game. That’s what the Nike Free series has continued to do. Offering full foot protection with the feel and dexterity of running barefoot. Hard to deny how great these sneakers look, the combination of blues are perfect. At around $100, they’ll be sure to last. Pick … Continue reading


DO WRK Shirt This “Do WRK” shirts from DOINWORK STORE is printed on a basic Hanes t-shirt with the classic “Do WRK” emblem. This is the perfect tee for anyone who has a sense of humor. We think that you should let this become your new favorite shirt. At $20 a tee, how could you … Continue reading

Hamann BMW X5 Flash EVO M

BMW X5 Flash EVO M This is the best reincarnation of a BMW X5 that we have ever seen. The tuning champs at Hamann who are based in Germany have taken the BMW X5 and have created a super beast called the the Flash EVO M. Not only does the Flash EVO M look outstanding … Continue reading


LOVE GRENADE COIN BANK Ever feel like your relationship could be blown to pieces? This Love Grenade Coin Bank from A + R Store is designed by designers Owen & Cloud and proceeds benefit their charity A.N.S.W.E.R.(Act Now to Stop War and End Racism). This coin bank makes for a great gift  or you can … Continue reading

Grumpy Cat T-Shirt

Grumpy Cat T-Shirt Kill three birds with one stone. Quietly tell Redditors that you are a member of their secret society, share a laugh with strangers when they point out your awesome grumpy cat tee. And pick-up cat loving hipster chicks. You’ll probably come up with a few more reasons, but all roads lead to … Continue reading


Alpine Boot Shoe We’ve been a huge fan of the Timberland Abington Collection. Timberland uses the tagline “From a time when people where rugged”, who wouldn’t be able to appreciate that? This TIMBERLAND ABINGTON Alpine Boot Shoe is a stunning suede low top hiking boot. The red laces and d-ring eyelet vamps completed bring you back to the … Continue reading

Nike Blazer Mid 77 PRM VNTG

Nike Blazer Mid 77 PRM VNTG We can’t deny how much of a fan we are of the Nike Blazer. So you know that we dig the Nike Blazer Midd 77 PRM VNTG. That vintage look and feel is exactly what we are looking for in a pair of casual great looking everyday sneakers. At … Continue reading

Desile Folding Chair

Desile Folding Chair It’s amazing when a piece of furniture also becomes a piece of art, and that’s exactly what we have here with the Desile Folding Chair. When unfolded this chair can be easily hidden, but we suggest that you hang it on a wall. Since this folding chair is made out of bamboo, … Continue reading

Kershaw Folding Serrated SpeedSafe Knife

Kershaw Folding Serrated Knife As active men, a solid sturdy pocket knife comes in handy. The Kershaw Folding Serrated SpeedSafe Knife opens smoothly and has a super sharp blade right from the get go. This pocket knife is a workhorse, Kershaw made sure to give you the most bang for your buck. At around $20 bucks, … Continue reading

Tenere Expedition Motorcycle Tent

Time for an Expedition The TNR Expedition Tent is perfect for all seasons and can fit up to two people, plus it’s a motorcycle tent. This specific tent is dedicated and targeted at the motorcycle traveler and provides an outer sheet tent that is separate from the inner tent to keep your bike. It comes … Continue reading

Gummy Bear Ice Cube Tray

Pretty cool, with this tray you’ll be able to make 16 Gummy Bear Ice Cubes. Imagine the possibilities. Cranberry shaped Gummy Bears for Vodka, or chocolate shaped Gummy Bears for desert. Made from food grade silicone, you’ll be able to clean them in your dishwasher. Just under $10, pick up an extra tray.

Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia

Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopedia The first print edition of Russian Criminal Tattoo has become subculture phenomenon. Easily fetching a few hundred dollars, because of its rarity. This hardcover reprint has all the photography, sketches and content of the original print. A must for all tattoo lovers, crime subculture fans. At around $20, it’s an easy … Continue reading

Golden Half 35mm Half Size Camera

Golden Half Camera Here is a great little plastic film camera that will give you instant artist street cred. It’s the Golden Half 35mm Half Size Camera. Now what does that mean to you, basically what this camera does is take two vertical photos side by side on one frame. So if your roll of … Continue reading

Black Party Balloons

Black Party Balloons Take it back to black. Sometimes a party just needs a little black. These Black Party Balloons should do the trick. They aren’t just black balloons, these suckers are pitch black. They won’t go purple on you when you inflate them. About $10 for 100 11″ Black Party Balloons. It’s a buy.

Edison Squirrel Cage-style Bulb

Vintage Light Bulbs It’s all in the details. We’ve all heard that before. Lucky for us this very inexpensive detail, makes all the difference. With these Vintage Edison Squirrel Cage-style Light Bulbs you’ll be able to transform any exposed lighting into a work of art. These light bulbs will give you a very warm glow, … Continue reading

The Wes Anderson Collection

The Wes Anderson Collection A must own for Wes Anderson fans, The Wes Anderson Collection is the only in-depth look into the work of Wes Anderson. This book is a conversation between award winning critic Matt Zoller Seitz and Wes Anderson. We get never before seen photos, and the untold story of Wes’s inspiration, life and … Continue reading

Tanner Goods Pencil Set

Vintage Pencil Set From the land of Portlandia; Tanner Goods brings us this amazing Vintage #2 Pencil Set. You’ll appreciate this quality wood pencil while writing down notes, or sketching up a quick draft in your notebook. These pencils come in packs of 12, so they’ll last you for sometime. Unless you jump into the pencil fighting circuit. Tanner … Continue reading

LiveProfile Free Messenger for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry

Keep Up With Friends, Fast and Free Keep tabs on all your pals in real time without racking up a big phone bill with the LiveProfile messaging app for iPhone, Android or Blackberry. Now you can text your friends, have group chats, send pictures and videos, and stay connected lightning fast and for free. No … Continue reading

Nike SB Blazer Hi x Ben-G

NIKE SB BLAZER HI X BEN-G Ben G the Amsterdam based shop and Nike have joined collective forces and have released a special edition Nike SB Blazer Hi x Ben G. We really dig it’s minimal design and color selection. The Nike swoosh was constructed from a piece of black corduroy, and the sneakers under … Continue reading

Wiesmann GT MF4

Wiesmann GT MF4 The Germans certainly know about sports cars. They are obsessed with powerful, incredibly handling machines. Wiesmann is no different. They do however give a nod to the English with there styling. The Wiesmann GT MF4 is stunning to look at, and impressively powered by a 4.0 liter, 420 HP, V8 BMW engine … Continue reading

ONLY NY Upper West Tee

Micah Belamarich, graphic artist and founder of ONLY NY, is proud of his Upper West Side hood. This simple NYC made tee proudly reps the Upper West Side. This shirt looks great in a classic heather gray. And since it’s a tri-blend, you’ll have no worries about shrinking, fading or warping. Just $28, pick one … Continue reading

Nikon Coolpix P7000 10.1 MP Digital Camera

If you are in the market to buy a new camera, but not looking to buy a big DSLR. Even though you would still like all the advanced features that a DSLR offers, with superior photo quality and the ability to shoot HD video all in a point and shoot. Then the Nikon Coolpix P7000 … Continue reading


Skira Rizzoli, the publishing house based out of New York is releasing one of the most anticipated books in the art community. It’s a retrospect on the life and career of one of the most prolific artists to come out of New York, KAWS. We are actually a huge fan of all the KAWS artwork … Continue reading

Floral Canvas Backpack

Floral Canvas Backpack Every dude could use a little floral in his life. This ZLYC Jasper Floral Canvas Backpack gives you that perfect amount of floral. But don’t let this floral backpack fool you, it’s manufactured tough. Made from canvas and nylon, and filled with inner pockets and compartments for all your wares. At around $30, … Continue reading

Parachute Duffle Bag

The perfect grab and go bag, the Parachute Duffel Bag from Freeman’s Sporting Club is made from mid-weight Japanese cotton that won’t weigh you down. With antique brass hardware, tons of pockets and a variety of awesome colors, this bag is worth jumping for, especially because it’s made made locally in NYC. For $85 we … Continue reading

Vane Exo Boot for Sebago

Sebago has recently been delivering some pretty amazing looking shoes. They’ve always been known for their quality and comfort, but now they have added some modern twist to to some classic offerings. Just take a look at the Vane Exo Boot, this pair of Chukka Boots is destined to turn heads. Everything about this boot … Continue reading

Black Stars and Stripes Beanie

Black Stars and Stripes Beanie People seem to rock beanies all year round. We’ve even seen it done in the Tropics. Yeah, what’s up with that? At Enterase HQ we’ve been feeling this Black Stars and Stripes Beanie. As far as headwear goes, this one is a winner. Around $15, we dig it. Pick one … Continue reading

Music Hall MMF Turntable

Music Hall MMF Turntable Audiophile music equipment can easily cost you thousands of dollars. Even mediocre equipment will cost you a few hundred. So when we heard of the Music Hall MMF Turntable, we had to take a closer look. First of all the MMF Turntable looks amazing, and sounds even better. Its built like … Continue reading

Timex 80 Silver Metal Calculator Watch

This is a new addition to the line of Timex 80 Calculator Watches. It’s the Silver Metal edition, you’ll get your standard features like date, time, calendar, stopwatch, alarm, indiglo backlight and of course your calculator. This watch is definitely a stylish alternative to your classic Casio Databank. So if you are in the need … Continue reading

Swamp Master Machete

Swamp Master Machete It’s no secret… Guys dig blades. Especially blades suited to the wilderness, tropical jungle, and expeditions. Yeah, so a Swamp Master Machete is perfect. Even if we’ll only ever use it for yard work. It’s still cool. The Swamp Master Machete has an awesome carbon steel blade and a natural wood handle. … Continue reading

Renard Grand Tourer GT Motorcycle

  Renard Grand Tourer GT Plain and simple, this motorcycle is sexy. However this bike is not just all looks. It has a chassis made out of Carbon Fiber and Kevlar, with a 1151 cc engine and twin semifloating disc brakes, you’ll have substance with your style. The Renard Grand Tourer GT Motorcycle also has … Continue reading

AXE has teamed up with X-Men

AXE has teamed up with X-Men: Days of Future Past to unlock the superpower of confidence. To help guys unleash their own confidence by looking and smelling great, AXE is releasing limited-edition gift sets featuring an exclusive X-Men: Days of Future Past poster inside. These custom gift sets come in four popular AXE fragrances that … Continue reading

Green Tea Kit-Kat

Green Tea Kit-Kat What!? Green Tea Kit-Kats? Straight outta Japan comes the super popular chocolate treats. White chocolate to be exact. Green tea and creamy white chocolate get mixed together and then covers that crunchy Kit-Kat wafer. Yes, Green Tea Kit-Kats are limited edition. Get a bag for about $12.

Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog Shirt

Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog Shirt Art is made to be seen, and what better way for it to be seen as in wearing it. We love this T-shirt of the famous Caspar David Friedrich painting “Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog”. This shirt looks great in a casual pair of jeans or upscaled with a … Continue reading

Frames iPhone Case

Looking to spruce up your iPhone case? Then take a look at this Frames iPhone Case. It’s a hard case, that’s impact resistant, yet flexible. Offering a high level of protection. It’s also pretty sweet looking, with a design of an old pair of Ray-Ban Clubman frames. You’ll stand out from the sea of mediocre … Continue reading

Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer

We all understand the bottle opening part, but if you aren’t brewing and bottling your own beer why would you need a resealer? Well here’s why. If you’ve been enjoying craft beers in the last few years you’ve noticed how large these bottles have gotten. You can’t always sit down and enjoy an entire bottle of these … Continue reading

Spy Bolt Covert Hidden Contents Secret Container

Spy Bolt Covert Hidden Contents Secret Container Spy games anyone? For those of us who need a secret hideaway for small goods, comes the Spy Bolt. Straight out of Cold War KGB drop items. The Spy Bolt Covert Hidden Contents Secret Container is weather tight and would easily be passed over by snooping eyes. The Spy … Continue reading

Blank Vinyl Plastic Cruiser Skateboard

Blank Vinyl Plastic Cruiser Skateboard Black on Black, this Blank Vinyl Plastic Cruiser Skateboard is slick. Small enough to carry around, and easy to store. But most importantly. Since it’s a cruiser skateboard, you’ll easily ride around town or campus. With that classic penny skateboard styling, black trucks, black wheels and sturdy vinyl construction. You’ll … Continue reading

Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe

Super Graphic Comic book geeks and data freaks rejoice. Tim Leong creates Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe. Filled with pie charts, bar charts and infographics. Serving as the perfect alternative to the standard photography book, all of your comic book loving friends will swoon over this book. At under $20, Super … Continue reading

Lomography Sprocket Rocket Camera

Looking for a new art project? Well we got what you are looking for, it’s the Lomography Sprocket Rocket Camera. With this little camera you’ll be able to shoot super wide angle, multi-exposures, panoramas! Best of all… It shoots extremely affordable 35mm film and it exposes the sprockets on your film… That’s pretty cool. You’ll be able … Continue reading

Black Cast Iron Tea Cup

Black Cast Iron Tea Cup How often do you swoon for a tea cup? Probably… Never. We wouldn’t be surprised if you did over this Black Cast Iron Tea Cup. Japanese in style, with an enamel interior coating. Holding 4 0z. This tea cup is truly beautiful. At around $8, grab yourself a new tea … Continue reading

How to Hide Things in Public Places

Hey, sometimes you just need to hide stuff. And at home wouldn’t be the best place. Think about it, let’s say that the zombie apocalypse will start tomorrow. You’ll need to store provisions and weapons. Ideally you’ll want a few small caches spread all over. That’s how a book like How to Hide Things in … Continue reading

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series Just for the true fans. Breaking Bad: The Complete Series is the collectors must have. Filled with over 55 hours of special features from ALL seasons. A 2 hour documentary, and so much more. And as a special touch, it all comes in a collectable replica of the Walt’s money … Continue reading

MashCreative S/O/T/O Notebooks

MashCreative Notebook State Of The Obvious is a project created by MashCreative. They are stating the obvious, and using it as branding. They created a range of products from mugs to this notebook. The notebook is a 92 page A5 paper sized , bond in a black hardcover. This collection is very playful and attractive. … Continue reading

KRK Rokit 5 Studio Monitors

When it comes to a true listening experience, recording studios offer the highest quality around. They are able to do this because of the excellent studio monitors that they use. One of the most respected companies in this industry is KRK Systems. The KRK Rokit 5 Studio Monitors are the smallest in the line, however these speakers are very powerful. Just … Continue reading

Skagen Black Titanium Watch

Skagen Black Titanium Watch To compare a watch with a European Super Car is a big statement. Skagen has that here. This black Skagen titanium watch is stunning. We love how sleek and minimal this watch is. It stands out without being  loud and tacky. This watch fits perfect with both casual and formal wear. Pick … Continue reading

Bear Grylls Survival Series Parang

You vs. Wild Now you can have the courage, strength and mountain sense of Bear Grylls, or at least you can have his knife. The Bear Grylls Gerber Survival Series Parang has an angled blade and ergonomic textured rubber grip, ideal for clearing brush or limbs, and comes with a nylon sheath so you can be ready … Continue reading

Josh Kalis DGK YO MOMMA! Skateboard Deck

DGK (Dirty Ghetto Kids) always has some pretty dope decks, and the Josh Kalis YO MOMMA! deck is no exception. It’s a play on the Old School YO MTV Raps. We pretty much feel everything that DGK makes and we hope to see Stevie Williams founder of DGK and skate pro keep up the great … Continue reading

The Short Films of David Lynch

David Lynch fans are a special bunch. And for good reason, the man pushes the boundaries of film and storytelling. His films are hard to categorize and have been described as a film extension of fine art. This collection holds 6 short films, each with an introduction by David Lynch. This dvd is a must … Continue reading

Tretorn Smogen Leather Shoe

Slip On and Go Get style and comfort without any work, the slip on leather boat shoe in British Tan from Tretorn Smogen is an easy way to look good. You have to love the cross-over elastic gore straps, it adds to the shoes comfort and with the leather heel construction and Eco OrthoLite® insole, … Continue reading

Ticking Seiko Green Canvas Military Watch

A Watch That Won’t Stop No more replacing tiny batteries in your watch, this Seiko Men’s Green Canvas SNK805K2 Automatic Military Wristwatch is powered by the movement of your arm. With an army green fabric band and matching face, this watch looks good casual or dressed up, and keeps working at the office or on … Continue reading

Swiss Aluminum Canteen

Trying to rough it in the wild? Well you need a good canteen. Something just like this Solid Aluminum Swiss Canteen. You’ll be able to purify your drinking water by boiling it right in your canteen. This canteen also comes with a cup, storage canvas and a screw on cap and chain. For around $10, you … Continue reading

Nixon White Private Watch

This is a great looking canvas band watch. It’s the Nixon Private Watch. We really like the simplicity of its no frills approach. Its large numbers really do add to the minimalistic styling. Nixon also uses Japanese Quartz to keep the 3 hands in perfect sync. The case is a raised bevel stainless steel with … Continue reading

Holga Holgawood Series 120N Medium Format Camera

Holga Holgawood 120N For all photography lovers here is a way to get that authentic Holga look. Using an actual Holga Holgawood Series 120N Medium Format Camera. Be it that it’s made out of plastic doesn’t stop it from taking incredible photos. Also since it uses Medium Format Film you’ll get amazing pro quality photos … Continue reading

Apollo News iPad App

Apollo iPad News App We’ve all have heard it before. Traditional Print Media is dead, which to an extent is true. However this does have an upside, mainly you’ll be able to harbor news sources that interest you, and in essence create your own newspaper. Well the future is now, and the Apollo News App … Continue reading

Classic Money Clip

Classic Money Clip Bulky pockets are very uncomfortable and not to mention that they can make even the nicest tailored suit sloppy. Carrying around a money clip will also add a bit of class to you. This Classic Money Clip is just right. We love it’s slim profile, and it features ample room to engrave … Continue reading

Timex Men’s Weekender Watch

Timex Men’s Weekender Watch Timex is that classic American watchmaker that keeps better and better with age. This Weekender Watch is a perfect example of how amazing simple design can be. From it’s stunning casual strap to it’s it large and easy to read numbers and dial. Most amazingly it’s how much this Timex Men’s … Continue reading

THE NUSS Guitar Strap Sneaker

Eye catching and unique. You’ll love a pair of these THE NUSS Guitar Strap Sneakers. Inspired by a flea-market find of a Gibson guitar strap… What a great story. A black suede chukka sneaker wrapped with a colorful trim. Keep did an amazing job here, the addition of the workbook laces is brilliant. Grab yourself a … Continue reading

Ion iCUE Music Mixing Station

iCUE Mixing Station It’s time for you to graduate from being the headlining DJ in your Bedroom.  Whats your next step you say? How about doing a weekend BBQ? Well you will need a quality DJ Controller. You are in luck with the Ion iCUE Music Mixing Station.  You will be able to mix songs … Continue reading

Dunhill Fly Front Swim Shorts

Dunhill Fly Front Swim Shorts As Dunhill themselves acknowledge, they cater to discriminating men. They continue that tradition, and just in time for summer with these Fly Front Swim Shorts.  They are a shorter pair, don’t be afraid of that if you frequent the longer board shorts. You will be noticed for your modern, yet … Continue reading

Stanley Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick was without a doubt a master filmmaker, with legendary titles such as The Shining, 2001: A Space Oddessy, A Clockwork Orange and Eyes Wide Shut under his belt. In this hardcover book Stanley Kubrick you’ll find almost 200 pages of photos, insights and quotes. This book is a must for all fans, it’s beautifully designed … Continue reading

Apolis Activism Field Tote

This gorgeous tote bag came to be from a combined effort of Apolis Activism x Invisible Children. It’s made from 100% Ugandan Cotton Canvas in an Army Green and with durable Nylon handles. This tote works perfect as a grocery bag, beach bag or even to just carry around your laptop.  Not only will the … Continue reading

Nick Munro Bistro Coffee Pot

The Ultimate Coffee Pot The Bistro Coffee Pot by Nick Munro is sure to make you feel like you are in a cafe in Paris every morning when you wake up. It is made of hand polished stainless steel and triples as a coffee pot, french press, and cup. Its design inspiration came from creator … Continue reading

Nike ACG Air Magma ND

Air Magma ND The Nike line of ACG sneakers are the best sneakers to wear in the colder seasons, hands down. Our pick from the extensive ACG line is the Nike ACG Air Magma ND. This sneaker has such a unique silhouette, and the pairing of it’s stone color suede, black accents and it’s bright … Continue reading

A Chair That Makes A Statement

Thonet Czech Chair The Thonet Czech Chair from The Lollipop Shoppe is definitely worthy of that title. This chair was designed by Hermann Czech in 1994 and is made of beech wood and comes in a wide array of colors. This chair would be the perfect accent for any apartment, and you are guaranteed to … Continue reading

iPhone Vintage Camera Case

So you love using Instagram on your iPhone for retro looking snapshots. Well now you can complete your look with this Zero Gravity iPhone case. It’s inspired by those vintage point & shoot cameras from yesteryear. We are sure that you’ll agree with us, Zero Gravity has made an amazingly affordable iPhone Vintage Camera Case with phenomenal looks. … Continue reading

Bulleit Rye Whiskey

A Real Sharpshooter Whiskey If you love whiskey, this Bulleit 95 Rye hits the target. This Straight Rye Whiskey combines 95% Rye Mash Whiskey and 5% Malted Barley and is matured between 4 and 7 years for a real kick with the strongest rye you can get. Produced in Lawrenceburg, Indiana this whiskey bottled at … Continue reading

AXE Anarchy

AXE Creates It’s Own Anarchy Ever heard of the term ‘the beauty in chaos”? Well AXE just updated that saying created some stunning Anarchy, with it’s new line of  body spray and grooming products. With the biggest surprise being it’s matching female Anarchy body spray. The fragrance team over at AXE have been working overtime with this latest release, … Continue reading

Now You Can DJ Like a Pro

Numark MIXTRACK DJ Controller DJs have been become more and more mobile, expecting better and better quality. Numark has always responded to the demands of the Pro DJ. So when they released the Mixtrack DJ Controller all DJs paid attention. This controller has a great layout, you’ll be able to find your way around easily. … Continue reading

Belvedere Silver Bottle Limited Edition

Belvedere Silver Bottle It’s that time of year again. When Belvedere releases its special limited edition silver bottle. This super ultra-premium Vodka has a run of 46,000 cases. The bottle is truly gorgeous; the best part being that you can actually drink the Vodka. Then display the bottle on your bar or counter. Unfortunately Belvedere … Continue reading

Billy Reid Levis Denim Shirt

Billy Reid Levis Denim Shirt A denim shirt is a classic part of American work wear. They are timeless, durable and a no brainer as part of your fall wardrobe. This calibration with Billy Reid and Levis is a great pick for a denim shirt. This shirt features a inner lining that was inspired by … Continue reading

Basil Hayden Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Basil Hayden The Basil Hayden bottle sure is a looker, but it’s NOT all just looks. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how smooth this Bourbon is. Basil Hayden is a premium Bourbon that is part of the Small Batch Bourbon Collection by Jim Beam. We where really surprised by the subtle peppermint taste, it just … Continue reading

Paul Rodriguez Signature Collection For Incase

Incase Paul Rodriguez Collection This Paul Rodriguez Collection for Incase is fire. Somehow Incase keeps reinventing what we think a case should be. In this new Paul Rodriguez Signature Collection, Incase features a newly designed Skate Pack and Duffle Bag. Both of these bags showcase premium materials and specific input from pro-skater and world traveler … Continue reading

Every Man Jack Body Wash Citrus Scrub

Every Man Jack With new men’s products coming out all the time it’s hard to get pass the hype and finding a great product. Well here we have a no-brainer for your choice at a body wash. It’s Every Man Jack Body Wash Citrus Scrub. This body wash comes with micro beads that help in … Continue reading

Indie Nation Bud W. Wood Frame Glasses

  Indie Nation Bud Glasses Here is a great pair of glasses by Indie Nation. They are called the Bud W. and are made from wood. It’s an elegant large classic inspired frame. These Indie Nation Bud W frames will surely standout amongst it’s traditional black plastic counterpart. So if you are in need of some … Continue reading


Y-3 HAYWORTH HIGH Y-3 brings back the Hayworth. The Y-3 Hayworth High is Y-3′s take on a classic workboot, turned into a Hi-Top Sneaker. Y-3 uses top quality boot leather, yet they worked on making it comfortable enough so that you’ll know that you are wearing sneakers. We love the black and purple goat suede combination. We … Continue reading

TOMS Travel Journal

Jot It Down: Get A Journal Jot down your ideas is an idea that all successful people agree on. So why not kill two birds with one stone… Help underprivileged children and get your thoughts in order all at once by just purchasing a the TOMS Travel Journal. This travel journal is handmade in the USA… with a … Continue reading

Horsehide Key Holder

Giddy Up… Now this is a key holder. It’s made from out of oiled horsehide leather. It’s brown leather is going to age beautifully. If you are still rocking lanyard keychains… it’s time for you to grow-up. Little details like this key chain tell those around you… that you are not a little kid anymore. … Continue reading

Harvey Pekar: American Splendor

American Splendor Sometime ago we  lost a true hero to the everyday man. A man who has amassed a very loyal underground following in the world of comics: Harvey Pekar. Most well known for his autobiographic comic series American Splendor. In 2003 American Splendor was made into a critically acclaimed film, staring Paul Giamatti. If you haven’t yet seen this film, we suggest … Continue reading

Roku 2 10180P Streaming Player

Roku 2 The Roku 2 is a pretty amazing little media box. It allows you to watch HD online content on your TV. You will be able to stream Netflix, Pandora, Hulu Plus, MLB, Amazon VoD and tons of more content is available all the time. It also plays video games… you’ll be able to … Continue reading

urbn 2.0 Coffee Table

For the Minimalist… Not only is this industrial and functional, but it’s artistic as well. This coffee table is constructed from old elm wood on the top with a metal frame and base. Therefore, it is guaranteed to last through any “natural disaster” that your apartment may endure. This coffee table costs $395 and we think … Continue reading

Lamborghini Aventador

Your Murciélago is Cool, Have You Seen My Aventador Phenomenal, that’s what the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 is. It’s a 700hp V12 beast of a super car. The Lamborghini Aventador is basically a rocket on wheels. It will do 0-60 in 2.9 seconds, with a top speed of 220 mph. Lamborghini designed the Aventador to become it’s flagship car, … Continue reading

Nike Cheyenne Original NY Backpack

Add This Backpack to Your Wishlist This Nike Cheyenne Original NY Backpack is back. It features its classic construction and is extremely durable to outlast any possible situation that comes your way. This backpack has a very detailed design that features many convenient pockets, even a padded laptop sleeve. It features adjustable shoulder straps so … Continue reading

Marvel Glass Tumblur Set

Get Super Juiced! For the kid in any guy, this Marvel Superhero Glass Tumbler set will remind you of the good old days watching superhero cartoons while wearing those bad-ass Spider Man P.J.’s. Now that your grown up you don’t have to forget your super hero friends, so grab Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine … Continue reading

Tom Ford Private Blend ‘Tobacco Vanille’ Eau de Parfum

Style Smells Like This We all know that designer Tom Ford is a style genius, but what about a smell genius? The new Private Blend Eau de Parfum from Tom Ford redefines the a classic scent with a combination of masculine tobacco and subtle vanilla. The bottle design reminds us of a vintage private men’s … Continue reading

Vintage Shotgun Shells

Hey, It’s NRA Tchotchke Woodlands Supply Company has introduced this collection of authentic vintage shot gun shells. They come in a few different colors, each with very specific details about the shot gun shells still printed on. They are perfect as a display piece for your home or office. At $4 a piece, these will … Continue reading

Laugh at death!

All My Friends Are Dead If you love laughing at the dark twisted humor of life, looking for a gift idea, joking about the perils of humanity, or just looking at cute drawings with funny tag lines, this book is for you. Authors Avery Monsen and Jory John have created a hilarious chidrens book parody … Continue reading

Biggie Small for Mayor iPhone Case

Biggie Small for Mayor Show your support in electing Biggie Small for Mayor with this iPhone case. It is impact resistant, one piece, slim fit, and flexible plastic that snaps right into place. At $35, we think that its important that you use this case to protect your iPhone and let the legend live on.

Stovetec Rocket Stove

Stovetec Rocket Stove The Stovetec Rocket Stove will make any outdoor camping experience complete. The Stovetec Rocket Stove uses only a fraction of the fuel that a typical stove would need, but cooks just as efficiently. It comes in two different types, wood only, or wood and charcoal, so you have a choice of which you … Continue reading

Go the F**k to Sleep

A Children’s Book for Adults “Go the F**K to Sleep” by Adam Mansbach and illustrated by Rocardo Cortes isn’t necessarily a book you would want to read to your children at bedtime, but a book for anyone who has children to get a great laugh out of. This book is about real bedtime rituals, screw the cutesy … Continue reading

Dahon los XL Folding Bicycle

Dahon los XL The los XL bike from Dahon is an ultimate urban bicycle. It is perfect for weekend getaways, as it folds in half to conserve space, but has 8 speeds, puncture resistant tires, and hydraulic disc brakes. To make everything complete, this bike was constructed with a Dahon Valo light and the BioLogic … Continue reading

I Love NY Smile T-Shirt

I Heart Smiles Show off your smile with this witty New York Smile T-shirt from Young Lovers. Made with light-weight respun cotton this shirt will feel like your favorite from the first wear and keep you smiling all day. Get your limited supply T for less then $50.

Nikon D3100

Nikon D3100 The DSLR wars continue, and they don’t seem to be slowing down. This Nikon D3100 a 14 Megapixel DSLR Camera that shoots 1080 HD Video and is the first to feature full autofocus while shooting video. It’s pretty amazing that this entry level DSLR has so many high end features. Nikon has made … Continue reading

DURKL x ORTLIEB Waterproof Messenger Bag

Messenger of Style Make sure your goods are clean and dry when you arrive with the Waterproof Messenger Bag from Durkl and Ortlieb in patriotic red, white and blue. Made with sturdy, leak resistant PVC/ Cordura construction and a snap-out interior organizer, you can be sure that your papers stay safe and together and deliver … Continue reading


City Don’t Sleep This limited edition “City Don’t Sleep” T-shirt from Young Lovers has rock and roll, late nights, and poor choices written all over it. It is super soft and made of 100% cotton. This tee is also socially responsible and sweatshop free, so this is a purchase you can really feel good about. … Continue reading


A Place to Put Your Cash This Horizon Three Wallet from Makr Carry Goods is truly a man’s man wallet that has luxury and quality written all over it. It is a three pocket card holder and has one exterior pocket. It is hand sewn, and the edges have even been painted and polished to … Continue reading

BBQ Party Invitations, Retro Orange and White

You’re Invited These retro style BBQ party invitations are sure to show your guests that you know how to throw a real party. They come in a set of twenty, so you don’t have to worry about leaving anyone out, and can be personalized upon request. At $17.50, we think that you don’t need any … Continue reading

Mini Cooper Savile Row

Mini Cooper Savile Row Mini Cooper, the iconic British auto manufacturer is celebrating another British icon -  Savile Row, known for it’s impecable tailors.  These gorgeous vehicles are all black with distinct chrome accents.  We really hope to see something like this limited edition Mini hit the U.S. market, however for this round Mini Cooper has only released them for Japan. Only 100 … Continue reading

The Art of Tim Burton Deluxe Edition (2nd Edition)

The Art of Tim Burton If you haven’t yet seen Tim Burton’s personal art, and you are a fan. Than this will be a treat for you. In The Art of Tim Burton Deluxe Edition, you will see over 1000 of Tim Burton’s illustrations.  This massive collection is also personally signed by the Tim Burton. … Continue reading

Linus Bikes Gaston 5

A Bike That’s Dressed as Well As You This Gaston 5 bicycle from Linus Bikes really lets you ride in style. With matching old English style brown leather seat and handle bar tape, classy stone gray frame and wheels, and 5 speed gears with down tube shifter, this bike will be your most functional accessory. … Continue reading

Le Specs Tuxedo Sunglasses

Le Specs Tuxedo Sunglasses It’s pretty hard to beat a classic. These Le Specs Tuxedo Sunglasses are a really impressive pair for this summer. They are Wayfarer inspired, and really look great rimmed in a thin metal frame. Le Specs specializes in making great sunglasses for both men and women.

Soulland Thomas Suede Shoe

Orange You Glad These Shoes Exist? We sure are! These %100 suede orange Thomas shoes from Soulland are gorgeous, with unique details like a v-shaped leather tongue and matching orange laces that make these shoes shine like no others. Light up your “sole” for $190 a pair.

Paul Smith Dip-Dye Miller Brogue

Paul Smith Dip-Dye Miller Brogue Paul Smith is known to produce some impeccably brilliant shoes, and that does not change with there Dip-Dye Mille Brogue Oxfords.  These timeless Oxfords are hand crafted. The leather has been dipped in dyes and tumbled in wooden drums, giving the leather an exceptional look and feel. You will be … Continue reading Free HQ Wallpaper Search Engine Show your patriotism with a FREE wallpaper from  Wallbase is a Free wallpaper search engine. You can search by keywords, colors,  even your screen size. We suggest skipping the lame fireworks wallpapers and going straight to this classic 1940′s version of Captain America doing what he does best … Kicking Ass and Taking … Continue reading

Schick Hydro 5

Schick Hydro 5 One of the things that men looked forward doing when they where kids was shaving. How that all changed once we started shaving. So if you are like most men you probably have used tons of razors. The Schick Hydro 5 has completely changed the game. It has a Hydrating Gel Reservoir … Continue reading

Clarks Matte Black Desert Boot

Clarks Dessert Boot These boots will make heads turn. You have to give it to Clarks for calibrating with Ronnie Fieg of David Z. They got together to create this stunning piece of classic footwear. They are a matte black nubuck leather upper, with that genuine plantation crepe sole that all Clarks aficionados love. These … Continue reading

Salvatore Ferragamo Money Clip

Ferragamo Money Clip We always hear that it’s all about the details, and walking around with a huge stuffed wallet in your pocket can destroy that clean stylish look that you are going for. What’s the solution you ask? Well in simple terms, get yourself a sophisticated money clip. Like this Ferragamo Embossed Calfskin Money … Continue reading

Carhartt Portable Grill

Time For Some Barbie What could be better in the summer time than a portable grill that actually works? Pretty much nothing. Oh the possibilities! This Carhartt Portable BBQ Grill is the answer to all of your summer time prayers. It is compact and ready to feed an army. Happy grilling! At about 25 bones, … Continue reading

Pink Penny Complete Skateboard

Real Men Ride Pink Ride in style with this re-issue of the 1970′s plastic injection molded Complete Skateboard by Penny. This 22 1/2″ compact board comes fully assembled, easy to ride and eye catching in an electrifying pink with customizable color wheels. Who said men can’t wear pink? Shock your friends with color and ticks … Continue reading

Caterpillar Men’s Ballad Hi Lace-up Boots

These Caterpillar’s Won’t Turn Into Butterflies These Caterpillar Men’s Ballad Lace-up Boots are the most rugged shoes around. They are made of leather and have a rubber sole that guarantees durability. You can tell the strength of the boots just by looking at them. Even if you don’t have a job that requires a boot … Continue reading

Tendence Gulliver Watch

A Gulliver for Your Travels The Gulliver watch from Tendence is the ultimate man of mystery accessory. With unique, stunning  details like exposed gears, large numbering, a black rubber band and carbon coated stainless steel case, this watch is as tough as it looks. For about $370, this is a watch to watch out for.

Scotch & Soda Cotton Chino Pants

The Ultimate Chino This spring, having this Cotton Chino Pant by Scotch & Soda in your closet will eliminate any pondering over what to wear. These are made of cotton and come in nine different season appropriate colors-yet still obtain that allover rugged look. These even come with an added bonus-a free belt. How often … Continue reading

Fatigue Skateboard Deck

Fatigue is Sick! This is a pretty dope customizable deck. Fatigue skateboards by Mcbess allow you to pick the size and shape of your deck based on your style, all made on hard-rock maple and custom printed with Artsprojekt deck art. The black and white design will look awesome even after scratches and bumps, and … Continue reading

IN GOD WE TRUST Brass Lighter

Need a Light? Get Don Draper’s spark and make it your own. This customizable brass lighter from In God We Trust, has classic charm with a personalized twist, as if you’ve had it in your family for years. Stamped with up to four characters, get anything  from your initials to your favorite number, bringing your … Continue reading

SKULL MONEY CLIP by Christofle

Now You Won’t Have to Burry Your Treasure Keep those pirates away from your loot with this sterling silver Skull Money Clip by Christofle. The real silver skull and cross bones hold your cash tight, giving it a weight in your pocket you’ll like the feel of and a unique look that will attract looks … Continue reading

Dickies Skinny Straight Fit Double Knee Work Pant

Pants That Work These pants work as hard as you do. The Skinny Straight Fit Double Knee Work Pants from Dickies are not only a great fit, but are also wrinkle and stain resistant, so you don’t have to work to keep them looking good. We are really happy that the Dickies skinny straight fit … Continue reading

Formal Black Satin Bow Tie

Formal Black Satin Bow Tie Dressing up may be optional but style is always mandatory. Dress to impress with the Formal Black Satin Bow Tie from Drakes London, the perfect accessory to class up your look. Handmade with pure silk grosgrain or satin, this bow tie comes pre-tied for that spur of the moment cocktail … Continue reading

Ali Had Jogging Pants Like These

Home Alone Felpa Jogging Pants These Home Alone felpa jogging pants from SCOTCH & SODA Amsterdam Couture are the ultimate everything pants. They are perfect for going on a jog or for just lounging around the house. Their drawstring waist makes them extra comfortable and their classic gray color makes them blend into your existing … Continue reading

If You Are Looking For That High and Tight Look

Marc Jacobs Modern Military BackPack Legendary designer Marc Jacobs has truly hit the nail on its head with this Marc by Marc Jacobs Modern Military Backpack. It’s an extremely structured bag made of waxed cotton that is strong enough to get you through whatever may come your way. Its adjustable straps make for a comfortable … Continue reading

Cobbled to Perfection

SWATHMORE CALF TAN MENS BOOTS Holy Victoria! Have you ever seen boots crafted this perfectly with leather this buttery and construction so delicate yet undoubtedly masculine? It’s as if these calf leather Victorian style ankle boots by Hudson were hand cobbled on the streets of 17th century London made solely for your aching feet by … Continue reading

If Jack Kerouac wore tee shirts…

Jazz Poetry Drugs He probably wouldn’t wear this one, but he would give you that little half smile and raise his whiskey glass if he saw you wearing it. Express yourself with Cody Hudson’s unique tee shirt design, a tribute to the influential novel On the Road and it’s author, a classic hero. Jazz, Poetry … Continue reading

Something sweet and smokey from Japan

Hibiki 12 Year Old Blended Japanese Whiskey This new Japanese Whiskey  is worth the wait. Hibiki’s 12 year old blended whiskey is delicately smooth with notes of sweet honey and vanilla and a tang of lemon, with a subtle smokey kick at the end. Aged in special Umeshu casts, used to mature Japanese plum liquor, … Continue reading

Scotch & Soda Flannel Shirt

Scotch & Soda Flannel Shirt Scotch & Soda are such a great lifestyle brand, so we were happy to see the release of this long sleeve half zip up flannel shirt. It’s an updated red & black buffalo plaid. You’ll see that this shirt has some pretty nice weight in its fabric, you will also … Continue reading


CARD SPEAKER Here is a great little portable speaker that makes for a perfect pair with all the music that you have stored on your phone or mp3 player. Being about the size of a credit card, it’s hard to get more portable than this Card Speaker. You’ll be able to enjoy your music for … Continue reading

SUPRA BELAY Grey Fleece Sneakers

Supra Belay These slipons are some pretty spiffy looking sneakers designed by Supra. They are the Belay, and are constructed from grey fleece. Its minimal profile is very sleek and it should make fans out of anyone. It’s obvious that Supra has done an incredible job in the design of this sneaker, being that it … Continue reading

Booq Boa Flow XL Backpack

Booq XL Backpack This is a pretty fly backpack from Booq, it’s also pretty big. You will be able to store a laptop up to 17″ in a special foam padded compartment. These backpacks are also specially designed to distribute its weight in a way that won’t put extra strain on your back. This is … Continue reading

Crescent Down Works Classic Down Parka Navy

Crescent Down Works So tomorrow is the official first day of Winter. Otherwise known as the Winter Solecistic, the shortest day of the year. So by now we hope that you have given up on wearing the thinner, less protective fall outerwear. It is time to bring out that all out winter coat, and Crescent … Continue reading

Native Instruments TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 DJ Performance System

TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 Right here we have one of the best selling DJ Controllers on the market, it is the Traktor Kontrol S4. At first look this controller is very sleek and immediately you can tell that this is a serious piece of hardware. The S4 controller is integrated with Native Instruments Traktor and is … Continue reading

The North Face Men’s Fort Point Flannel Shirt

Fort Point Flannel Shirt Flannel shirts have that quality that they always become your favorite shirt. It’s easy for them to do that, since they are always soft and very comfortable. They have become the staple of a casual button down shirt. The North Face is one of our favorite brands, and they always have … Continue reading

Grey Ant Kennedy Oversize Clubmaster Sunglasses

Kennedy Sunglasses Here we have an oversized Clubmaster styled pair of sunglasses. They are called the Kennedy and designed by Grey Ant out of NYC. They are reminiscence of the classic Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses that JKF would wear, just in a chunkier version. We love this particular color, it’s called beer bottle brown. This … Continue reading

The North Face El Norte Down Jacket

El Norte This sleek and sophisticated winter jacket is designed to protect you from the harsh, wintry conditions. It is made from a waterproof, breathable, seam sealed HyVent 2L exterior, this resilient jacket is insulated with a lofty 550 fill goose down throughout body, arms, and hood for bolstered wintertime warmth. The great thing about … Continue reading

ASPESI Down Black Winter Jacket

ASPESI Down Jacket It’s time to get your grown man game on, and the Italian designers at ASPESI know how to do that for you. This ASPESI Down Winter Jacket has the tailored silhouette of a fine three-button sports jacket. However it is designed to keep you warm in these Winter months, since this jacket … Continue reading

SE Bikes Draft Fixed Gear

SE Bikes Draft SE Bikes is known for creating some of the freshest Fixed Grear BMX and Freestyle Bikes around. Not to mention they are always teaming up with other brands releasing Limited Edition bikes. Well this one right here, the Draft is ALL SE Bikes. It comes in sizes ranging from 43cm to 61cm, … Continue reading

The Hundreds Luggy 2in1 Travel Rolling Backpack Suitcase

The Hundreds Luggy We have to give The Hundreds props on this one. The Luggy is a 2in1 rolling suitcase and with a removable backpack, it’s pretty fresh. The backpack has a laptop compartment and two outside zippered pockets. You will find all of the typical traveling suitcase features that you come to expect in … Continue reading

Herradura Seleccion Suprema Tequila Extra Anejo

Herradura Tequila We can pretty much guarantee that you have NEVER had a finer Tequila in your life. The experience that you get from sampling Herradura Seleccion Suprema Tequila Extra Anejo is truly sinful. This ultra premium tequila is made from 100% Tequilana Weber Blue Agave that has been roasted in clay ovens. When that … Continue reading

Generic Man Naval Canvas Oxford

Generic Man Naval Everyman needs a pair of Oxfords, it’s one of those items that is a incredibly versatile. Here we have an Oxford shoe made by Generic Man, they call it the Naval. The Naval is a Canvas Oxford that comes in four colors. This shoe features your typical Oxford styling cues, like it’s … Continue reading

kidrobot Yo Gabba Gabba! DJ Lance Rock Dunny

DJ Lance Rock Anyone who has had a chance to checkout Yo Gabba Gabba! knows how great this kids show is. So when kidroboto came out with a Dunny of DJ Lance Rock, we were all over it. The kidrobot DJ Lance comes fully equip with his boombox and furry hat. He is 3-inches high … Continue reading

Ranger Oxblood Boot J Shoes

Ranger Oxblood Boot These are some fine looking boots that J Shoes has created. They are called the Ranger Oxblood Boot, with a name like that you better kick some ass. This mid cut leather boot is constructed from hand-dipped and hand-dyed leather. Whenever you hear those words you know that the manufacture cares about … Continue reading

Pick Punch Guitar Pick Puncher

Pick Punch Straight off the bat, the Pick Punch completely rocks. It’s a die cutter to make your own custom DIY guitar picks, and it does an amazing job. It somewhat looks like a stapler, and it’s built like a tank. You can tell that the Pick Punch is made extremely well, it just feels … Continue reading

Ural Patrol T 2WD Sidecar Motorcycle

Ural Patrol T This Russian made sidecar motorcycle is pretty interesting, it’s 2WD. The Ural Patrol T was specifically made to handle the frozen Russian winters. This motorcycle makes use of it’s sidecar by adding a drive shaft to it making it the worlds only 2WD all terrain motorcycle. The classic styling might not be … Continue reading

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

Sesto Elemento How amazing looking is this new Lamborghini? If you are going to buy a Lamborghini, this one is not a bad choice. It’s simply gorgeous, you are probably looking at the closest thing to a fighter jet that doesn’t fly . This Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is a V10, All Wheel Drive, Carbon Fiber beauty. … Continue reading

Ambiguous Conroe Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt

Ambiguous Conroe Plaid shirts are always a good fall look and Ambiguous makes a great looking plaid shirt with it’s Conroe Plaid Shirt. Ambiguous makes them in three different colors, with the Olive being our favorite. These shirts are a cotton/poly blend so they should be durable and be able to retain it’s shape. One … Continue reading

MUNITIO 9mm Bullet Earbuds

MUNITIO 18K Gold 9mm Bullet Earbud Headphones These MUNITIO 18K Gold 9mm Bullet Earbud Headphones is one of the most uniquely original pair of earbud headphones that we have ever seen. The hosing is plated in 18K Gold and shaped as a 9mm bullet, with it’s wiring reinforced in Kevlar fabric. These earsbuds don’t only … Continue reading

Dr. Martens Black Leather Mountain Desert Boots

Dr. Martens Black Leather Mountain Desert Boots These are pretty fly boots, made from black leather and featuring purple laces and a white rubber soul. Dr. Marten has certainly made a great looking ankle high desert boot that will look great with just about anything that you can pair it. Our fall look, would be … Continue reading

Limited Edition Montante Maserati 8CTF Bicycle

Maserati Bicycle Italian bicycle builder Montante and the legendary Italian automaker Maserati join forces to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Maserati 8CTF winning the Indy 500. This release is limited to only 200 bicycles, in commemoration to how many laps driver Wilbur Shaw completed in the 1940 Indy 500. The Montante Maserati 8CTF Bicycle … Continue reading

Epiphone Limited Edition Slash Appetite Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar

  Slash Les Paul The “Appetite” is a limited edition Epiphone Les Paul that is inspired by actual Les Paul that Axe played on the Multi-Platinum selling Guns n’ Roses album “Appetite for Destruction” and still uses as his main guitar. Each guitar comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity that is actually hand signed … Continue reading

Barnes & Noble Nook Color Android Tablet

Nook Color We are pretty amazed with the latest Barnes & Noble Nook Color Tablet. It’s a 7-inch color touchscreen ebook reader, with built-in WIFI, 8GB of internal storage, and microSD slot. It’s LCD screen with 16 million color, with a resolution of 1024 x 600. One of the best features from the Nook Color … Continue reading

Limited Release Puma Bikes x Trainerspotter Funk

Limited Puma Bike Trainerspotter and Puma have gotten together to create this one of a kind fixed gear bike. We understand that Miami Vice was the inspiration for this bike, so you’ll notice plenty of pastel colors. The body is a pastel grey, with it’s rims being mint and pink. We really like the color … Continue reading

Converse CT Spec HI Chuck Taylors

Converse CT Spec HI We love these Chucks. The simplicity of these Converse CT Spec Hi Chuck Taylors sneakers completely adds to the appeal. They are made from tightly woven black nylon on the outside with some reddish orange nylon for the interior. For all Converse fans near and far, this pair should make it … Continue reading

Limited Edition “Tribute” Vespa

“Tribute” Vespa This stunning Vespa is inspired by the 1960′s mahogany speedboats. The mahogany finish by Digital Veneer really looks amazing, as does the beautiful handstiched leather with it’s teal accents. Each Limited Edition Tribute Vespa comes with a numbered silver plaque.

Penfield Stapleton Goose Down Insulated Jacket

Penfield Stapleton This winter jacket should be at the top of your wishlist. The Penfield Stapleton is one great looking winter jacket. It’s goose down insulated, with it’s shell being water resistant and windproof. We love the leather accents on the shoulders, cuffs and the zipper pulls. One of the great thing about the Penfield … Continue reading

Lacoste Suede Loafers

Lacoste Loafers These truthly stylish and completely unique suede loafers for Lacoste are part of their Fall/Winter 2010 collection. We have always been a fan of the loafer/deck shoe categories of footwear and are happy to see that Lacoste is pushing the envelope with such a great looking color. It might not be for everyone, … Continue reading

Bear Grylls The Ultimate Knife by Gerber

The Ultimate Knife The Ultimate Knife by Gerber is part of the Bear Grylls Survival Series. This Bear Grylls knife was designed with all the features that Bear wanted for an ultimate survival knife. You’ll find a very grippable handle, a fire starter, blade sharpener, a stainless steel pommel that you can used for a hammer, … Continue reading

Gold Pioneer HDJ-1000 DJ Limited Edition Headphones

Pioneer HDJ-1000 Pioneer is releasing a limited edition gold version of their DJ approved HDJ-1000 Headphones. The HDJ-1000 didn’t just get a new coat of gold paint. They have been re engineered to offer better response at lower frequencies and have improved mid-range audio as well. The HDJ-1000′s are already a staple headphone for many … Continue reading

Filson Whipcord Weekender Jacket

Whipcord Weekender Since 1897 Filson has had a worldwide reputation for honesty, quality and durability. Since that time not much has changed. Here we have the Filson Whipcord Weekender Jacket. This is a heavy duty jacket that is made to last. It’s versatile enough that you can wear it to the office and especially when … Continue reading

Sports Illustrated The Covers

S.I. The Covers Sports Illustrated has documented the greatest moments in sports history for more than half a century. In this collection Sports Illustrated The Covers you will be able to see nearly 3,000 of the Sports Illustrated covers from some of the most famous photographers and illustrators. This book is a must have for … Continue reading

MAKR Studio Goods Skateboards

MAKR Skateboards Here we have a gorgeous custom black painted skateboard deck. Each deck comes with leather risers that have been individually numbered. This deck is somewhat longer than your typical deck, but as MAKR Studio Goods puts it “lots of fun”.

O’Clock Silicone Watch

O’Clock Watch How good looking is this watch? We say that it’s a winner. The O’Clock Watch is silicone made and manufactured in Italy. This striking timepiece comes in three different sizes so that just about anyone can get a great fit. You’ll also appreciate the fact that the silicone makes for a comfortable fit. … Continue reading

Bison L.L. Bean Rain Boots

L.L. Bean Rain Boots L.L. Bean knows how to make quality American boots, it’s undeniable. One of our favorite bad weather boots from L.L. Bean is the Bison. This boot is constructed from premium leather that will keep out rain and snow, and you better believe that L.L. Bean knows a thing or two about … Continue reading

Tissot PRC200

Tissot PRC 200 Watch This is a very versatile watch, looking great in both casual and formal attire. The Tissot Men’s PRC 200 Watch is a beautifully produced chronograph watch, with Swiss timing. It’s case is made of stainless steel and has a sapphire face for durability and it’s scratch resistance. We also really love … Continue reading

Bed Stu Eclectic

Bed Stu Eclectic Boots One of our favorite line of boots are Bed STU Boots. They always deliver stylish, rugged quality boots that pair perfectly with dark denim. For this up coming season one of our favorite Bed STU boots is the Eclectic. It is a rich brown slip on boot with a gum sole … Continue reading

Koenigsegg CCX

Koenigsegg CCX Here is a super car that you won’t see everyday, but not because it lacks in performance, looks or street cred. The Koenigsegg CCX has plenty of all that to go around. Being able to do 0 – 60 in about 3 seconds and a top speed of over 245 mph you are … Continue reading

Mac Motorcycles Spud

Mac Motorcycles: Spud Mac Motorcycles have a simple tag line “Rediscover the Joy of owning a Motorcycle”. It’s a simple line that reflects the brilliant simplicity that they want to convey into the motorcycles that they build. The Spud is a gorgeous example of a light weight motorcycle. It’s powered by a 500cc Buell Blast … Continue reading


ZURIICK AKE O.G. This gorgeous modern canvas slip-on shoes by Zuriick is quietly cool. The charcoal grey color makes a perfect combination with the white and blue midsole. This pair will surely become your go to casual shoe. Since the canvas makes it a comfortable shoe with little if any breaking in.

APC Raw New Standard Denim

APC Raw Denim These premium APC jeans where designed in 1978 by Jean Touitou the founder of A.P.C. his vision was to create the perfect pair of straight leg jeans. His inspiration was the classic 501 Levis. A.P.C. has created this pair of Raw New Standard Denim with Raw Japanese Salvage Denim, and as any … Continue reading

Colier Limited Edition Collection Sparkling Wine

Colier Sparkling Wines The collection consists of five different sparkling wines, with the Premium Vintage Brut being the flagship sparkling wine. The bottle for this limited collection Premium Vintage Brut Colier Sparking Wine is handmade and comes with a cocoon container that can be used for keeping your bottle of bubbles chilled.

Ciroc Vodkas

Ciroc Vodkas Typically flavored vodkas are reserved for amateur umbrella drink lovers or the I’m fancy because my drink is in a martini glass crowd. Most of the flavored vodkas have a very fake even a chemical taste to them, however that is not the case at all with these Ciroc Vodkas. The infused flavors … Continue reading

Zapato Del Barco Vans

Vans Zapato Del Barco We love deck shoes and we love Vans, so of course we are going to love these Vans Zapato Del Barco (Boat Shoes in Spanish). This is a reissue of the classic canvas deck shoes that Vans had in the 80s. Our favorite is the two tone white canvas and tan sheepskin … Continue reading

Borsalino Hats

Borsalino Hats A true sign of casual cool, is a summer hat. And a true sign of a elegant summer hat, is one made by Borsalino of Italy. These Italian artisans have been thriving since 1857. Borsalino Hats are exceptionally well made. You will also appreciate the classic stylings, with a few subtle modern twist that instantly transforms them into … Continue reading

Six One BLX Wilson Tennis Racquet

SIX ONE BLX Racquet The greatest tennis player of all-time plays with a Wilson Racquet. Now we are not saying that you could be a Roger Federer level tennis player just by using his racquet, but it’s not a bad place to start. These Wilson Six.One Tour BLX Tennis Racquets have unique characteristics that allow you … Continue reading

DC x PK Ripper Fixed Gear Bike

DC x PK Ripper This stunning fixed gear bicycle is a combined effort of DC Shoes and SE Bikes. The contrasting colors of neon orange and white make this a unique looking ride for the ever fashion conscious fixie crowd. This DC x PK Ripper is truly a rolling work of art that is being limited to … Continue reading

DSQUARED2 He Wood Rocky Mountain

DSQUARED2 Wood DSQUARED2  He Wood Rocky Mountain is inspired by the Canadian Mountains. You’ll find woody notes of Amber and Cedar. DSQUARED2 says that they designed this fragrance with the outdoors lover in mind. It is a darker fragrance so lovers of floral colognes may not be drawn to it. With that being said it … Continue reading

Polo Ralph Lauren Blue & Green Plaid Shirt

Blue & Green Plaid Shirt This summer is clearly about prepping it up, and light weight plaids are the way to go. Ralph Lauren produces some timeless preppy button-down plaid shirts. These shirts are a perfect alternative to a t-shirt since they are so light weight. We really love the color combination and  will go well with a pair of cutoff khaki … Continue reading

Fender FSR ’72 Telecaster Custom Electric Guitar

Fender FSR ’72 Telecaster 1972 was the year that Fender released the FSR (Fender Special Release) Telecaster. It was noted for the versatility in tonal range that it was able to produce with it’s combination double humbucker  and single coil pickups. This reproduction Fender FSR ’72 Telecaster Custom Electric Guitar features customization options in the type of wood for … Continue reading

L.L. Bean Signature Work Boot

L.L. Bean Signature Work Boot The L.L. Bean Signature line has been received with open arms. They really have done an amazing job creating this outstanding collection of classically inspired wares. One of our favorites of the upcoming Fall 2010 collection is this rugged, yet refined L.L. Bean Signature Work Boot. The brown full-grain leather looks very rich, we … Continue reading

Bruce Lee 1/4 Scale Statue

Enter The Dragon Statue This limited edition 1/4 scale statue is being released for Bruce Lee’s 70th anniversary. It is posed in his famous scene in “Enter The Dragon”  and is set for release in mid August. This wax statue is sculpted by artist Arnie Kim X YJ.Park and manufactured by Enterbay. They did an incredible … Continue reading

Breil Milano Watch

Breil Milano Watch Breil watches are beautifully designed in Italy and engineered with Swiss precision since 1942. The Breil Milano Watch is a 44mm Chronograph timepiece, with a sleek styling and made from the highest quality materials. This watch is truly made to last with its attention to details, including the rubber strap featuring stainless steel inserts. This timepiece makes … Continue reading

Martin Greenfield Clothiers Shawl Collar Dinner Jacket

Shawl Collar Jacket This Dinner Jacket is handmade by  the exceptional Martin Greenfield Clothiers of Brooklyn, NY. It’s undeniable the amount of class that this one button shawl collar dinner jacket exsudes. It’s classically styled with front flap pockets and back side vents, made out of 69% Cotton & 31% Linen. You will be able to … Continue reading

Colorware iPhone 4

Colorware iPhone 4 So it seems that everyone around you also has an iPhone. Here is a way to standout from the crowd. You can get your iPhone 4 in a slew of custom colorizations from Colorware. These masters of tech color customizations even have an online design studio where you can preview all of … Continue reading

Conquest Knight XV

Conquest Knight XV Armored vehicles might just be too much for most of us. However if you need one, why not go all out for one? And the reigning king of armored vehicles is the Conquest Knight XV. We are pretty sure when we say that you will NOT find a more luxurious armored vehicle. Think of it an ultra … Continue reading

Beats Pro Headphones

Beats by Dre Pro Headphones Arriving later this summer are the Beats Pro Headphones for Beats by Dr. Dre. These Beats Pro Headphones have geen engineered with the audiophile in mind. They are surprisingly light, yet highly durable.  They feature an extra long coiled cord so that it won’t get in the way and still offer that … Continue reading

Sector 9 Carbon Decay

Sector 9 Carbon Decay Few things are as freeing as cruising down the street, and one of the most liberating ways is via a longboard. The SECTOR 9 CARBON DECAY can easily become your ride of choice. Sector 9 is known for making high quality decks. This deck is  made out of 2 plys of … Continue reading

DIY reclaimed wood and pipe Shelving Unit

DIY reclaimed wood and pipe Shelving Unit The great people at Hindsvik share photos of there newest project. DIY Reclaimed Wood and Metal Pipe Shelf Unit. We all agree that this shelving unit is brilliant. The reclaimed farm wood and metal piping create a rustic look that is incredibly purposeful and amazing to look at. … Continue reading

iPhone Decal Wrap

iPhone  Decal Wrap Here is a great way to add some style to your new iPhone 4 without adding bulk. This vinyl decal adds great style that everyone will notice as soon as you take your iPhone out of your pocket.  Not only does this decal look amazing, but it’s made out of some year … Continue reading